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Quick warning: There are a ton of emails to get through. It is going to take a few columns. Remain patient. As always, the ones with foul language will not be included. Do not be shy! Get involved below in the comment section or through email/social media. The links are at the end of the column. Be sure to interact folks! How about we kick it off with a slight comparison to AJ Styles? Franck: “I’ve juste read your take on the whole CM Punk story. How can you soRead More

Posted On February 3, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History – February 3rd

Trivia 1973 – All Japan Pro Wrestling becomes a member of the National Wrestling Alliance 1996 – Bam Bam Bigelow made his ECW debut 1997 – The Monday Night War continued: WCW Monday Nitro defeated WWF Monday Night Raw: 3.0 to 2.6 in the ratings 2000 – The formation of the XFL is announced by NBC & WWF Events In 1980, A 10-team tournament for the vacant NWA Central States Tag Team Title is held in Kansas City, Kansas: Quarterfinals: – The Texas Outlaws (Dick Murdoch & Dusty Rhodes) defeatedRead More
Delving headlong into WrestleMania season, the world of pro wrestling has certainly given us plenty to talk about as of late. Whether it’s CM Punk’s latest tantrum, speculation over Sting’s future and whether TNA will last the year, the yearly Streak predictions or That Daniel Bryan Thing, the focus on backstage shenanigans over on-air product is greater than it has been at any time since perhaps Montreal. With all this going on, are we so preoccupied with WrestleMania and backstage gossip that we haven’t noticed something pretty huge going onRead More

Posted On February 2, 2014By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: WCW Monday Nitro Retro Review 09/25/95

Disco Inferno takes on Alex Wright in our opening match. Wright wins the match with a backslide pin in roughly four minutes. ^Call it one and a half stars for being too short for relevancy, but some nice fast paced action to kick off the program. Hulk Hogan is shown working out with Jimmy Hart with a neck brace on(he was attacked by the Giant at Fall Braw). Hogan says he hasn’t missed a workout yet. He challenges Giant to a monster truck duel and a match for the WorldRead More

Posted On February 2, 2014By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: Impact Wrestling Analysis 01/30/14

Ethan Carter, Magnus and Rockstar Spud open the show in a packed Scotland arena. They’re booed heavily. Magnus talks about Sting falling from the reign of Magnus and leaving TNA just like AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. Magnus refers to trimming the fat/dropping the dead weight from TNA as “thinning the herd.” He then goes on to repeat himself before Ethan Carter interrupts him and questions his phrasing of single-handedly getting rid of all those people. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe interrupt and hit the ring as the other threeRead More

Posted On February 2, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History – February 2nd

Trivia 2010- During an edition of ECW on SyFy, Vince McMahon made the following announcement: “I would like to proudly announce in three weeks’ time that ECW will be going off the air.” The new show would be NXT, which would only last 1 year before being moved to Events In 1985, The WWF held an event at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts: – Moondog Spot defeated José Luis Rivera – Brutus Beefcake defeated Rick McGraw – WWF Tag Team Champion Mike Rotundo defeated The Iron Sheik –Read More
There has been a lot of discussion as reports suggests that former WWE champion, CM Punk quit the company prior to Raw and he told Vince McMahon he was going home. Punk didn’t appear on Raw and was subsequently removed from live events that he was previously advertised. As with almost anything in pro wrestling, you have to consider, is it a work? It’s possible that the “walk out” could be an angle to set up the rumored CM Punk vs. Triple H match at Wrestlemania, but considering that PunkRead More
CM Punk

Posted On February 1, 2014By Justin WatryIn Columns

Smark Talk: Fans Sound Off On CM Punk Quitting WWE

Welcome PWManiacs! My last column about CM Punk may have produced a personal best amount of feedback from writing online for nearly six years. From the comments section below to email to Twitter to the amount of social media replies to everything in between, it was pretty amazing to watch unfold. For somebody who has done this for so long, I am still in awe of the passion and desire shown by us – the wrestling fans all over the world! With that cliched and corny opening out of theRead More

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Today In Wrestling History – February 1st

Trivia 2010 – WWE announced that Antonio Inoki would be inducted into their Hall of Fame Events In 1987, The WWF held an event at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario: – Brad Rheingans defeated Iron Mike Sharpe. – Tama defeated Jimmy Jack Funk. – Sika defeated Haku. – Dino Bravo defeated Lanny Poffo. – Adrian Adonis defeated Dick Slater. – The Can-Am Connection (Rick Martel & Tom Zenk) defeated The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff. – Billy Jack Haynes & Hercules fought to a double-disqualification. – Ricky Steamboat &Read More

