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Looking At If Sting Will Finally Sign A WWE Deal

Recently, Sting was written off TNA TV and subsequently made two rare house show appearances to work the amount of required shows for his contract. A few years ago, the WWE aired vignettes that many fans thought were the arrival of Sting and there was a major buzz around the wrestling world about a potential Sting vs. The Undertaker match at Wrestlemania. The promos were actually the return of The Undertaker, but the fan response indicated that there’s a buzz around Sting possibly debuting in the WWE. After years ofRead More

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Today In Wrestling History – February 22nd

Trivia 2000 – on WWF Smackdown, Crash Holly introduced the 24/7 Rule on the WWF Hardcore Title shortly after winning it from Test 2010 – WWE announced Wendi Richter would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Roddy Piper. Events In 1993, The WWF held a live Monday Night RAW at the Manhattan Center in New York City, New York. The show featured Hulk Hogan’s first WWF appearance since WrestleMania VIII, announcing a new alliance with Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. The new team was called The Mega-Maniacs, withRead More

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Today In Wrestling History – February 21st

Trivia 2000 - The Monday Night War continued: WWF Monday Night Raw defeated WCW Monday Nitro: 5.9 to 2.8 in the ratings 2005 – Chris Masters makes his WWE television debut defeating Stevie Richards, during the match Masters attempted the Polish Hammer, & broke Richards’ orbital bone 2011 - The WWE announced on Monday Night Raw that Jim Duggan would be part of the class of 2011 of the WWE Hall of Fame Events In 1993, WCW SuperBrawl III was held at the Asheville Civic Center, in Asheville, North Carolina:Read More
Bunch of stuff to discuss before Sunday. My Elimination Chamber predictions should be posted over the weekend. WWE Battleground 2013 Just one quick note: Battleground did a near record low pay-per-view buy rate last October. Not to brag, but I called it! That event never stood a chance, and it was easy to predict a total failure was coming in terms of PPV buys. WWE made up for it three weeks later with Heck on a Deck, so maybe their plan paid off? About 342,000 PPV buys through entire theRead More

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Today In Wrestling History – February 20th

Trivia 1992 – WWF Intercontinental Champion Rowdy Roddy Piper defeated WWF World Champion Ric Flair in a steel cage match in Niagara Falls, New York. It was a non-title bout 2001 – During a taping of Smackdown in Kansas City, Missouri, The Kat wrestled Ivory to a no-contest when the Right To Censor interfered. Jerry Lawler tried to make the save, but was beaten down by Right To Censor. This was Kat’s last WWF match, as she was being released, &  Lawler, who had a real-life relationship with her, quitRead More
Here is a quick rundown. I will reply to a few emails, a few comments, a few tweets, and discuss a few other topics for today. That is the word of the day: FEW! Everybody ready? Without any more stalling, I will let the comments kick us off… From Jimi: hey justin. I just read on the Internet page that hogan is coming to wwe? Is that true? What can he do? He’s broken down? I like hulk but the past injuries he surely isn’t wrestling he never did atRead More

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10 Big Questions From WWE Raw – February 17, 2014

WWE Raw was chocked full of chaotic excitement heading to Elimination Chamber this Sunday. The Superstars displayed their best in-ring skills, especially all six Chamber match competitors. It may be hard to predict who will head to WrestleMania XXX the WWE World Heavy Champion for their sure to be hard-hitting clash with “The Animal” Batista. RAW always leaves us viewers with a number of questions, here are 10 big ones! You can answer them in the comments below, on Twitter @PWMania, and Facebook. #1) After his epic battle with JohnRead More

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Today In Wrestling History – February 19th

Trivia 2007 - The WWE announced that “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig would be part of the 2007 class of the WWE Hall of Fame 2010 – TNA signed Shannon Moore 2010 – Hulk & Nick Hogan settled the lawsuit that was filed against them on behalf of John Graziano, who was seriously injured in Nick’s 2007 car crash 2012 – WWE developmental wrestler Taylor Rotunda (Bo Dallas), the son of WWE Producer Mike Rotunda, was arrested by Temple Terrace, FL police at 2:36am for drunk driving.  He was given 2Read More

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Mike Shannon’s WWE Raw Review – February 17, 2014

-We are LIVE from Denver, CO (home of thin air and even thinner defense). -John Cena hits the ring to do his usual “this event is the most important thing ever!” promo while the crowd boos him. He promises we will see a new WWE champion after Elimination Chamber, thus guaranteeing that we won’t. “Don’t call him Antonio” Cesaro interrupts, fresh off his clean victory over Orton on Smackdown, and promises to be champion. It’s a shame that they wasted Cesaro’s win on a show that no one watches. CenaRead More

