As WrestleMania season approaches, one of the big questions looming this year is the potential participation of Shawn Michaels. As we all know, Shawn Michaels has vowed never to wrestle again (probably having lost his smile once again), yet for some reason has been teasing a match with protégé Daniel Bryan since October. I have known Shawn for years and seen the evolution of a very talented in ring performer who when given the opportunity to do whatever he wanted, was able to create magic in the ring, yet whenRead More

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ThunderStruck: WWE Smackdown Analysis 01/03/14

We start Smackdown with a look at Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatts on Raw. Great storyline. The Shield come to the ring to start the show here in Washington DC! Michael Cole tells us the that the Rhodes Brothers will be defending their titles tonight against Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Dean Ambrose talks first. He says the rumblings have been going on about the Shield not being on the same page anymore. He says Punk is dead wrong if he thinks he can divide and conquer the Shield. ReignsRead More
A new year brings a new year of intrigue for 2014 in WWE and TNA. There are a lot of interesting things going on in both organizations. The next few weeks in WWE lead into the Royal Rumble, my favorite event. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman returned to television and made a statement verbally and physically. Lesnar may not be on WWE TV every week, but whenever he shows up the intensity builds up. He brings that “big fight” feel to everything he does. Heyman is the perfect hype man.Read More
Welcome to another special “EntertainaMania” edition of “Official’s View with Wes Adams” on So what do we have in the pipeline for WrestleMania XXX? Well it’s hard for me to say because like I said in my previous column, I haven’t managed to watch the show in a while so I can’t really see what the crowds are reacting to or who. WWE can’t afford a lack luster or halfassed WrestleMania this year. There’s too much riding on it. The WWE Network deal, the biggest moneymaking show of theRead More

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Dr. Wrestling: Batista and Brock Lesnar WWE Returns

This past week on Raw, Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE and seemed to be set to start a major angle for Wrestlemania in a few months. First, let’s address the recent rumors of Lesnar’s potential return to the UFC, which caused much speculation online that he would meet with UFC President, Dana White after the UFC 168 pay-per-view. It amazes me how often this subject continues to get press online and it’s even more amazing that some people actually put stock into the reports about it. No, Brock LesnarRead More
@AngeGold’s Top Eight Wrestling Pet Peeves of 2013 Hey RASSLIN’ fans, somehow I found a chunk of time in between my life as an exhausted morning TV producer and comedy writer, and saying yes to pretty much any wrestling podcast that would have me as a guest in 2013 to throw down my Top Eight Wrestling Pet Peeves of 2013. Why end the year on such a negative note? Well, c’mon, it’s more fun to work as a heel. Also I’m as passionate a wrestling fan as you’ll find andRead More

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Former WWE Creative Team Member Joins! are pleased to announce that former WWE creative writer Andrew Goldstein, who is now a morning TV producer and comedy writer, will be writing exclusive columns right here on! Goldstein’s column will feature a variety of stories on pro wrestling and more. Goldstein’s debut column, “Goldstein on Rasslin,” has been published and can be read at this link! You can follow him on Twitter at @AngeGold. Stay tuned to for more exclusive announcements coming soon!Read More

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ThunderStruck: WWE NXT Analysis 01/01/14

Alexander Russev defeats Kofi Kingston in a short match when Lana distracts Kingston. Russev wins with the accolade(camel clutch). Boring big man, but the work by Kingston made this one decent to watch. Size isn’t everything, but WWE might never realize that because their superstars need to be “larger than life.” Emma defeats Natalya in a very enjoyable mat matchup. Emma wins with her emma-lock after failing a small package rollup. Emma is the number one contender for winning this match. Natalya dances with her after the match. Excellent women’sRead More

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WWE Raw 12/30/13: 5 Things We Learned

For those of you who read this column, it’s a given that you are an informed wrestling fan. And by informed I mean you do not simply watch the shows week in and week out, but instead you ingest and interpret wrestling columns, features, news, and notes nearly every day between said shows. It’s one of the benefits of this fun thing they call The Internet: instant access to information. And in recent days, information has been coming out at a record pace for the WWE. The Road to WrestlemaniaRead More

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FATP: A Review of WWE in 2013 (July – December)

***THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BEFORE MONDAY’S EPISODE OF RAW*** Welcome to the 1st FATP of 2014! Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and if you need some reading material while you’re nursing a New Years Eve hangover, then sit down with a strong cup of coffee, put your feet up and enjoy! For those of you who didn’t manage to catch Part 1, I’ll run through the format. Basically, I’ll try to include a recap of the major talking points that happened each month between July and December. IRead More

