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Posted On May 30, 2014By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 05/26/14

The Authority kick off Raw. They ramble. They call out Brad Maddox and want him punished for allowing the Shield to do commentary the prior week on Raw. They bring out Kane; Hunter punches Maddox. Kane chokeslams and tombstones Maddox. End of opening segment. ^Good riddance to Maddox. Waste of time and space. He’ll probably be kept around in a JTG-type role. Cesaro defeats Rob Van Dam with a bridging German suplex. Sheamus comes down and brogue kicks Cesaro. ^Cesaro’s run as of late has been impressive, and he continuedRead More

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Today Day In Wrestling History- May 30th

Trivia 1978 – Antonio Inoki wins the NJPW MSG League, defeating Andre The Giant in the final 2008 – WWE Heat airs for the final time on, ending a near decade-long run 2008 –  WWE transferred Hacksaw Jim Duggan from a full-time talent to a talent under a legends deal 2008 – Bobby Lashley appeared at an American Fight League MMA card in Atlanta to announce his signing with the company, setting the stage for his 1st MMA bout following his WWE run 2012 – WWE announced that Randy Orton was suspended effective forRead More

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Today Day In Wrestling History- May 29th

Trivia 1999-  A scheduled WWF event in Montreal, Quebec at the Molson Centre was canceled following the passing of Owen Hart 2002 – NWA-TNA announced that Low Ki had signed for their debut event, as well as plans for a Gauntlet for the Gold to crown a new NWA champion 2008 – It is publicly announced that Dwayne Johnson has divorced his longtime wife Dani, who remains his business manager & partner after the end of the marriage through this day 2008 - The NWA announced that Ric Flair would be inducted intoRead More

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Today Day In Wrestling History- May 28th

Trivia 2000 – Mitsuharu Misawa leaves All Japan & founded Pro Wrestling NOAH, taking all but 2 (Masanobu Fuchi & Toshiaki Kawada) of All Japan’s full-time roster with him 2001 – Lance Storm becomes the 1st member of The Invasion to appear on WWF programming 2001 – The WWF fired Brian Lawler, aka Grandmaster Sexay, following his arrest for possession of illegal drugs. He was arrested early in the morning in Calgary, Alberta, Canada after landing for Raw that night, where he was scheduled to team with Steve Blackman and Trish Stratus againstRead More

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Today In Wrestling History- May 27th

Trivia 1996 – 1 of the most famous moments in modern wrestling history takes place, as Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), fresh from his stint in WWF, showed up during the first-ever 2 hour edition of WCW Monday Nitro, entering from the crowd & informing Eric Bischoff that he was there to “declare war” on WCW. This was the beginning of what would become the New World Order 2005 – TNA’s contract with Fox Sports Net is not renewed. Impact airs for the final time on the network Events In 1994, AAA TripleMania II-C wasRead More
When the former Hungarian Heavyweight Champion wanted to make his way to the United States to wrestle, the UWE wasted no time in reaching out to him. He quickly booked his flight to The United States, landed in Harrisburg, Pa. and was instantly recruited by “Hollywood’s Finest.” If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that Hollywood’s Finest wastes no time in exploiting people to join their “group.” We saw it with super talented, but young, and eager to get to the top as fast as possible, Eddie Smooth. Now, inRead More

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Today In Wrestling History- May 26th

Trivia 1996 – WWF attempts to air In Your House 8: Beware Of Dog, but a power outage during the 3rd match of the night cuts the feed. The event would be re-aired in full 2 days later, & will be covered in the events section on that day 1987 - Hacksaw Jim Duggan & The Iron Sheik were arrested together on charges of drug possession after they were pulled over by police on the New Jersey Turnpike en route to a WWF card in Asbury Park, NJ.  The 2 wrestlers, whoRead More

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Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman – The Legacy

One was an iconic Television personality with a massive cult following, The other was well regarded wrestler predominantly with the Memphis territory. But what followed was THE greatest feud in the history of Pro Wrestling and what is largely considered to be the first real sports entertainment storyline, The beauty of the angle was one simple merit. Everybody thought it was real! Andy Kaufman was born in New York city in 1949 and shot to fame on the nightclub scene introducing a character know only as “The foreign guy” whereRead More

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Fear, Loathing, and the WWE Network

One week ago, Vincent Kennedy McMahon lost his billionaire status in a single day. For a man with as gigantic an ego as McMahon, the loss was pretty brutal. One third of his net worth vanished to the vagaries of Wall Street. Some people blamed the meager increase of WWE’s television deal with NBC Universal, others blamed anemic (by Wall Street’s standards) subscription numbers for the WWE Network. There probably wasn’t one particular reason, as the stock market is a place prone to unreasonable standards and herd mentality, where ifRead More

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ThunderStruck: WWE Smackdown Analysis 05/23/14

Hulk Hogan kicks off Smackdown after being introduced by Jimmy Hart. He rants and yaks and yada yada yada and WWE Network in the UK and blah blah blah. ^The 02 arena seemed to love Hogan. I don’t, but it worked for the show. Hogan kept it short and sweet, and promotional work is the perfect fit for this guy as long as it stays limited. The Usos will take on Rowan and Harper later tonight. Cena and Bray Wyatt will be in their corners. Also, Dolph Ziggler will faceRead More