Posted On January 31, 2014By Dave CunningIn Columns

WWE History Shows CM Punk Will Return, Sooner Or Later

CM Punk will be back. If there’s anything that we can learn from WWE’s history with its disgruntled and/or estranged talent, it’s that they always come back eventually. Some take longer than others to come around, but return they ultimately do. Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, and others – all at one time churned up major, real-life issues with Vince McMahon, and all of them found their way home to the promotion they made their name in at some point. For CM Punk, it’s now a questionRead More

Posted On January 31, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History – January 31st

Trivia 2000 – The Monday Night War continued: WWF Raw defeated WCW Nitro: 6.6 rating to 2.8 rating Events In 1981, The WWF held an event at Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland: – Special Delivery Jones defeated Johnny Rodz – Bulldog Brower defeated Manuel Soto – Yoshiaki Yatsu defeated Jose Estrada – Hulk Hogan defeated Tony Atlas by disqualification – WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund fought Sgt. Slaughter to a double-countout to retain the title. – Jose Estrada (subbing for Rick Stallone) vs. Larry Sharpe ended in a draw. –Read More

Posted On January 31, 2014By Chris SkoylesIn Columns

The Success Of Foreign Stars In American Pro Wrestling

TNA Wrestling fans recently saw Magnus capture the group’s world title following a heated scrap against the departing AJ Styles. For the Norfolk-born star, the win cemented his status as one of the premier players in North American pro wrestling. Indeed, even TNA’s legions of naysayers would be hard pressed to disagree with the argument that, as the top dog in the second biggest wrestling company in the US, Magnus is a star of some calibre. For the rest of us, the concept of Magnus: World Champion raises an interestingRead More
When first introduced in 2002, TNA was a new radical company which saw the over-the-top nature of the X-Division put in on the map. In fact with the likes of Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy coming to the company because of appreciation for that league, it was starting to become a powerful new alternative to the mighty WWE. We thought that the WWE would have major competition in the wrestling industry once again. But what changed? Now I’m sure a lot of wrestling fans will cite Hulk Hogan’s arrival inRead More
Well, well, well…I was all set to write my HUGE column on Sting. Everything was paid out and in place. The rumors were roaring about a possible deal, and it was going to be great. Come Wednesday night, my column would be published. Then plans changed in a hurry. All of the stuff about Sting has (predictably) gone nowhere and attention shifted. Out of the blue, Sting was no longer the most talked about man in professional wrestling. Nope. That distinction quickly went to CM Punk. For those still inRead More

Posted On January 30, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History – January 30th

Events In 1991, WCW Clash of the Champions XIV: Dixie Dynamite, held in Gainesville, Georgia, was the 1st Clash event produced solely by WCW. It was also only the 2nd to dip below a 4.0 TV rating & saw the WCW return of Dusty Rhodes: – Sting & Lex Luger defeat Doom (Ron Simmons & Butch Reed) – Tom Zenk defeats Bobby Eaton to retain the WCW Television Title (Zenk lost the title on January 7, but the match didn’t air yet, so Zenk was recognized as champion) – TheRead More
“So Tell Me What You Want…What You Really Really Want”… Yeah, I started this column after a Spice Girls song. Sue me. I named it this partly because I went to a 90’s party Saturday night with my best friend who dressed as Sporty Spice and the song was stuck in my head all weekend, and partly because the opening is appropriate in discussing the state of affairs in the WWE. The fans are clearly telling WWE what they want, and clearly they are being ignored. In my previous seriesRead More
I usually hate doing these bullet point, “quick hit” columns but with everything going on in the wrestling world lately, this seems to be the best way to cover everything. -Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@MikeShannon22) already know my thoughts on the Royal Rumble but let’s just say that the Pittsburgh crowd was 100% correct. I was in attendance at the event (in a private box because Pittsburgh knows how to treat their celebrity wrestling columnists) and that live crowd was on fire all night long. IRead More

Posted On January 29, 2014By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: WWE Royal Rumble

It’s been universally panned, so much so that there was even a news story about it on the BBC website. But was it as bad as everyone said it was? Well, that’s what I’m hoping to find out by watching WWE’s Royal Rumble, shown live in the early hours of this past Monday morning on Sky Box Office here in Britain. The broadcast began with Daniel Bryan taking on his arch nemesis Bray Wyatt. This was a tremendous way to start the show, and it may also be the bestRead More

Posted On January 29, 2014By Andrew DavisIn Columns

Today In Wrestling History – January 29th

Trivia 2009- The Associated Press reported Dr. Phil Astin, 54, pleaded guilty to a 175-count federal indictment charging him with illegally distributing prescription drugs and conspiring to distribute prescription drugs. Dr. Astin had been the Dr. treating & prescribing drugs to Chris Benoit, at the time of the Benoit Murder-Suicide in June 2007. Events In 2006, WWE Royal Rumble was held in Miami, Florida: Sunday Night Heat: – Finlay defeated Brian Kendrick PPV: – Gregory Helms defeats Kid Kash, Funaki, Jamie Noble, Nunzio & Paul London in a 6-Way MatchRead More