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They’re a pair of good old fashioned redneck boys who like nothing more than kicking ass and winning titles, and that’s something they’ve been doing in Ring of Honor for over a decade now. Now ROH have paid tribute to “dem boys” once more with another DVD compilation in the form of The Briscoe Brothers: Sandy Fork Originals. And as is the custom with these things we’re starting right at the beginning with…. Disc One March 2nd, 2008 Our boys have travelled into Pro Wrestling NOAH territory as they challengeRead More

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Ring of Honor TV Report – April 5, 2014

Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong This was a fantastic contest that hearkened back to the glory days of Ring of Honor. There was so much energy and life in every bone-crunching move of this match. I can’t express how much I loved this match. I had a blast with this one and I think you will too. Winner: Chris Hero MAIN EVENT: reDRagon vs. The Young Bucks – Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships Match What can I say about this match that the above already says far better?Read More
Sigmon vs. Cerebus – No Disqualification Match This started us off with a bang, as they say. This felt very much like an ECW match from 1994, with a surplus of plunder littering the ring at all times. The psychology was right on the mark and the pace was the right speed for a match of this kind. Overall, this was a satisfying bout that set the evening into motion properly. Winner: Sigmon Lars vs. Big Mike w/ Jon Omari This was a bout that was focused on elevating Lars.Read More
- Last night at Supercard of Honor VIII, ROH World Champion Adam Cole retained his title and gained possession of Jay Briscoe’s “Real World Championship” by climbing the ladder and retrieving the belts. Here is an image of Cole minutes after walking through the curtain holding both titles:Read More
- Earlier tonight Ring of Honor held their annual Supercard of Honor event from the J. Alario Center, Westwego, Louisiana, approximately one mile outside the city of New Orleans. Despite many fans having said it was difficult to find travel to the event and back, over 2,000 people turned out for the event with hundreds in line before doors even opened.Read More
- The following are the results of tonight’s Supercard of Honor VIII show held by Ring of Honor in Westwego, LA, approximately a mile outside New Orleans, at the J. Alario Center. Approx. Attendance: 2,000+ (1) Roderick Strong def Cedric Alexander with the End of Heartache; said to have been a great opener with Alexander looking very strong. (2) The Decade (BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs & Adam Page) def Andrew Everett & Adrenaline RUSH (ACH & Tadarius Thomas) with the All Seeing Eye finisher; many Tweeted that it wasRead More
- Following is the final card for tonight’s Supercard of Honor VIII event taking place at the J. Alario Center, Louisiana, one mile outside the city of New Orleans. LADDER WAR V ROH World Championship Adam Cole (c) vs. Jay Briscoe 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS ROH World TV Championship Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Jay Lethal Winner Faces IWGP Heavyweight Champion Okada at War of the Worlds “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen Winners Face ROH World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks at War of the WorldsRead More
- Last Saturday’s episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling is now available online at, and features a main event of AJ Styles vs. Michael Elgin, plus redDRagon vs. Burtal Burgers. – Following is the final card ahead of tomorrows Supercard of Honor VIII event which takes place from the J. Alario Center, Westwego, Louisiana, and will be available for viewing at sometime this Monday. LADDER WAR V ROH World Championship Adam Cole (c) vs. Jay Briscoe 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS ROH World TV Championship Tommaso Ciampa (c)Read More
- Following is the official hype video released by Ring of Honor ahead of Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe’s Ladder War at Supercard of Honor to settle the dispute on who is the ROH World Champion.Read More
- The following are ROH World Champion Adam Cole and “Real World Champion” Jay Briscoe’s final promos before their clash on Friday night at Supercard of Honor VIII in Westwego, Louisiana, in Ladder War V. Supercard of Honor VIII will be available on-demand sometime Monday at More
- Ring of Honor has scheduled a rematch of AJ Styles vs. Michael Elgin from this past Saturday’s episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling for their Baltimore, MD, TV taping which takes place on April 9, at the William J. Myers Pavilion. Styles and Elgin battled to a 30 minute draw in a match receiving great praise on this past weekends episode, with both men even wanting an extra five minutes added once the time limit had elapsed before Adam Cole struck both men with his title belt and wasRead More

