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Should Daniel Bryan Enter The WWE IC Title Match?

The IC Title picture is getting more and more heated by the minute. We keep getting more questions than answers….


FATP: The Future’s Bright…

In a land far, far away from the insipid, uninspired world of Monday Night Raw lies a magical place. A…


ThunderStruck: WWE NXT Analysis 03/04/15

Tyler Breeze defeats Adam Rose in our opener with a beauty shot from out of nowhere. ^This one was quick….


Ring Of Honor TV Results & Analysis – March 7, 2015

We will delve into the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament in our co-main event, along with a Ring of…


The Hart Grapevine – Territories vs. Indies

I’ve heard some criticism from my outspokenness of today’s modern incarnations of independent wrestling and the comparisons I give it…


The Two Sheds DVD Review: Progress Chapter 12: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Room

British wrestling is on the agenda next as Progress Wrestling makes it’s long-awaited return to The Two Sheds Review, so…


New Japan Pro Wrestling: New Japan Cup Round 1 Report – March 5, 2015

New Japan Pro Wrestling: New Japan Cup Round 1 March 5, 2015 – Ota-City General Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan From Tokyo,…


Break The Bank For WWE Champion Brock Lesnar

I, much like you have read online that last Monday Lesnar and Vince had it out backstage over his contract….


What If John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan II At SummerSlam Meant Title Unification?

There is so much uncertainty in the WWE as of late in regards to the final WrestleMania 31 card. Some…


ThunderStruck: Ring Of Honor Notes & WWE WrestleMania 31 Build

First of all, Ring of Honor had a tremendously well produced pay per view event on Sunday night celebrating the…


What If ECW Had Survived?

What if ECW survived? Imagine that ECW is still in business today and try to tell me how wrestling looks…


Looking At If WWE Will Really Miss Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is making major headlines in pro wrestling these days as fans eagerly await to see if he’ll sign…


The Curious Case Of WWE Champion Brock Lesnar

Another year, another Brock problem. It’s Wrestlemania season and we are in the midst of Brock-gate. With less than a…


Random Acts Of Wrestling: Reality Trumps The Reality Era – Road To WrestleMania

Meh. That’s how I feel on this Road to Wrestlemania. There’s no big pull. There’re no big stars announced. There’re…


Predicting Who Will Be In The WWE IC Title Ladder Match At WrestleMania 31

Four days ago, news broke on that Wade Barrett will be defending his Intercontinental Title in a ladder match…


The Squared Circle – Looking At The Road To WWE WrestleMania 31

Following a furious Fast Lane, Wrestlemania is now where superstars and the WWE Universe alike set their GPS. Many matches…


Daniel Bryan Can Save The WWE Intercontinental Championship, & The IC Title Can Save Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Can Save the Intercontinental Championship, and the Intercontinental Championship Can Save Daniel Bryan The mistreatment of both Daniel…


The History Of “The Torch” & The History Of “The Champion”

The mystical torch of professional wrestling is such an interesting debate. We can all acknowledge that “the torch” is very…


#GiveDivasAChance: What Issues Would WWE Face If Divas Were Given A Chance

The opinions and views expressed at or through this article are the opinions of the designated author and do not…


WWE WrestleMania’s 10 Most Hilarious Moments

Wrestlemania is the grandest event in sports entertainment. As Vince McMahon’s brainchild, it took on the nickname “The Showcase of…