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Posted On May 11, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 11th

Trivia 1953 – The New York State Athletic Commission lifts a ban on tag team wrestling 1976 – Seiji Sakaguchi wins the NJPW World League, defeating Pedro Morales in the final 1985 – WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event aired for the 1st time 1989 – Steve Austin makes his professional wrestling debut Events In 1985, The WWF’s very 1st edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event airs on NBC, scoring an 8.8 rating. This was the first time that a network aired wrestling in 34 years. The show was taped the previous night in Uniondale, New York atRead More

Posted On May 10, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 10th

Trivia 1981 – Verne Gagne announced he was retiring as AWA World Heavyweight Champion. Verne vacated the title (it was his 9th or 10th reign, depending on what records you use), & it would later be awarded to number-one contender Nick Bockwinkel, who Gagne had defeated for the belt on July 18, 1980 1985 – The 1st WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event is held in Long Island, New York. It would be televised the next night on NBC 2001 – Vince McMahon announces the closure of the XFL 2005 – The Amazing Red receivedRead More

Posted On May 9, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 9th

Trivia 1971 – Future 6-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion Tatsumi Fujinami makes his pro debut for the Japan Wrestling Association 1975 – PWF Heavyweight Champion Giant Baba & WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino face off in Tokyo, Japan with both titles on the line, with the match ending in a no-contest. It was the 1st WWWF title match ever held in Japan 1980 – Hulk Hogan defeated Gorilla Monsoon at a WWF house show in Glens Falls, NY Events In 1987, The Eddie Graham Memorial was held at The Bayfront Center, St. Petersburg, FL: – JimmyRead More

Posted On May 8, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 8th

Trivia 1974 – Antonio Inoki wins the 1st NJPW World League, defeating Seiji Sakaguchi & Killer Karl Krupp in a round robin playoff 1976 – Abdullah The Butcher wins the revamped AJPW Champion’s Carnival, defeating Giant Baba in the final after both men tied on 18 points. This was the 1st time that Baba had not won the competition since its inception in 1973, & would be one of only 3 Carnivals which he entered but didn’t win 2002 - WWE released Curt Hennig due to his conduct on the “plane ride fromRead More

Posted On May 7, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 7th

Trivia 2002 – WWE announced that Scott Hall had been released following the company’s infamous “plane ride from Hell.”  It would be the last time Hall would be employed by the company as a wrestler 2003 – Ultimo Dragon held a press conference in Japan to discuss signing with WWE, a longtime goal for him 2007 - Team 3D announced plans to open a wrestling academy in Florida 2008 – While touring his home country of India, The Great Khali defended WWE matches as legitimate competition, in an interview withRead More

Posted On May 6, 2014By Jim LaMottaIn Columns, Indy News

The Rise and Fall of Extreme Rising

Originally, I wasn’t going to discuss the Extreme Rising promotion shut down because the unprofessional that surrounded the company made the management seem like a bunch of ECW marks that were trying to revive a nostalgia act that was completely over done. First, it’s obvious that the “era of extreme” ended over a decade ago and hardcore wrestling is a cliche for the current pro wrestling market. ECW was great and had a lot of great stuff, but it wasn’t perfect, despite the divine view that some fans might haveRead More

Posted On May 6, 2014By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: WWE Extreme Rules

It’s time to step into WWE territory once more as we take a look at their latest pay per view offering, with Kane facing Daniel Bryan in the main event of Extreme Rules, shown live in the early hours of this past Monday morning on Sky Box Office here in Britain. The show began with triple threat elimination action between Rob Van Dam, Zeb Colter guy Jack Swagger and Paul Heyman guy Cesaro. As far as show openers go this wasn’t too bad. All three guys put in creditable performances,Read More

Posted On May 6, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 6th

Trivia 1989 - Chigusa Nagayo retires from the ring, as she had reached age 26, the mandatory retirement age for female wrestlers in Japan at the time. Nagayo returned to competition a few years later, after that retirement rule was waived 2002 – The WWE held the Monday Night Raw for the 1st time under the WWE name 2006 – WWE hired the performer soon to become known as Hornswoggle to add him to Finlay’s persona 2010 – New York Giants legend and Wrestlemania 11 headliner Lawrence Taylor was arrestedRead More

Posted On May 5, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 5th

Trivia 2002 – WWF is officially renamed to WWE after a lawsuit from the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) 2009- Ric Flair made his debut on ROH on HDNet Events In 1985, WCCW Parade of Champions 2 was held at Texas Stadium, in Irving, Texas. With an attendance of 26,153: – Kerry Von Erich (with Fritz Von Erich) defeated One Man Gang (with Gary Hart) in a Hair vs Hair Match – The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) defeated The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey) (with Jim Cornette) to win the vacant NWA American TagRead More

