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Tonight’s broadcast starts off with a quick sequence of each member of the Ryan Taylor faction exiting a limousine, while wearing the same plaid shirts. Perhaps it’s a fashion statement of some kind… or they could just be trying to keep stylishly warm. Ethan HD vs. Willie Mack We started off our card with an excellent little bout that continued to showcase the star power of Willie, as well as highlight the hidden gem that is Ethan HD. Both men were incredibly fluid from bell-to-bell, with solid psychology planted inRead More
- AJ recently conducted an interview with hyping his Ring of Honor return. During it the host questioned why he had pushed back an upcoming speaking tour to July, to which Styles responded by saying he was threatened by a lawsuit by TNA. On pushing back his speaking tour due to lawsuit threats from TNA: “We had something in the works, but then I got threatened by a TNA lawyer about some stuff that was going on – it was meaningless. We were going to do that in March,Read More

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Beyond Wrestling Taping Results – 1/26/2014

1/26 Beyond Wrestling Taping Results: DEVYN NICOLE defeated TREVER ION via sunset flip AR FOX defeated AXEL ROSS via 450 Splash JACOBY BOYKINS defeated JAMES DRAKE via Twisting Front Slam SERIOUSLY SEXY (Chris Steel & Joe Hieken) defeated #KOA (Aaron Epic & Sugar Dunkerton) via Assisted Electric Chair Slam BRANDON PARKER defeated ANTHONY HENRY vis rollup counter out of a crossface DANY ONLY defeated EDDIE GRAVES via Lariat WWA4 Championship Match: RICK RYAN defeated RAPHAEL KING CHIP DAY defeated FRED YEHI via Buzzsaw Kick CHANCE CHAMPION defeated KEN LEE TRIPLERead More

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Indy Power Rankings Week of January 27th, 2014

Indy Power Rankings @indypowerrankin Indy Power Rankings for the Week of January 27th, 2014 1. Shane Hollister-The AAW Heavyweight Champion lands at #1 for the 2nd straight week after retaining his title vs. Jimmy Jacobs in yet another war for “The Shug.” After never quite reaching the #1 spot in 2013, Hollister has now hit this mark in consecutive weeks, a feat that hasn’t happened very frequently in the history of the Indy Power Rankings. 2. Matt Cage-Anyone who tries to argue that Matt Cage isn’t “Money” at this pointRead More
- Ring of Honor has unveiled the poster for their 12th Anniversary Show which takes place on February 21 from the National Guard Armory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It features AJ Styles, Chris Hero, ROH World Champion Adam Cole, Matt Hardy, Jay Lethal, “Real World Champion” Jay Briscoe, Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin. – ROH Shop is running their annual clearance sale with over 30 DVD’s available at discount prices. Some of these titles include Champion’s Challenge 2010, which saw ROH World Champion Tyler Black (now Seth Rollins) versus ROH World TVRead More
- Ring of Honor noted in one of its recent newswires that several stars would issue challenges to AJ Styles over the coming weeks with his return to the company. Michael Elgin has already done so, even forfeiting a future ROH World Championship match to face “The Phenomenal One”, but now Jay Lethal has done the same. – An interesting tidbit of information, with next month being the 12 year anniversary of Ring of Honor’s inception, they will be less than six months away from surpassing the lifespan of TedRead More
- Earlier this month, Jay Briscoe challenged Adam Cole to a match at the Nashville Fairgrounds TV taping, where Briscoe’s “Real World Championship” would be on the line instead of Cole’s ROH World Championship. On the last two editions of Ring of Honor Wrestling, Jay Briscoe has called Cole out, Cole declining and Briscoe instead defeating Bobby Fish in the main event of this past weekends episode. Adam Cole has finally accepted Jay Briscoe’s challenge, and the match will take place on 2/8 at State of the Art in SanRead More
- Ring of Honor has announced that on February 21, when the National Guard Armory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hosts the 12th Anniversary Show, ROH World Champion Adam Cole will put his title on the line against “The Knockout Artist” Chris Hero, following Hero’s pinfall victory over Cole at this past weekends Wrestling’s Finest event. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy has issued a challenge to “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. Elgin himself has issued a challenge to “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles so it will be interesting to see which match takes place at the 12thRead More
In this episode of Pro Wrestling 101, Justin Credible returns and discusses the pros and cons of calling a match in the ring:Read More
The name of this indy fed, speaks for its self. If you read my article, on the awesome indy wrestling in Pennsylvania here, then you know about the Ultimate Wrestling Experience, one of the three indy companies I highlighted in that piece, in Harrisburg, Pa. Having just moved back from Austin, Texas, I’ve not had a chance to attend yet, but that’s all being corrected on March 15th, as I’ve secured a second row ticket for “UWE’s Knight of Glory III.” As with all new indy feds, one has toRead More
- Following their failed attempt to capture the ROH World Tag Team Championships at Final Battle 2013, Outlaw Inc, Eddie Kingston and Homicide jumped into the crowd, Kingston getting into an argument with a fan as Homicide tossed a garbage can into the ring from the ground floor. The crowd in the Hammerstein Ballroom gave the two a very bad reaction, leading to their actions, which saw them receive a one month suspension from Ring of Honor. Eddie Kingston sent Ring of Honor the following video, announcing Outlaw Inc willRead More
- This coming weekend on Ring of Honor Wrestling, “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles makes his return to Ring of Honor after an eight year absence when he faces Roderick Strong, from their television taping held earlier this month from the sold-out Nashville Fairgrounds, Nashville, Tennessee. Below is the promo for AJ Styles vs. Roderick Strong: – Pittsburgh based photographer B.J. Smith attended Wrestling’s Finest this past Saturday and was able to gather a great gallery of images from the event, featuring Chris Hero, Maria Kanellis, Jay Briscoe, Michael Elgin,Read More
Michigan Indy Wrestling fans coming up on February 9th, 2014 Blue Water Championship Wrestling in conjunction with Xtreme Bombshells of Wrestling presents “SLAM JAM 2014”. The event will feature legendary superstars such as Buff Bagwell, Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams, The Patriot and The Franchise Shane Douglas. Blue Water Championship Wrestling will be represented by its World Champion Xavier Justice, Too Tough Tommy Titus and the tag team of Blue Steel; also schedule a rematch for the Michigan State Championship: Father Time vs. Sebastian Rose. Xtreme Bombshells of Wrestling willRead More

