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Posted On May 19, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 19th

Trivia 1981 – It was officially announced by the American Wrestling Association that, due to Verne Gagne retiring and vacating the AWA World Heavyweight Title, Nick Bockwinkel, the former champion, & current number one contender, was being awarded the belt 1989 – The Patrick Swayze film “Roadhouse”, which featured Terry Funk, was released theatrically.  In its 7 week theatrical run, the film  made $30,050,028.  While not well received critically, the film would go on to become extremely popular via cable television and is considered a cult classic, even spawning a musical theaterRead More

Posted On May 18, 2014By Ethan LewisIn Columns, Featured, Indy News, News

Six Indy Wrestlers You Need To Know

Some of you may watch Independent Wrestling and some of you may not. Regardless of that, there are several names on the Indy scene right now that deserve your attention. They are incredibly talented and need to be noticed. These are six independent wrestlers that deserve to be seen by the masses. Kevin Steen Kevin Steen is not your typical pro-wrestler. He doesn’t have a six pack of abs nor is he a body builder. He’s not on the skinny side either. Kevin Steen is a beast. He stands aroundRead More

Posted On May 18, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 18th

Trivia 1964 – Gorilla Monsoon defeated WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino via DQ in Pittsburgh, PA 2002 – WWF aired the final episode of their Saturday evening “Excess” series on the USA Network, making room for WWF Confidential 2005 – TNA officially suspended Jeff Hardy.  TNA announced at the very last minute of their pre-game show for Hard Justice several days earlier that Sean Waltman would be replacing Jeff Hardy on the PPV.  They waited until the last second to announce it, hoping Hardy would make it from North Carolina to Florida.  HardyRead More

Posted On May 17, 2014By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: WWE Smackdown Analysis 05/16/14

The Usos take on Cody Rhodes and Goldust in our opening match. The Usos get the win when one of the brothers superkicks Cody and gets the pin after the big splash. Cody storms away after the match before Goldust can talk to him. ^Solid opening contest. They definitely are still leaning towards a split of the Brotherhood. With that factor included, the Usos were made to look dominant as champions in this matchup. I’m genuinely surprised it took WWE so long to put the Usos where they belong –Read More

Posted On May 17, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 17th

Trivia 2012 – Brooke Hogan, the daughter of Hulk Hogan, officially signed with TNA Events In 1992, WCW WrestleWar: War Games was held at the Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum, in Jacksonville, Florida. With an attendance of 6,000: Dark Match: – Diamond Dallas Page & Tommy Rich defeated Firebreaker Chip & Bob Cook PPV: – The Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes defeated Terry Taylor & Greg Valentine to win the WCW United States Tag Team Titles – Johnny B. Badd defeated Tracy Smothers – Scotty Flamingo (Raven) defeated Marcus Bagwell – Rom Simmons defeatedRead More
Once upon a time, there was the NWA Six-Man tag team championship. It was a title that was created in the Seventies, and existed in and out of time for the next 18 years. It would be considered a prize, then disappear for a two-three year period. It saw its heyday during the Eighties, when the Road Warriors & Dusty Rhodes would trade it with the “Soviet” faction of Ivan Koloff, Nikita Koloff, and Krusher Kruschchev. In World Class Championship Wrestling, the Freebirds and Von Erich family feuded famously, toRead More
Just over a month ago, we watched as Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXX, and we delighted in seeing our beloved underdog reach the mountaintop. Did we see the peak? Was the thrill of the chase better than the tension of defending the spoils? I started a piece last week with those words, however, it never got posted, because my complaints about how Daniel Bryan was being booked like CM Punk (destined to face a ton of second-tier opponents instead of bursting the John CenaRead More

Posted On May 16, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 16th

Trivia 1975 – Antonio Inoki wins the NJPW World League, defeating Killer Karl Krupp in the final 1977 – Giant Baba wins the AJPW Champion’s Carnival, defeating Jumbo Tsuruta in the final 2006 – Davey Boy Smith’s son, Harry, signed with the WWE.  He would eventually debut as David Hart Smith as one third of the Hart Dynasty Events In 1998, ECW A Matter of Respect was held at the ECW Arena, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With an attendance of 2,000: – Justin Credible (with Chasity & Jason) defeated Jerry Lynn in a 2 out 3 FallsRead More
For me he’s been one of the best things about the wrestling business over the past few years, a Chicago native who can grapple with the best technicians and punch it out with the best brawlers. He’s also one of the nicest guys I ever met during my time in the business. Now we’re going to take a look at Ring of Honor’s most recent tribute to the man, someone who has given us plenty of good times and great memories. The man in question is Colt Cabana, and theRead More