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ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 12/30/13

Live from Richmond, Virginia, it’s the final Raw of 2013(Episode 1,075 if I’m not mistaken)! And we won’t mention the Brock Lesnar return spoiler that’s been all over the internet the past two days! CM Punk comes out to start the show! I guess he’s part of the half of the roster that isn’t in Canada tonight, and that’s fine with me! Punk says he’s fired up to be here and steals a Foley pop. He talks about the good and bad of 2013 for himself. Punk says it wasRead More

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ThunderStruck: Magnus As Champion

In early 2013, I was high on the potential of Magnus in TNA. As the company continued to barely stay afloat with anything interesting on television, Magnus was one of those bright spots that I believed had a lot of potential. Unfortunately for Magnus, TNA “creative” booking took over and put his fate in their hands, the program schedule went to hell in a hand basket, and hardly anyone cares anymore about the overall product. First off, Magnus has talent. He can work a pretty decent match. He’d never beenRead More

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ThunderStruck: Impact Wrestling Breakdown 12/26/13

We start off Impact with a flashback from last week. We see Magnus winning the World Title when Jeff Hardy won’t take help from Dixie Carter. I don’t care what anyone says about the quality of that match; it was awful. RockStar Spud introduces Dixie Carter. I don’t much care for either of these two(in any capacity). Dixie talks and Jeff Hardy interrupts. They exchange words. Spud tells Hardy to get out of the ring and Hardy chokes him in the corner. ECIII jumps Hardy and knocks him out ofRead More

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ThunderStruck: WWE Smackdown Analysis 12/27/13

The Usos kick off Smackdown on their way to the ring and they’re taking on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of the Wyatt Family. Rowan and Harper get the win in under two minutes. Granted, it was two minutes FULL of action, but who the hell wants a two minute match to start the show? Bray delivers the sister Abigail to one of the Usos after the match. Bray screams Follow the Buzzards after as he gets down on his knees. Creepy stuff; I hope Bray Wyatt has a hugeRead More

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The Two Sheds Review: Unlikely Predictions for 2014

With the new year approaching I’ve decided to dust off the old crystal ball I used to use for pay-per-view predictions in an attempt to try and predict some of the major events in the world of professional wrestling in 2014. The thing is I think it’s been damaged in some way, especially considering some of the unlikely things it came up with. Oh well, here goes…. Hulk Hogan will sign a short-term contract with WWE. On his first appearance on television he’ll say “Hulkamania has come home brotha!” TripleRead More

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The Two Sheds TV Review: TNA One Night Only Tag Team Tournament

It’s time to step into the Impact Zone as we play the latest round of “wasn’t that guy let go a while back?” with a look at TNA’s latest One Night Only show, Tag Team Tournament, shown on Christmas Day on Challenge here in Britain. The tournament began with two wildcard matches. Match #1 saw Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams taking on Jeremy and Max Buck of Generation Me. Fast-paced action was the order of the day here. Mind you, that was only to be expected with four former XRead More
Usually the holidays means news slows down in the world of pro wrestling and sports entertainment, but this Christmas week brought two big news bits. The first was the official announcement that Batista was coming back to WWE in time for the Royal Rumble. We haven’t seen the Animal in a ring for almost three years. This will benefit both the company and the man himself. WWE gets a proven main event performer and Batista gets added exposure to millions as it leads up to his big movie “Guardians ofRead More

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FATP Awards 2013

“It’s Christmastime, there’s no need to be afraid… At Christmastime… We let in light, and banish shade…” It might be the festive Christmas spirit, or just the spirits I’ve had to drink over the last week or so, but that intro from a well-known Christmas song is a great metaphor for this edition of FATP, especially the “…let in light, and banish shade…” bit. Normally, I’m sarcastic and angry, but what the hell… it’s Christmas, so I’ve lightened up a bit! Welcome one, welcome all to just the 2nd everRead More

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Zeb Colter Is Having His Best WWE Year Ever

As 2013 closes, many have talked about Goldust’s remarkable comeback in WWE. The same could be said about Zeb Colter. A legend in this business, with a career spanning more than 40 years, Colter has been an unexpected surprise on WWE. Colter’s last stint for the company was the manager for the Blu Brothers and Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw, better known today as John Layfield. Although the veteran had some success with his superstars and an appearance at WrestleMania XI under his belt, it was never on this level. It justRead More