Canadian All-Pro Wrestling Results – May 10, 2012: New Champion

Canadian All-Pro Wrestling


May 10, 2012
Border Crossing Arena
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Main Event: Hotshot Johnny Devine vs Vance Nevada

Fans of Canadian All-Pro Wrestling saw the crowning of the promotion’s first-ever title holder on thursday night, May 10, 2012. the most action-packed show to date offered up six incredible matches and included appearances by The Great Gama and Abul Wizal, two original Stampede Wrestling regulars and founding members of the original Karachi Vice.

The show kicked off with one of the co-contenders for the Commonwealth Title, “Mr. Beefy Goodness” Vance Nevada coming to the ring, cutting a promo. He was interrupted in the middle of his oration by the Karachi Vice. The Great Gama implied that he had a spot open in the Vice for Vance.

the first match of the night saw Bobby Sharp taking on Mark Posey in a continuation of their country-wide feud.. These two have been going at it tooth-and-nail all over Canada for some time now. This was just another fantastic match by these two that ended with Posey pinning Sharp for the win. Posey used the aid of the ring ropes for leverage with the pin when he put his feet on the ropes, which was not caught by the referee.

The second match-up of the night was a three-way between “Maverick” Mike Briggs, “Pistol” Pete Wilson and up-and-coming international star Andrew Hawkes. This match was to determine the #1 contender for the (yet-to-be-awarded) Commonwealth Title belt. All three put on a great show of athleticism and talent before Hawkes scored the pinfall to become the #1 contender for the belt, to take on whoever might wind up holding it.

At the conclusion of this match, the other co-contender for the title made an appearance. Former TNA X-Division Champion “Hotshot” Johnny Devine offered up a few words of prose, delivered only the way Devine can orate. Interestingly enough, the crowd seemed to offer a mixed reception to the Devine One, and it became apparent that the Hotshot wasn’t sure he was too pleased by the reaction.

In another double-debut, Synergy Storm from Manitoba, Canada defeated Bambi Hall, from British Columbia, Canada. Storm scored the pinfall with a northern lights suplex pin. It was a great showing from these two women and we’re sure they’ll be back in C.A.W., squaring off against each other, Miss Danyah, and Sexy Samantha to eventually contend for the Women’s title.

Match number four on the night pitted Massive Damage (with the Karachi Vice) against The All-American Steve Rivers in a continuation of yet another feud, stemming from the Great Gama refusing to recruit Rivers into the Vice. Rivers has felt slighted for months now and apparently has made it a personal vendetta to singlehandedly dismantle the Vice! This match devolved into a fight and ended up in a no-contest after the referee was blinded with what appeared to be baby powder.

The semi-main event of the night was a tag team match pitting Logan Cross with Ra am Dante against Steven Styles and newcomer to C.A.W., the Bone Crusher. This one ended with Styles choking out Cross with the cobra clutch. After the match, Cross’s partner Dante – apparently rather ticked off at the loss and blaming it on his partner – attacked Cross and laid a beating on him.

Time for the main event of the night with “Mr. Beefy Goodness” Vance Nevada out of Red Deer Alberta taking on co-contender and former TNA X-Division Champion “Hotshot” Johnny Devine out of Calgary, Alberta. It’s been a six-month run in Canadian All-Pro to finally name the final two contenders for the inaugural CAW Commonwealth Title, with both these men coming out at the end of the tournament to square off in this historic battle. After a lot of back and forth in the match, Devine went for his patented Devine Inspiration only to be countered by Nevada who delivered an atomic drop in the corner that was so forceful, it bounced Devine out of the corner and knocked him into Nevada. Nevada in turn fell back into the ref. With all three men down, the All American Steve Rivers came out from the back and before anyone knew it, he snatched the belt off the table across from the ring and stepped between the ropes! Everyone was positive he would lay out Devine to give Nevada the win, since Devine and Rivers have had a running feud for the last six months!

In a head-scratching turn of events, Rivers hit Nevada with the belt which allowed Devine to gain the pin on his opponent. The ref finally came around and counted the 1, 2, 3! “Hotshot” Johnny Devine wins and becomes Canadian All-Pro Wrestling’s first-ever Commonwealth Champion. Grabbing the mic afterward, Devine made a speech about keeping your friends close but your enemies closer and that he and Rivers were planning on running Western Canada, apparently in some kind of unholy Can-Am Connection alliance!

C.A.W.’s next show is already set for June 14th at the Border Crossing arena! Tickets will be on sale this week! Visit for updates and further details!