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Posted On August 21, 2014By Sean FergusonIn Columns, Featured

The Reign Of The Beast: Who Will Conquer Brock Lesnar

The prophecy has been fulfilled. Over the last few weeks Paul Heyman has been telling us that at Summerslam his client, Brock Lesnar, would both victimise and conquer John Cena and become the new WWE champion. Well, it happened. And it happened in a way that I believe will have shocked most wrestling fans – even those who predicted a Lesnar victory last Sunday. I myself am one such fan, and can even lay claim to predicting the sheer scale of the beat down and mauling inflicted upon Cena inRead More
A few weeks ago on RAW we all heard the first ‘boring’ chants from a WWE audience in referent to a Bray Wyatt promo, this got me thinking about his recent run since his feud with Daniel Bryan and his ultimate loss to John Cena. I’ve seen a lot of fans on Twitter playing up the usual ‘Cena burial’ argument which brought me to write about what I think WWE should do with Wyatt and his family, why I feel like people are classing his step down from the mainRead More
Recently it was announced that former ROH & PWG World Champion Kevin Steen had signed with WWE. While there are alot of us who are familar with Mr. Wrestling, I’m sure there are many members of the WWE Universe who aren’t. And for that reason, I’d like to formally introduce the WWE Universe to “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare.” Kevin Steen is a man who has been making a name for himself over the past decade on the Independent Scene. From PWG to ROH, he’s worked his ass off and dominated theRead More

Posted On August 19, 2014By Bill McCormickIn Columns, Featured

Looking At WWE Superstar Roman Reigns: Can He Wrestle?

It has become a staple chant of the current WWE crowd. The famous “You Can’t Wrestle” chant is the equivalent of the Red Sox fans telling a Yankee pitcher that, “He Can’t Pitch.” Only difference is in baseball, there is a scoreboard. There are things like ERA and these things can be measured by numbers. In wrestling, this can be seen, but it is a very intuitive kind of thing. I know when a guy can’t wrestle, and when someone just isn’t a technical master. For example, Cesaro can wrestle,Read More

Posted On August 19, 2014By Matt KunkaIn Columns, Featured

Is TNA Impact Wrestling Doomed?

The rumors that surround TNA and its future have been running wild on the internet. Alleged stories of employees not getting paid, TV deals falling through and top talent searching for employment elsewhere have brought many wrestling fans to the conclusion that this could be TNA’s last year as a company.Read More
When you think about the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, many names are thrown around. Men like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, The Rock & Shawn Michaels have all etched their names and legacies into the history books in ways that other talent simply couldn’t, immortalising each superstar as a true icon in wrestling. In this article, I will outline why I feel The Undertaker is head and shoulders above each and every one of these men, and why The Deadman is the greatest professional wrestler in history. Longevity andRead More
A few weeks ago on Raw, “Plan C” was revealed as Paul Heyman announced Brock Lesnar as the next challenger for the WWE championship. It was known to some fans that there were plans for Lesnar to return to the company because a video package to hype Summer Slam surfaced online, which advertised a Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena main event. Regardless of the marketing material that announced the match early, there’s still a ton of buzz around it, mostly because of the tremendous promo skills of Paul Heyman. AsRead More

Posted On August 10, 2014By Bill McCormickIn Columns, Featured

Good With The Bad: The State Of The WWE Divas Division

Let me talk to ya, I’ve been avoiding this article for awhile. I’ll always talk about the Divas’ Division, but I’ve been avoiding how to talk about the Bellas vs. McMahon feud because I genuinely do not enjoy ranting, raving and writing highly negative articles about wrestling. I am proud to say that the Divas’ Division is one of the key reasons I tune into Raw every week. I realize a lot of people don’t feel that way and that is fine, but their perspective is different from mine becauseRead More
Alberto Del Rio wasn’t even future endeavored. He was thrown out on his ass. The reports are saying he slapped someone in the company that he shouldn’t have slapped. Claims state that he reacted to being disrespected on a racial level. Personally, I could care less why it happened, or who it happened to. Whatever happened, the powers that be dropped the hammer on him. In the time of the budget cuts, Del Rio picked the wrong time to have an outburst. The whole thing comes off to me likeRead More

Posted On August 8, 2014By Matt KunkaIn Columns, Featured

Slow Burning WWE SummerSlam 2014

With SummerSlam right around the corner, we are in the midst of the most exciting time of the year for WWE outside of the Royal Rumble-WrestleMania stretch. This means that they’re pulling out all their tricks to get the biggest matches, biggest reactions and most eyes on the product. I know I’m new here, so my opinion isn’t taken in the highest regards, but I still think I can give some good insight.Read More

Posted On August 8, 2014By Jim HasaniIn Columns, Featured

Is It RIP Or Resurrection For TNA Wrestling?

