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- As reported, ROH color commentator and former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, “The King of Old School” Steve Corino was a guest on the most recent Shining Wizards podcast and discussed a number of topics including how Ring of Honor has changed over the years, his days working as a jobber on WWE TV, his ECW title run, ECW on TNN, how ROH fans differ from ECW fans and much more. Here are some excerpts from the interview. On how ROH has changed through the years: It’s so different.Read More
- Ring of Honor have announced three new matches for this Friday’s show from the National Guard Armory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as Kevin Steen will face Cliff Compton in an “unsanctioned” Philly Street Fight, which will take place after the main event, as ROH doesn’t want to be held liable for anything that happens between the two participants and because Cliff Compton is not contracted to the company. Meanwhile, Matt Taven will face Silas Young, following their altercation three weeks ago on Ring of Honor Wrestling where Young attacked Taven whileRead More
Ring of Honor
- Ring of Honor’s COO Joe Koff spoke to John Pollock of The Fight Network’s Live Audio Wrestling podcast last night about this Friday’s 12th Anniversary Show event, the following days HonorCon fan interaction event, the ROH product, the current stance on iPPV’s and whether they’ll be coming back, and the internal reaction to Matt Hardy’s arrest earlier last month. Here are some excerpts from the interview. On ROH’s production compared to WWE’s: If you want to have spectacle, if you want to have a ton of mic work andRead More
- On MLW Radio #115, former WWE creative member Court Bauer who now heads Ring of Honor’s marketing and branding department discusses New Japan Pro Wrestling with former WWE writer Alex Greenfield and Maurice St. Laurent, and implies that NJPW stars will be coming to the United States. When discussing how NJPW should have English commentators, Bauer states, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could see guys like Tanahashi, Nakamura, Ibushi, Okada in the States? Wouldn’t that be great? Someone should do that, that would be great.” This is onRead More
Lancaster Championship Wrestling was an action packed, edge of your seat, exciting, experience, last night, Saturday, February 15th. As I arrived at the venue, the Lancaster Host Resort, off the Lincoln Highway, in Lancaster, Pa. I was amazed at the line of people waiting to get in. I’d bet over one hundred people stood in a line, over an hour long, to get in the doors at 6:00pm in the freezing cold temperatures. I spent some time talking to those in line, and everyone one of them was riled up,Read More
- Last year, Elijah “The Pope” Burke ripped on Marty Jannetty for apparently hitting Balls Mahoney with a stiff steel chair shot during an indie match in 2012. Jannetty issued the following response on Facebook to the video below that Burke posted late last year: “If you didnt know, know you gonna know..for some reason Balls Mahoney is so loved in some parts of Europe that to this day I still catch shit over him throwing up in our match here in Jersey and it blamed on me hitting himRead More
Welcome back to the Indy Wrestling Spotlight! With this edition, you’ll get a chance to see two of the best wrestlers working within the WWE’s system, during their respective times in Ring of Honor. However, we have a few other great matches to get to first… Isaias Velasquez vs. Thomas Sinclair – Beyond Wrestling Based out of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, this is one of America’s very best indy promotions. This company is known for its great bouts, which is what you’re looking at with this bout, featuring one of my favoriteRead More
Former WCW and ECW star Scotty Riggs recently spoke with VOC Nation Radio Network’s IN THE ROOM Studio to discuss his opinion of Eric Bischoff, the downfall of WCW, and more. Here are the highlights: On his current status: “I’ve retired from wrestling due to injuries. The final straw was a fractured ulnar bone in my left arm. 13 screws and 2 steel plates to fix it, and after 2 surgeries it’s still not right.” On the American Males theme music: “That was the creative genius of Jimmy Hart. HeRead More

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Ring of Honor TV Report – February 15, 2014

Welcome to Ring of Honor! This week, we have the massive triple-team tag match, with a possible ROH World Championship Match on the line for the one who pins Adam Cole. Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis vs. The Romantic Touch This match was a good, solid opener that kept the proceedings very simple. None of what transpired here went along with the Ring of Honor style. Quite frankly, I felt like I was watching a WWE match, which is not all so bad. The action itself was the standard mixtureRead More

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Former WWF/E Women’s Champions Opens Wrestling School

