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Hello everybody and welcome back to the Justin Credible Report exclusively on I have a lot of stuff I want to share with you guys, so let’s get started. This past Saturday I was in the Main Event for Tommy Dreamers promotion House of Hardcore. The show featured so many names that I could be here all day naming them all. A few notables where Bully Ray, Brother Devon, Scott Steiner, Matt Hardy, Spike Dudley, Ryhno, Sonjay Dutt, Velvet Sky, Ted Dibiase SR & JR etc. I mean aRead More
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Recently released WWE NXT talent Kassius Ohno’s issued the following statement on Facebook regarding his release from World Wrestling Entertainment: “Maybe you’ve heard. Maybe you’ve not heard. Last Friday my contract with WWE was terminated. Man… Terminated sounds so harsh, right? To me, it conjures up images of post-apocalyptic wars with robots, machine guns and atomic bombs. No thank you. Merriam-Webster defines terminate as ‘to come to an end in time.’ Okay.. That’s a little less dramatic. I can handle that. For the last 21 months, I’ve lived in FloridaRead More
- As reported, Bully Ray crashed Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore 3 event last night and challenged him to an Old School Street Fight at a December 30th TNA One Night Only “Old School” pay-per-view taping in the same building, the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York. The angle was put together as a way to cross promote TNA’s pay-per-view taping with the idea that TNA will promote Dreamer’s House of Hardcore and help raise it’s profile by acknowledging it while TNA gets the chance to promote theirRead More
Welcome to another edition of TCW on the Pursuit Channel! This week should be another action-packed broadcast, so let’s get to it. Sigmon vs. John Saxon This was a very well-paced bout, with a more methodical nature on display here. Every move, transition and hold was performed with great care and wonderful timing. This match-up had a delightful mixture of all sorts of wrestling, which helped add a lot of variety. All in all, Sigmon and Saxon ended up bringing the best out of one another and when all thingsRead More
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood 11/6/13 (3:00 am edition) Tonight, we start off with a good promo from Ricky Mandel and Shelly Martinez about how her ex-boyfriend, Todd Chandler, is not a real man, thus prompting her to jettison her feelings for him right out the window. Perhaps, this is why the wise always recommend that co-workers not fraternize with one another? Todd would make his way out to answer her challenge with aggression, ruthless aggression! Ricky Mandel w/ Shelly Martinez vs. Todd Chandler This was a fast, fluid bout thatRead More
indy-news is sorry to report that Roland Alexander, who had owned and operated Hayward, California’s All Pro Wrestling from 1991 on, passed away yesterday at the age of 59. Alexander had been dealing with heart and diabetes issues for some time. Most remember Roland Alexander’s APW from the Barry Blaustein documentary “Beyond the Mat.” In the movie, Blaustein followed independent wrestlers Mike Modest and Tony Jones, who were struggling independent wrestlers. Alexander’s school was featured in several scenes and through Blaustein’s connections, the pair were given a WWF dark match,Read More
There has been no deal offered to Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards but signing them is an ongoing discussion within WWE. People within the company are pushing for them to be signed or at least be given a more in-depth look in NXT. Other people, mainly Triple H, is against signing them because he and others feel that WWE has signed enough indy style guys. The feeling is that they have met their quota when it comes to that kind of wrestler so they need to start looking for moreRead More

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Video: Former WWE Superstar Gets Certified For DDP Yoga

Stevie Richards Gets Certified For DDP Yoga:Read More
Press Release For Immediate Release Wrestling Storm Tests Cunning, Strategic Thinking and Intelligence Digiworks Creates First-Ever Turn-based Wrestling Card Game New York, N.Y. — 2013 — Digiworks Studio announced today the release of Wrestling Storm, a turn-based wrestling card game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The game tests users’ in-ring style through the strategic use of cards that inflict damage on their opponent. Wrestling Storm offers gamers the ability to beat their opponents into submission in either single-player story mode or against other users from around the world. King,Read More

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Pure Pro Wrestling Report – November 3, 2013

Welcome back to another edition of PPW! Tonight, we have a great treat headed our way, as Petey Williams himself is working a match for this broadcast! God, I sound a bit too excited, don’t I? Blue Steele w/ Sophia Black vs. Xavier Justice & Petey Williams – Michigan State Tag Team Championships Match This was a good match that had a refreshing sense of patience, a trait that I don’t always get to enjoy in the match-ups I watch. This match was in no hurry to get where itRead More