Last week news emerged that Spike TV would NOT be renewing their contract with TNA Wrestling. It always seems that whenever TNA is in the news it’s only for bad reasons. Missing paychecks, releasing talent, saying goodbye to the faces of the company (aka: AJ Styles). The only thing TNA had currently still going for them was a national TV deal. Now that’s about to drift away also. How far and fast they have fallen. Just a few years ago, the company was hitting it’s peak. Throwing money left andRead More

Posted On August 6, 2014By Bill McCormickIn Columns, Featured

Is John Cena The Greatest WWE Champion Of All Time?

Let’s really talk about this for awhile. Let’s really take a good hard look at this argument. John Cena is now being advertised as the greatest WWE Champion of all time. Now, I want to make this crystal clear. This is not a who is best of all time discussion. This is a best WWE Champion of all time discussion. Before we really get into it, because this is going to get complicated. I want to state a few things to get started. First: John Cena is a fifteen timeRead More

Posted On August 3, 2014By Bill McCormickIn Columns, Featured

Shaun Ricker: The Diamond WWE Released

“Let me talk to ya.” This man above you is the great Shaun Ricker. You may know him as Ricker, or you may have heard of him under the moniker Slate Randall. A little over a year ago, WWE signed him to a development deal and in my eyes, he was meant for NXT greatness. A little over a day ago, he was released from WWE without ever appearing on any form of WWE programming to my knowledge. Ricker was wasted for a year training in Orlando without any exposureRead More
If you’ve listened to Paul Heyman’s recent appearances on Steve Austin and Chris Jericho’s podcasts, you’ll know that the one behind the one in 21-1 is full of fascinating stories and anecdotes. As you might expect however, those few hours barely scratch the surface of his extraordinary life, and Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman is simply a must-buy for anyone who wants to know more about him, ECW or just about any other facet of the wrestling business. All too often with these documentaries, it’s hard toRead More
Kane SHOULD BE the most over heel in the industry right now not named Brock Lesnar. I know how ridiculous that sounds when you look at where he actually is right now, but if you let me, I will explain to you how badly the powers that be in WWE screwed up by dropping the Kane push. Everything was working for it, but the angle was wrong. The problem was that the booking didn’t capitalize on a few very crucial things that could have made Kane look unstoppable and withRead More
From the ashes of the best faction to grace the squared circle of World Wrestling Entertainment in recent memory has risen a truly captivating feud between two of its former members – one which is already showing the promise of some day taking its place alongside the all time classics. I’m talking, of course, about the ongoing war being waged between ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ Dean Ambrose and ‘Mr Money in the Bank’ Seth Rollins. When wrestling fans prophesied the inevitable demise of The Shield, it was most commonly envisaged asRead More
This week it was reported on TMZ that Spike TV has decided not to renew TNA Impact when the TV contract expires in October and there are several rumors that it could lead to the company shutting down. However, the story has more to it, as there are reports that Vince Russo confirming that he works for the company as a consultant, led to Spike’s decision not to renew the contract. Supposedly, Spike TV isn’t a fan of Russo because of some of the angles he booked during his runRead More

Posted On August 1, 2014By Matt KunkaIn Columns, Featured

When Wrestling Becomes Reality: Owen Hart

There are moments in everyone’s life where there will be such a huge event they will always remember where they were and what they were doing. For wrestling fans, May 23, 1999 will be one of those days.Read More

Posted On August 1, 2014By Russell DavisIn Columns, Featured

Bear With Me – The State Of WWE Programming

This past Monday we witnessed two female superstars close out Monday night Raw with an intense cat fight. Brie Bella challenged Stephanie McMahon to a match at SummerSlam while being restrained from clawing Stephanie’s face off. It wasn’t the most entertaining send off from a Monday Night Raw despite Stephanie’s best intentions. You can easily blame Brie Bella for her lack of charisma and weird facial expressions, but I think the real culprit here are the fans or dear I say “THE IWC.” That’s the Internet Wrestling Community for thoseRead More