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Video: Southern States Wrestling TV – January 26, 2014

From Southern States Wrestling: Southern States Wrestling celebrates its 23 year of operation in February. SSW is seen every week in the Tri- Cities TN/VA market on Tri Cities TNN/Heartland WKIN 19.4 SSW TV join host Dakota Booth as he brings you up to date with all the SSW news. We take a special look at Chris Miles. You see what happened two weeks ago with Tag Champions Parker & Sterling and Jake Booth. We also hear from Jake and see a special video on him. Ladies Champion Misty JamesRead More

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Barbi Hayden Wins NWA World Women’s Crown In Houston

Houston – For the third time in the span of a month, an NWA World championship changed hands as Barbi Hayden defeated Kacee Carlisle at NWA Houston #35 in Houston on Saturday to become the new NWA World Women’s Champion. This was the third meeting between Hayden, also the reigning NWA Lone Star Women’s Champion, and Carlisle for the title. In their first meeting in May 2013 in Houston, Hayden defeated Carlisle by disqualification, while later in San Antonio, Carlisle pinned the challenger. Carlisle had held the title since defeatingRead More
- Ring of Honor hosted Wrestling’s Finest Saturday night from the David L. Lawrence Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The show was taped and will air on Ring of Honor Wrestling in the coming weeks, here are the results and information we have gathered from the show. Attendance: 900 – 1,200 (1) The Decade (BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs) def. Adrenaline Rush (ACH & Tadarius Thomas) with their finishing maneuver, which involves BJ Whitmer setting up for the Dominator and Jacobs hitting a low Ace Crusher. Said to have been aRead More

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Ring of Honor TV Report – January 25, 2014

Welcome back to ROH TV, home of the Top Prospect Tournament, which continues this week. Let’s not waste any more time on pleasantries, if that’s alright with you? Raymond Rowe vs. Corey Hollis – Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Finals Match This bout amounted to a generous squash, which benefited from mindfully reserved action, from bell-to-bell. It’s not every day that a ROH match is worked so carefully, but that is the case here, as Rowe kept this match grounded in a very frugal reality, not wasting one motion on anything thatRead More
Welcome to’s “Indy Wrestling Spotlight.” This report is dedicated to unearthing some of the best independent circuit match-ups, featuring the some of the best names from modern era, the past, present and future. So, without further ado, let’s just jump right in! CM Punk vs. AJ Styles – Pure Title Tournament Finals This was the climax of a truly unique period in ROH’s history, with the birth of a championship that was wholly devoted to wrestling; no punches, no kicks, no frills, just grappling. While only in existence forRead More
NWA Mountain Empire Champion and Traditional Championship Wrestling star, “The Wrestling Extraordinaire” Sigmon, recently took some time to take part in a Q&A exclusively with Sigmon is best known for his time in TCW and several promotions within the NWA. He spoke on a number of topics from starting with TCW, his heel persona, being a certified personal trainer, gives advice to newcomers entering wrestling world and more. Below is PWMania’s exclusive interview: First of all thank you for taking the time to sit down with How didRead More