Posted On May 4, 2014By Julian RadbourneIn Columns, Indy News

The Two Sheds Review: Wrestle Force Title Wave

It’s debut time once more as Britain’s Wrestle Force promotion makes it’s first appearance in The Two Sheds Review, and for our first look we’re heading back to last October for a rather unique show. The DVD in question is entitled Title Wave. We begin with an opening segment in which Da Pukka One himself, Greg Burridge, appears on the stage demanding the WF title shot that was denied him on a previous show by his former best friend Terry Frazier. Head honcho Mark Marcus is only too happy toRead More

Posted On May 4, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 4th

Trivia 1981 – It was announced by Vince McMahon that Andre the Giant had suffered a broken ankle.  The injury was blamed on Killer Khan, setting up a series of grudge matches after Andre recovered.  WWE maintained ownership of the giant cast used to set the ankle & often displays it at their annual Wrestlemania AXXESS events 2003 - The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported that the daughter of former WWF World Heavyweight Champion the Iron Sheik, Marissa Vaziri, 27, the daughter of Hossein Vaziri was found dead by Clayton County policeRead More

Posted On May 3, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 3rd

Trivia 1975 – Giant Baba wins the revamped AJPW Champion’s Carnival by defeating Gene Kiniski, The Destroyer & Mr. Wrestling in a Round Robin League 1999 - The Monday Night War continued: WWF Raw defeated WCW Monday Nitro: 6.4 to 3.4 in the ratings 2008 – WWE Diva Ashley Massaro was named in a  Rolling Stone article about a high-end escort service in L.A. operated by Michelle Braun (Who ironically I’ve known my entire life. We basically grew up together, as her parents & my parents have been very goodRead More
Welcome world to another edition of Stro’s View exclusively on The next WWE “special event” Extreme Rules is almost upon us! The aftermath of WrestleMania 30 brings new feuds and rising new stars. So let’s get started. El Torito vs. Hornswoggle (Pre-Show ‘WeeLC’ Match) The clash of the smallest! Hornswoggle is back! Becoming a member of 3MB. He takes on the very acrobatic El Torito who is a member of Los Matadores. Can Hornswoggle take down the bull? Can El Torito silence the little rocker? Lot of rockin’ andRead More
Maybe my wish came true. John Cena addressed directly the fans putting him in harm’s way this Monday on RAW. He sounded hurt, tired, and aware that a lot of time had passed. It was excellent, full of everything I’d asked for. It wasn’t even the best part, though. Bray Wyatt delivered, with few words, an epic, scary, amazing promo, one that got St. Louis on Cena’s side and himself booed. A children’s choir, the picture of innocence, singing the song Bray has sung for weeks. “He’s Got the WholeRead More
Greetings fellow wrestling fans. My name is Brett Deutchman and this is Break It Down with The Deutch (pronounced Doich). I’ll be throwing in my 2 cents as to what I think about the current and past happenings in the wacky world of professional wrestling. Well, it’s certainly been a while since I’ve done one of these! But now that we are a month or so removed from Wrestlemania 30, the time is right. I went to Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans and had an amazing experience. It was myRead More

Posted On May 2, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History- May 2nd

Trivia 1964 - WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Boris Malenko in Philadelphia, PA 2008 – On an episode of Smackdown,  Vickie Guerrero stripped The Undertaker of the WWE World championship in retaliation for Taker “injuring” Edge at the Backlash PPV the previous week. Guerrero also banned Undertaker’s Gogoplata (Hell’s Gate”) submission Events In 1987, AWA SuperClash II was held at the Cow Palace, in Daly City, California. With an attendance of 2,800: – Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissy defeated Buck Zumhofe – DJ Peterson fought Super Ninja to a draw – Sherri Martel defeated MadusaRead More
The Authority - Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Posted On May 1, 2014By Enzo MarinoIn Columns, Featured, News

WWE Extreme Rules: The Evolution Of Triple H

When you think of Triple H, what is the first thing that comes to mind? In today’s Internet Wrestling Community, many feel that Triple H is out to bury young talent, and really rubs fans the wrong way. I think this is so far from the truth, as Triple H just put over Daniel Bryan cleanly at WrestleMania 30, and Bryan went on to become WWE Champion. He was also the one to cement Batista and John Cena’s championship runs (but this is an argument to deal with another time).Read More

Posted On May 1, 2014By Jason SolomonIn Columns, Featured

Can The WWE Intercontinental Title Be Saved?

This Sunday at Extreme Rules, Big E defends his Intercontinental championship against Bad News Barrett. Barrett is no stranger to the title as he’s held it three times before, each run less memorable than the one prior. Personally, it’s just nice to see Barrett back in the ring wrestling after months of badly scripted comedy and podium prognostications. I actually expect him to take the title in New Jersey, much the same way he did a year ago in that very same building the night after WrestleMania. Who knows, maybeRead More
There’s one thing that keeps the world of professional wrestling going, and that’s the rivalries. For decades fans have watched show after show to see how these rivalries develop, and how they will ultimately end. Now the good people at WWE have dipped into their ever-growing video archive to bring us a list of the biggest rivalries ever, with the three disc set entitled The Top 25 Rivalries in Wrestling History. As is the custom with these reviews let’s start at the very beginning with….. Disc One – The DocumentaryRead More