Triple 4 Entertainment announces partnership Clermont, FL – February 14, 2014 – Triple 4 Entertainment is pleased to announce the partnership between Triple 4 Wrestling Academy and former WWE Woman’s champion and WWE Legend, Leilani Kai and longtime respected professional wrestler and successful talent agent, Steve Stasiak. Triple 4 Entertainment is proud of this partnership and will make Triple 4 Wrestling Academy the #1 training facility in the world. Starting from the basics all the way through challenging lessons, students will absorb everything it takes from A to Z onRead More
Announcers: Brandon Baxter – Play-By-Play | Brian Thompson – Color Welcome back to TCW! Tonight, we bring the TCW International Championship Tournament to a close, as both halves of Genetic Perfection fight for the title. Let’s get to it! Cerebus w/ Boyd Bradford vs. Anton(?) As far as the match was concerned, it was a lengthy squash that favored Cerebus. Cerebus displays an abundance of intensity in his matches, which was evident here. This was a well-paced affair that allowed the new face to gain some offense on television (whichRead More
I’ll be attending, and reporting on a great indy wrestling card this Saturday. Lancaster Championship Wrestling is a local indy fed, from, well… Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I’ve recently discovered it, and I can promise you, it’s amazing. Jason Smith, the owner, spoke to me at length, about simply wanting to be the best a wrestling company can be, and run shows, that draw the largest crowds possible, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Now before you roll your eyes at that, asking yourself where in the hell is Lancaster, Pennsylvania, know this, LCW hasRead More
ECW Original Axl Rotten sent the following video where he calls out CZW founder John Zandig and challenges him to a shoot fight. The video contains graphic language: Below are Zandig’s comments that got Axl riled up. The video contains graphic language:Read More
Jim Cornette recently spoke with Donald Wood from Bleacher Report and Ring Rust Radio on his career, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Vince Russo and more. Here are the highlights from the interview and audio below: Favorite Role in Wrestling: “That’s difficult. My first love obviously was being a manager, and with the Midnight Express it was so easy because all I had to do was say ‘hey, this is the greatest team in wrestling” and they proved it. Then I had a second career when I got into booking and match-makingRead More
- This past Saturday’s edition of Ring of Honor Wrestling, featuring The Decade’s Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer vs. Adrenaline RUSH (ACH and TaDarius Thomas), the final of the 2014 Top Prospect Tournament as Raymond Rowe takes on Hanson, and the main event of ROH World TV Champion, Tommaso Ciampa defending against Jay Lethal and Matt Taven, is now available at to everyone for free. – Ring of Honor tweeted this morning that both Wrestling’s Finest, which took place on 1/25 from Pittsburgh, PA, and State of the ArtRead More
- As was reported earlier, there has been talk within WWE of top Ring of Honor and independent stars Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin being invited to the next developmental tryouts. As an update on this, for viewers of Steen’s interview show, The Kevin Steen Show, this information was known as Steen revealed in his interview with Nigel McGuinness that he would be having a tryout with WWE later in the year once his Ring of Honor contract expired, and that if he wasn’t offered a deal that satisfiedRead More
Tag Team Wrestling Takes Center Stage as Maryland Championship Wrestling presents Tag Wars 2K14 featuring Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly, Colt Cabana and all of the stars of MCW. Baltimore, MD February 13, 2014- Just 2 weeks before he takes his rightful place in history Jake “The Snake” Roberts is coming to Harford County Maryland to compete in the ring for Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW). Jake Roberts will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame on Saturday April 5, 2014 in New Orleans LouisianaRead More
The producers of upcoming horror movie “Minutes to Midnight,” featuring former WWE Superstar John Morrison, have updated their IndieGoGo page featuring new videos. Here are some photos of Morrison with the director, writer and producer of the movie.Read More
- Former ECW, WWE, and TNA star Devon recently spoke with Brady Hicks & “In The Room.” Here are highlights from the interview: On First Entering ECW: When I was told I had the chance to be in ECW I was scared to death. That wasn’t normal to get hit with a barbed-wire bat or a chair, going through tables, or dropping the ropes and surrounding it with barbed wire. It wasn’t normal. I thought it was crazy. But I knew in the back of my mind that ECW couldRead More