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MEXPRO “Bleed Los Angeles” 11/02/13 Event Results

MEXPRO “Bleed Los Angeles” 11/02/13 Event Results Live from the Dome in Huntington Park, CA Cjay Kurz defeated Virgil Flynn and Tyler Bateman in a qualifying match (U.S. Championship) B-Boy defeated Jd Horror Willie Mack defeated Jacob “The Riot” Diaz and So Cal Crazy in a qualifying match (U.S. Championship) Eric Watts with new manager Phil McPhenom defeated Joey Ryan Los Bandidos defeated the Born Stars in tag team action Cjay Kurz defeated defeated Willie Mac to become the first MEXPRO United States Champion Homeless Jimmy defeated Necro Butcher inRead More

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The Two Sheds Review: SCW March Madness 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve ventured into the world of European wrestling, and there’s no better place to make our return than with some old friends of the Two Sheds Review, Swiss Championship Wrestling, as we take a look at the DVD release of March Madness 2013. The show began with singles action as Syndrome took on Luke Styles. This one didn’t exactly set the pulses racing. It was a relatively short encounter, and even though there were some good moves both guys just seemed a little lost atRead More
As many of you saw via this press release today 2CW officially giving details about the second iPPV for the company. 2CW is one of many many companies trying to succeed without the hype of “star power”. Unlike companies such as House Of Hardcore, that is owned by Tommy Dreamer or Extreme Rising which gained momentum using ECW fans 2CW and many others have to work from scratch. Now to be clear I am not saying HOH or Extreme Rising are bad companies or even that they didn’t work veryRead More

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2CW Presenting Second Live iPPV “99 Problems”

2CW Presents “99 Problems” FREE LIVE STREAMING EVENT on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. EST with Mickie James VS. Jessicka Havok; Young Bucks VS. Dojo Brothers, more Squared Circle Wrestling is PROUD to announce a second FREE LIVE STREAMING EVENT on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. EST. The LIVE FREE STREAMING EVENT can be viewed at or . After the success of their first seamless IFFV (Internet Free For View) on April 20th, 2013 in Watertown, New York in front of 1,200 fans live,Read More
Welcome to another edition of TCW! Before we begin, a brief note needs to be made, as TCW has entered into a partnership with eight other promotions to create a territorial system in the same vein as the NWA once was. This should be materializing at the beginning of 2014, so watch out for that as it develops. Anyway, it’s time for this week’s competition, which features a tag team match-up with none other than the legendary NWA tag team The Rock N’ Roll Express! Col. Tom Parker had aRead More
Rhino was recently spoke to WIO-TV CBS-19 reporter Chris Van Vliet about his transition from ECW to WWE. “I think that’s everybody’s goal to be the best and working for the best organization,” Rhino said. You always want to be the best in life, whether it’s family, faith, occupation, passion, you always want to do your best. And if people don’t, that’s kind of foreign to me. So I didn’t know when, but I knew I was going there. It was a treat man. It was pretty cool” Rhino alsoRead More
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV Report (3:00 am edition) October 30, 2013 Before we begin this week, I just want to discuss a few things. Firstly, it seems that the broadcasts going forward will be aired from content that is up to date. This set of matches is from last week, so there will be a large leap in the timeline from where we were with the previous report. Secondly, I’ve been incorrectly anagramming Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as CWH, when it seems they prefer CWFH. Obviously, I’ll be usingRead More
FAN SLAM SIGNINGS BOOKING BODYSLAMMIN’ BIRTHDAY PARTIES, PPV PARTIES, BUNDY NIGHT RAW PARTIES, AND MORE! Fan Slam Signings is now offering personal appearances, Bodyslammin’ Birthday parties, PPV parties, Bundy Night Raw, and more. Having or planning a Birthday party and want to do something unique and different? Fan Slam Signings now offers BODYSLAMMIN’ BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Can you imagine King Kong Bundy cutting your cake? “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka taking a birthday picture with you? A birthday kiss from Sunny??! For further information on how you can book your very own BODYSLAMMIN’Read More
Bryan Clark, who worked in WWE as Adam Bomb and in WCW as one-half of the team of Kronik, spoke on WGD Weekly with Steve and the Scum. Here are some highlights from the interview. Waiting for a call for the 2014 Royal Rumble: There’s a lot of guys saying like, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall and these guys, I’ve never stopped training. Adam Bomb could definitely come back at the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh in 2014 in January, these other guys are not ready, they are not physically ready,Read More