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New PJ Black Interview (Audio), Lance Hoyt Talks About Global Force Wrestling’s Inception & More

- Former WWE Star and Global Force Wrestling’s PJ Black (FKA Justin Gabriel) recently appeared in Ring Rust Radio. You…


Lucha Underground Television Report – June 10, 2015

This week, we have the return of Drago, who has one chance to gain his spot back in the Temple….


Legacy Wrestling Debuts: CZW Enters & Who Is Champion?

Legacy Wrestling Debuts: CZW Enters & Who Is Champion? – – A new Legacy in wrestling began…


Upcoming Indy Wrestling Events – June 9, 2015 to June 21, 2015

Upcoming Indy Wrestling Events ** Below is a listing of independent wrestling events for the next two weeks. This listing…


PJ “Justin Gabriel” Black Reveals His Top 5 List Of Things He Couldn’t Do In WWE, Talks Freedom, Tyson Kidd & More

Former WWE Superstar PJ Black “Justin Gabriel” recently spoke with Evan “Tech” Prout, host of Under the Mat Radio in…


Dr. Tom Prichard Talks About Working With Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman & Jim Cornette, His Early Influences & More

Former WWE superstar and trainer, Dr. Tom Prichard recently took some time to participate in an exclusive interview with….


Wrecking Ball Wrestling/ AIWF Southwest Results – June 7, 2015

Wrecking Ball Wrestling/ AIWF Southwest Results 6/7/15 Wrestle Wreck 15 @ The Indoor Soccer Zone Dallas, TX- Lou Sterrett beat…


Photos & Video: Goldberg Spears Scott Steiner At Legends Of Wrestling Event

- Bill Goldberg made an in-ring appearance at the packed Legends of Wrestling event at Citi Field in New York…


Steve Corino Discusses His Relationship With Paul Heyman, His Current Role In ROH, WWE, ECW, TNA & More

One half of Ring of Honor’s announce team, Steve Corino recently took some time to participate in an interview with…


Jeff Jarrett Talks About Samoa Joe, The Future Of Global Force Wrestling, TV & Online Distribution, More

Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with v2wrestling where he talks about the future for GWF, his vision, the roster and the…


Adam Cole Talks About Ring Of Honor’s Move To Destination America, Samoa Joe In WWE NXT & More

- Ring of Honor Star recently spoke with Ring Rust Radio. You can check out the complete interview and highlights…


KDW Crash Course Full Results – June 6, 2015

KDW returned to Pineapple Jack’s in Gates, New York Saturday, June 6th for Crash Course. It was another action-packed show…


Booker T Talks Harlem Heat & WM32, Bobby Fulton To Speak Out, Raymond Rowe Featured In Music Video

- Booker T is back on the Wrestling Compadres Slamcast as he discusses the upcoming Tough Enough, his insane schedule,…


Joe Malenko Talks About His Brother Dean & The Wrestler He Became, Breaking Into The Business & More

Joe Malenko recently spoke with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling in an effort to help promote the Championship Wrestling from…


Ex-WWE Tough Enough Contestant Luke Robinson Calls Out John Laurinaitis For Homophobia, Addresses Gay Porn Rumors

Between season 5 of Tough Enough streaming on the WWE Network and season 6 premiering in the next few weeks,…


Lucha Underground Television Report – June 3, 2015

Tonight, we bestow the second Aztec Medallion unto its first owner, as well feature the first Submissions Match in LU…


Brian Knobbs Talks About Possibly Being Inducted Into The 2016 WWE Hall Of Fame, Goldberg & More

The Nasty Boys the one and only Brian Knobbs recently spoke with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast. You can…


Super Fan-fest Fundraiser At The Tampa Jewish Community Center & Federation

I will be in attendance at the Super Fan Fest Fundraiser coming to the Tampa, Florida Jewish Community Center &…


Indy Wrestling Spotlight – East Coast Wrestling Association

With this edition of the column, we focus on the east coast with a certain company that has a yearly…


Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling’s “Crash Course” Results – June 6, 2015

Quick Results from Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling’s “Crash Course” at Pineapple Jack’s in Rochester, New York 6/6: 1. Chris Cayden defeated…