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Welcome to this week’s Justin Credible report exclusively on With a lot of WWE already taped, and the company wrestling overseas it was a bit of a slow week for news. I watched Raw Monday night, and I was really into the match between CM Punk and Curtis Axel. I really thought that they meshed well together, and I look for big things from the son of one of the best, my dear friend, Mr Perfect. I think WWE hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface with this catRead More
Hello everybody, and welcome to another edition of The Justin Credible report exclusively on Last week was extremely busy for me. I did two great shows for two great promotions. Thursday I got the pleasure of working former WWE announcer Matt Striker. He is still in tremendous shape, and I was a little surprised that he is still crisp in the ring. He moved and worked like a true superstar. Being an announcer didn’t take anything away from Matt. He can go!!! Friday was the big show for localRead More
Welcome to the next edition of The Official’s View with Wes Adams exclusively on Thank you so much for the positive messages and feedback! Feel free to send more questions, comments, or feedback in the comments below or to wesadams1[@], Twitter, or add me on Facebook! I strongly considered several topics for this next column, my thoughts on Money in the Bank, Raw, Impact, a little of this or that from the indy scene. I try to keep up with everything the best I can, but sometimes, I justRead More
Hello everybody, and welcome to the Justin Credible report exclusively on! I had a busy, and exciting week. First I wrestled long-time rival Tommy Dreamer. For a brief moment in time, it felt like 1999 all over again. Even though we are a little older than we were, back then. We still had an awesome match that every fan in attendance will remember for some time to come. I’m also pleased to announce that Tommy Dreamer debuted today on Pro Wrestling 101. Dreamer done a special episode on “makingRead More
Welcome to part two of my debut column exclusively on For those that missed part one, you can read it at this link. I’m given my dates and times for Raw in Lafayette, LA and SmackDown in Mobile, AL. The week before I see my buddy Cassidy Riley wrestle Monty Brown on the ECW show, and the next day hear he got a deal and assigned to OVW! I joked and said that could be me the next week. I show up to Raw and check in. It’s suchRead More
Welcome to my very first column here at! I can’t really express how excited I am to be offered the chance to express my thoughts and views of our business in written form. I suppose the first column should be a background about who I am. Who is Wes Adams? And why the heck is this guy writing about anything? I’m still asking myself that question! One of the things I always loved about wrestling is meeting different people and hearing the stories of what led them into wrestlingRead More
Welcome to my first attempt at a weekly blog exclusively on It will feature my opinions on what’s going on in pro wrestling. First I would like to really thank all of the great fans that have stood beside me through the past 20 years. It truly humbles me to read the emails you send me and the kind words when you see me at a live event. My addiction to drugs, specifically heroin, had me clinging to a life that was barely worth living. On November 19th 2012,Read More
Through all the big wrestling news items recently such as the 3 hour raw launch, John Cena’s divorce and even Triple-H’s haircut, the one which generated the most discussion from all corners of the wrestling business was a Twitter comment from master wrestling politician Kevin Nash. Big Sexy is Well known for being an extremely controversial figure within the wrestling business and has ruffled feathers on more than one occasion with his remarks about others but maybe never before as much as his recent comments on smaller-statured workers and specifically,Read More
Chris Benoit is a subject I have considered writing about for a long long time. I haven’t done, for no other reason than I thought it just didn’t warrant any more talk or opinions, thoughts or views, but the above video, linked on Facebook by my Mentor Justin Richards convinced me to share my thoughts. I met Chris in 2004. At the Blue Bloods Wrestling Academy in Atlanta, GA. Along with Dave Taylor and William Regal we had been training at the facility for almost a week under the tutelegeRead More
“What was once a captivating, trendsetting program has now deteriorated into a clichéd, boring snooze fest Now let’s go over the facts; television ratings – downward spiral, pay per view buyrates – plummeting, mainstream acceptance – non-existent and reactions of the live crowds – complete and utter silence. And I know why you’re silent. You’re silent because you’re embarrassed to be here and quite honestly I’m embarrassed for you. And the reason why you’re embarrassed is because of the steady stream of uninteresting, untalented sports entertainers who you’re forced toRead More