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Today In Wrestling History – February 18th

Trivia 1978 – WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham defeated Bruno Sammartino in a steel cage match in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2008 – WWE announced Ric Flair would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, becoming the 1st ever active wrestler to be inducted Events In 1985 – 1 of the most famous matches in WWF history, “The War To Settle The Score” between WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper took place in Madison Square Garden.  The match, which saw pop star Cyndi Lauper in Hogan’s corner,Read More

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Once In A Lifetime: Sting vs. The Undertaker

Hello fellow wrestling enthusiasts. This is the first of many “Once in a Lifetime” features exclusively on talking about match-ups and other wrestling topics we have never seen before. The first “Once in a Lifetime” feature we’re going to talk about is Sting vs. The Undertaker. The road to WrestleMania has begun, and we all know Undertaker’s return is upon us. It is also almost three years to the day since we had those return promos that depicted either the return of The Undertaker, or the arrival of Sting.Read More
Rey Mysterio: Who should he face at WrestleMania Many of you are still dumbfounded by Bray Wyatt’s chillingly thunderous execution of Sister Abigail on former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio. It was truly a RAW highlight, but don’t think too much into it. It’s not the first time Mysterio has been brutally and embarrassingly floored. How often is he evenly matched? Remember the massive butt-whooping Rey Mysterio suffered at the hands of Dave Batista? That was bad, still not the first or worst of its kind. That particularRead More
14-time World Champion John Cena met his match for WrestleMania XXX some time ago. The question is, will the match actually, or ever, take place? Let’s go back in time a few years to the November 16, 2009 episode of RAW. It was here The Undertaker executed his tombstone piledriver on Cena in front of a packed Madison Square Garden audience. Those on hand sprung to their feet with excitement as Taker planted his West Newberry native peer on his head. The result was a booming eruption from the capacityRead More
CM Punk
How about we dive right into a few topics? Live Events… One of my favorite things to do online throughout the “IWC” is read fan reports from live events, television tapings, or even pay-per-view events. It gives everybody a personal look inside the mind of a wrestling fan, as well as any story or anecdote. Fun. For those who have been keeping track, the chants for CM Punk are slowly dying down as time goes by. Now, this could be for one of two reasons. Honestly, I credit BOTH reasons.Read More

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Today In Wrestling History – February 17th

Trivia 1998 – Randy “Macho Man” Savage receives Harvard Lampoon’s “Real Man” of the Year Award.? The humor magazine gives out the award every year to “that male specimen of the human species who best exemplifies universal manliness.” 2009 – TNA signed Sarita Events In 1969, WWWF ran at Madison Square Garden in New York City: – Arnold Skaaland defeated Bob Harmon. – Carlos Colon & Pete Sanchez defeated Tony Altimore & Lou Albano. – John Sullivan defeated Johnny Rodz. – Dominic DeNucci defeated Angelo Savoldi. – Victor Rivera &Read More
Welcome back to the Indy Wrestling Spotlight! With this edition, you’ll get a chance to see two of the best wrestlers working within the WWE’s system, during their respective times in Ring of Honor. However, we have a few other great matches to get to first… Isaias Velasquez vs. Thomas Sinclair – Beyond Wrestling Based out of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, this is one of America’s very best indy promotions. This company is known for its great bouts, which is what you’re looking at with this bout, featuring one of my favoriteRead More
Can he cement his legacy with one last great run? Everyone in the world of wrestling knows Dustin Runnels, a respected veteran of 20 plus years in the business. Whether you first saw him in the Early 90’s teaming with his father in the WWF against the Million Dollar Man and Virgil or in his first WCW run as “The Natural”. Most people however will remember Dustin for his portrayal of Goldust. Goldust debuted in the World Wrestling Federation in 1995 where he found success capturing Intercontinental gold and workedRead More
With the recent focus in the wrestling industry centered on CM Punk and his WWE walkout, attention has turned from another recent hot topic around the industry: The sale of TNA Wrestling. News that the company was for sale broke late last year in a time when the company seemed to be in for some serious changes. Hulk Hogan looked to be on his way out, there was a great deal of uncertainty that the company would be able to retain the services of AJ Styles, and the annual StingRead More
Did Batista return to be Champion, a heel, or both? First a rib-crushing spear, next slammed shoulder first into the ring steps, finally a disgusting powerbomb through the announcers’ table. More frightening, the worst has yet to happen. Dave Batista dismantling Alberto Del Rio was simply laying foundation. Their upcoming one-on-one match-up at Elimination Chamber could be groundwork for re-introducing one of the most heinous villains WWE audiences have seen in years. And it’s not Del Rio. A victory by Batista could serve as a prelude, the return of anRead More