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Today In Wrestling History- May 25th

Trivia 2002 – WWE Confidential airs for the 1st time on Spike TV. This was a fairly radical show for WWE, as it did not feature wrestling, rather it showcased WWE behind the scenes. The program occasionally broke kayfabe, something almost unheard of at that time 2010 - Mattel released their 1st WWE Legends action figures, featuring Ricky Steamboat, Steve Austin, The Road Warriors., Dusty Rhodes, & Sgt. Slaughter 2011 – The Associated Press reported that the State of Connecticut ruled that WWE owed $7,316 in underpaid unemployment compensation for “certain WWE employees”Read More

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Today In Wrestling History- May 24th

Trivia 1985 – Oprah Winfrey, yeah that Oprah, made an appearance at a WWF event in Chicago, IL.  The three top matches aired on “AM Chicago” on 5/27/85 with Winfrey doing commentary, & also interviewing Hulk Hogan, & Don Muraco 1991 - The Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) made his debut on WCW Television, defeating Tommy Angel 2001 - Triple H underwent surgery with Dr. James Andrews to repair his torn quadriceps, which was injured in a tag team match with Steve Austin against Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho three days earlier. The surgery would be successful,Read More
A scenic drive took me back once again to Amsterdam, NY where my brother Ross and I were privileged to accept the induction of my our late father into the PWHF. Joining Stu in the 2014 induction were The Masked Superstar Bill Eadie, Bruiser Brody, Don Muraco, Leroy McGuirk, Al Hayes, Rubberman Johnny Walker aka Mr. Wrestling II, Sherri Martel, Gary Hart, The Fargo Brothers, the late Jackie and Don… (Kalt). Among others in attendance were Cowboy Johnny John Lusk Mantell, Stan Hansen, Ray “Doink” Apollo, Ted Gordienko, The MaskedRead More

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ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 05/19/14

The Wyatts kick off Raw with Bray talking about Cena. Cena will face Harper later tonight. Cena ends up in the ring and hits an AA on Bray. ^As usual, Bray’s mic skills overshadow anything he’s had the chance to show us in the ring(he’s a solid performer but we haven’t exactly had a ton of opportunities to see him showcase it, no?). I like the Cena/Bray Wyatt rivalry because I know they’ll deliver huge in the Last Man Standing match at Payback. Cesaro and Paul Heyman come out andRead More

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Today In Wrestling History- May 23rd

Trivia 2012 – The 6th season of WWE NXT officially begins. Despite initially being referred to as series 6, this version of NXT lost the competition element of past series in favour of becoming a standard television show featuring WWE developmental talent 2007 - Jill Jarrett, wife of TNA’s Jeff Jarrett, has passed away following a long battle with cancer. She had been an important piece of the birth and early growth of TNA, including overseeing the upgrades made to the TNA Asylum in Nashville, TN Events In 1993, WCW Slamboree: A Legend’sRead More
You could tell, from the get-go, that UK WWE fans had been starved for wrestling action. For what it’s worth, it was tremendously enjoyable. The O2 Arena for Monday’s Raw was a complete sell-out – whether the figure was just under 17,000, as WWE claims or a closer-to-15,000 number as reported elsewhere – the fact remains there were hardly any empty seats. The matches taped for WWE Superstars prior to Raw consisted of: – Big Show vs. Titus O’Neil – Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs. Cody Rhodes w/ GoldustRead More

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Looking At The Potential Of Rusev In WWE

Last week on WWE Raw, Rusev attacked WWE Hall of Famer, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan to further the storyline that Rusev is a representative of Russia, which uses the Ukraine conflict to generate heat. More specifically, The storyline is using the tension between United States and Russia to get heat, which uses Russian President, Putin during promos. Foreign heat is a classic wrestling angle and usually, when wrestling is current, it translates to an angle that gets over with the audience, but could the use of a current conflict actually limitRead More

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Today In Wrestling History- May 22nd

Trivia 1986 – The Rock N’ Roll Express defeated NWA World Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey) in a non-title match in Taylorsville, NC 2009 – TNA releases Shane Sewell, who returned to Puerto Rico as his former persona, Glamour Boy Shane Events In 1994, WCW Slamboree was held at the Philadelphia Civic Center, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, & featured inductions to the WCW Hall of Fame. The Class of 94 were The Assassin, Ole Anderson, Harley Race, Ernie Ladd, The Crusher & Dick The Bruiser. With an attendance of 4,000: DarkRead More
World Championship Wrestling
For over a decade it was an integral part of the Jim Crocket Promotions and World Championship Wrestling universes, a two ring cage match designed to cause carnage and to settle score. Sadly I only ever got to see one of them, mainly because NWA & WCW pay per views weren’t shown here in Britain. Now all that’s going to change, because now we’re going to look back at the history of these events with War Games: WCW’s Most Notorious Matches. And as is the custom with these sets, let’sRead More