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Ring of Honor TV Report – March 29, 2014

Brutal Burgers vs. reDRagon This was a solid tag match that focused on the story of Cheeseburger struggling to overcome Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. This was much slower than the typical ROH bout, but the psychology was much more prominent than in most ROH matches. Both teams had lots of chemistry, to my surprise. This match got more time than I expected as well, which gave this whole thing more room to breathe. Overall, this was pretty fun stuff. Winners: reDRagon MAIN EVENT: AJ Styles vs Michael Elgin AJ’sRead More
Michael Barry w/ “Cowboy” Bob Orton vs. Alan Steele w/ Rich Rude – TCW International Championship Match This was another excellent match between these two, with the theme being that they are evenly matched. This was easily the best bout I’ve seen between the two yet. The inclusion of Orton added a fun change of pace to the proceedings and helped add some levity to the finish, which was… Winner: AND STILL TCW International Champion – Michael Barry Matt Riviera & Greg Anthony vs. Sigmon and John Saxon The storyRead More
It has been speculated for months that Prince Devitt was set to head to the WWE, however NJPW has now booked him in a “Devitt must leave NJPW” match when he takes on Ryusuke Taguchi on April 6th at NJPW’s “Invasion Attack 2014″, further adding to the speculation that Devitt is indeed headed out of the company, presumably to the WWE. Below is the poster for the event:Read More
Progress Wrestling is on the agenda once more as we take a look at Chapter Nine of their ongoing saga, with Doug Williams challenging Rampage Brown for the title in the main event of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kick Me, Kill Me. Disc one began with Tommy End taking on Dave Mastiff. This was a pretty impressive opener, especially when you consider that Dutch star End came in as a very, very late replacement for the injured Jimmy Havoc. It began with a nice exchange of hold before Mastiff showedRead More
Former TNA Announcer Todd Keneley recently spoke to The Shoot podcast. Here are some highlights: TNA’s using cheap finishes in World Title matches: “On PPV in a world title match people deserve a clean finish especially when you look at recent history. You went through an entire reign of Aces & Eights with Bully Ray as a world champion. There you know you’re going to have interference, you know you’re going to have screwy finishes. Then AJ wins the title but now you’ve got Dixie hellbent on getting rid ofRead More
- Two days ago ROH’s head of marketing and former WWE creative member Court Bauer announced that a huge announcement would be made later in the week, noting it wouldn’t be related to Supercard of Honor VIII in New Orleans in May 4, leading to many speculating that it would either be a final big name added to the ROH/NJPW shows in May or a return to iPPV. Today on the Fight Network’s Live Audio Wrestling podcast, Bauer and Jon Pollock announced that Ring of Honor will be teaming upRead More
London and Kendrick - PCW
Former WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian reunite this coming weekend to challenge Rampage Brown and T-Bone for the PCW Tag Team Championship at Preston City Wrestling’s Who Dares Wins event. The show, which takes place this Friday, March 28th at Evoque on Church Street in Preston, Lancashire, is the latest in a string of high-profile shows for the UK-based promotion. Thanks to their combination of homegrown talent and international stars, PCW are fast earning a reputation as a company whose events are a regular highlight of theRead More
SCOHVIII Ciampa-Lethal
- Ring of Honor has announced three more matches for their Supercard of Honor VIII event which takes place on April 4, the Friday of WrestleMania Weekend, at the J. Alario Center, in Westwego, LA. The first match announced is a No Disqualification match between Mark Briscoe and Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis, stemming from their recent run ins, and Bennett putting Mark through a table on last weeks edition of Ring of Honor Wrestling, these two now meet with no rules in Louisiana. Also announced is a big ThreeRead More