Posted On May 15, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 15th

Trivia 1983 - Roddy Piper & Terry Funk faced off for the 1st time in Toronto, Ontario at Maple Leaf Garden with Piper winning via countout 1995 – Ernie Ladd, Ivan Putski, & Antonina Rocca’s inductions into the WWF Hall of Fame were announced for the June 1995 induction ceremony in Philadelphia, PA 2000 - The Monday Night War continued: WWF Monday Night Raw defeated WCW Monday Nitro: 6.1 to 3.2 in the ratings 2002 – NWA-TNA announced that Ken Shamrock was announced for their debut PPV, where he would win the NWA title inRead More
Daniel Bryan, the reigning WWE champion, has a broken neck. How badly broken, we won’t know until after his surgery on Thursday. Either way, that is not the news anybody wanted or expected to hear, least of all Bryan. WWE is promising an announcement on the status of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship next Monday on Raw, pending the outcome of his surgery. If the injury is minor, he could be back in a matter of weeks. Or it could be months before we see him inside the ring again.Read More

Posted On May 14, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 14th

Trivia 1966 – Bulldog Brower defeated WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino via DQ in the main event of a WWWF event in Philadelphia, PA 1974 – Giant Baba wins the AJPW Champion’s Carnival, defeating Mr. Wrestling in the final 1984 – NWA World champion Kerry Von Erich defeated Superstar Billy Graham in Ft Myers, FL 1990 – Ole Anderson is named the booker of WCW, replacing Ric Flair, who resigned from the position, citing continued difficulties trying to run the creative end of the company (which had seen an amazing 1989 from an in-ring standpoint) under WCWRead More

Posted On May 13, 2014By Joe WalkerIn Columns

10 Big WWE Questions – May 13, 2014

A neck injury and time off may be the last thing professional wrestling fans wanted to hear WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan mention on RAW. Regardless, the bearded “YES” man was forced to fill every listening ear with this disappointing news. What this means for the future of the title is anyone’s guess. WWE always leaves its viewers with a number of questions, here are 10 big ones! You can answer one, two, or all of them in the comments below, on Twitter @PWMania and @mrjoewalker #10BigQuestions, and Facebook.Read More

Posted On May 13, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 13th

Trivia 1966 – Giant Baba defeated Wilbur Snyder to win the eighth-annual JWA World League Tournament 1975 – Jake Roberts makes his pro wrestling debut 2004 – NWA-TNA announced they would debut on Fox Sports Net with their first ever series, TNA Impact Events In 1988, the NWA held a 7-man tournament to fill the NWA United States Heavyweight Title vacancy left by Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes had been stripped of the title one month earlier after attacking Jim Crockett. The tournament was held in Houston, Texas: Quarterfinals: - Barry Windham defeated The MidnightRead More

Posted On May 13, 2014By Mike ShannonIn Columns

Mike Shannon’s WWE Raw Review – May 12, 2014

-We recap last week’s car wreck of an episode that doubled as See No Evil 2. You know, I remember all those great moments in the 1990s when Steve Austin ran away in fear from his opponent and when the Rock stood there like an idiot while a heel made fun of him. -We are LIVE from somewhere too small to mention. -We start with the Shield in the ring and Dean Ambrose wants Evolution right now. Seth Rollins has some words for the heels but Roman Reigns is pacingRead More

Posted On May 12, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 12th

Trivia 1983 – NWA World champion Ric Flair defeated Billy Jack Haynes via DQ in Yakima, Washington 1984 - NWA World champion Kerry Von Erich defeated Ric Flair in San Antonio, Texas 1996 – The multi-day WWF Kuwaiti Cup tournament ends Kuwait City, Kuwait, with Ahmed Johnson defeating Hunter Hearst Helmsley to win the Cup 2005 – Captain Lou Albano was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack 2010 –  TNA signed Team 3D trainee Betsy Ruth to a contract.  Ruth debuted as Rosie Lottalove on Impact but was rarely used before TNA released her laterRead More

Posted On May 11, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 11th

Trivia 1953 – The New York State Athletic Commission lifts a ban on tag team wrestling 1976 – Seiji Sakaguchi wins the NJPW World League, defeating Pedro Morales in the final 1985 – WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event aired for the 1st time 1989 – Steve Austin makes his professional wrestling debut Events In 1985, The WWF’s very 1st edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event airs on NBC, scoring an 8.8 rating. This was the first time that a network aired wrestling in 34 years. The show was taped the previous night in Uniondale, New York atRead More

Posted On May 10, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 10th

Trivia 1981 – Verne Gagne announced he was retiring as AWA World Heavyweight Champion. Verne vacated the title (it was his 9th or 10th reign, depending on what records you use), & it would later be awarded to number-one contender Nick Bockwinkel, who Gagne had defeated for the belt on July 18, 1980 1985 – The 1st WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event is held in Long Island, New York. It would be televised the next night on NBC 2001 – Vince McMahon announces the closure of the XFL 2005 – The Amazing Red receivedRead More

Posted On May 9, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 9th

Trivia 1971 – Future 6-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion Tatsumi Fujinami makes his pro debut for the Japan Wrestling Association 1975 – PWF Heavyweight Champion Giant Baba & WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino face off in Tokyo, Japan with both titles on the line, with the match ending in a no-contest. It was the 1st WWWF title match ever held in Japan 1980 – Hulk Hogan defeated Gorilla Monsoon at a WWF house show in Glens Falls, NY Events In 1987, The Eddie Graham Memorial was held at The Bayfront Center, St. Petersburg, FL: – JimmyRead More