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The Two Sheds TV Review: Insane Fight Club II

Last week I had the pleasure of watching one of the best British wrestling documentaries I’ve seen in recent years….


Seth Rollins – The ‘It’ Factor & The Problem With Being A Heel Champion

There’s no doubt about it, Seth Rollins is extremely good in the squared circle, but I don’t know if anyone…


Why John Cena May Leave Battleground Still the US Champion

For the past few months, John Cena vs. Kevin Owens has been one of the hottest rivalries in the WWE….


Looking At The Potential Of A TNA & GFW Merger

Social media was a buzz prior to Impact Wrestling airing on Destination America a few weeks ago, as the news…


Indy Wrestling Spotlight – Traditional Championship Wrestling

We’re back with another edition of the “Indy Wrestling Spotlight!” This week, nostalgia and unabashed Americana are the order of…


The Two Sheds TV Review: Insane Fight Club

Over the years there have been countless documentaries made about the wrestling business. Some of them have been good, some…


Discussing The Future Of The WWE Divas Division

The WWE Divas Division lacks direction…again. I sometimes wonder if it ever knows where it’s going. It’s no secret that…


Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars : Death Wish Review

After reviewing the legends edition last month, the producers of “Wrestling’s Bloodiest Wars:Death Wish” asked if I would view the…


The Two Sheds DVD Review: NECW Iron 8 Championship 2014

This edition of The Two Sheds Review features the return of one of one of the best indies I’ve seen…


Will Ken Shamrock Retire?

Last Friday, Ken Shamrock fought at the age of 51 and lost via TKO in the first round. Shamrock, who…


Run Owens Run: The WWE NXT Champion Gets Handed The Ball

In just 6 short months since signing for World Wrestling Entertainment, current NXT champion Kevin Owens has made the sort…


WWE: When The Red Arrow Falls Or Where Is Neville Headed

The New Sensation Neville. The Man That Gravity Forgot has one of the most breath-taking wrestling styles we’ve seen in…


The Two Sheds TV Review: WWE Money in the Bank 2015

It’s ladder match overload time again as we take a look at WWE’s latest pay-per-view offering, Money in the Bank,…


The Two Sheds DVD Review: WWE The Best of Raw & Smackdown 2014

WWE is on the agenda again as we dip into the ever-growing pile of DVDs sent to me by the…


FATP: Keep The Dream Alive

Sometimes, really crappy things happen. Things that come like a bolt from the blue. June 11th 2015 was one of…


Random Acts of Wrestling: An Open Letter To John Cena

Dear Mr. Cena: With all of the talk you have been doing about “real men” over the past two Raws,…


Looking At The Career Of Dusty Rhodes

I was completely shocked and saddened when I heard that “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes passed away last week at…


Goldstein On Rasslin’ – Thoughts & Memories Of Dusty Rhodes

It was 2006 and we were brainstorming the creative for the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view event. This was during the…


Projecting The Best Possible Outcome of Rollins vs. Ambrose At WWE MITB 2015

The Rollins vs. Ambrose rivalry is built on layers upon layers of history. There’s the never-ending need for vengeance for Seth’s betrayal. There’s…


Special: “What Dusty Rhodes Meant To Me”

This is truly a very sad day for me. It is even difficult writing this. We’ve lost one of our…