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Posted On November 26, 2013By Joseph ShraderIn Columns

WWE Raw 11/25/2013: 5 Things We Learned

Coming off an abysmal 2013 Survivor Series PPV, WWE did its best this week to regroup and get back on track as we now head towards the next PPV and the final show of the calendar year, Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. What we received was, at best, a mixed bag of setting plans in motion, coupled with more Creative decisions that continue to baffle and amaze. For whatever reason, the WWE product, creatively, is a mess right now. They have not followed through with success on many fronts since theRead More
Survivor Series has always been one of my favorite events of the year, a Thanksgiving time tradition to signal in the holidays. This year I think WWE dropped the ball when it came to generating excitement for one of the company’s longest-running events. They did a better job building toward Survivor Series in the months prior than the final weeks leading up to the big event. I think if they went through with the 12-man main event on Raw for Survivor Series, it would make the PPV more of aRead More
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Posted On November 22, 2013By Jim LaMottaIn Columns

Dr. Wrestling:Chris Hero Returns

A few weeks ago, it was reported that NXT star, Kassius Ohno, was released from the company and he already returned to the independent circuit. Ohno, who was known as Chris Hero prior to being signed, was under contract for almost two years and many people thought he would debut on the main roster at various points during his NXT stint, which included some good matches with William Regal. Before signing with the WWE, Hero was a journey man on the independent scene and he worked for every well knownRead More
Hello everybody. Welcome back to the Justin Credible Report exclusively on We are just a few days away from one of my favorite PPVs of the year, Survivor Series. This year we have a couple of traditional Survivor Series Matches. Next week I will be back to watching and reporting on the shows, but with all of the things going on with my wife Jill’s health, I haven’t been able to watch the shows. On Tuesday I was contacted by Bloomberg news for my opinion on CTEs and concussionsRead More
Welcome to my debut column, “The Hart Grapevine,” exclusively on! I recently posted on my twitter account, @smithhart1, a simple comment that in return received plenty of replies. The comment read: Fans wonder why Cena gets pushes so hard its simple. Cena fans buy ppvs, punk/bryan fans are more apt to pirate ppvs — Smith Hart (@SmithHart1) November 3, 2013 This comment was not meant to disparage CM Punk, Daniel Bryan or John Cena or for that matter any other talented internet darling. To be honest with everyone IRead More

Posted On November 19, 2013By George CushnieIn Columns

FATP: Taken For Granted

Guess who’s back?! Haha! Indeed. I’ve been far too quiet for far too long and now’s the time for me to break my silence! Unless it’s just me being exceptionally harsh (which isn’t all that unusual to be honest), a lot of WWE fans in particular, seem to be tremendously frustrated at the amount of sub-par PPV’s that good ol’ Vinnie Mac’s multi-billion dollar sports-entertainment juggernaut have been throwing at us over the past 12-18 months. What are the reasons for that? Well, there might be a few so insteadRead More

Posted On November 19, 2013By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 11/18/13

WWE 2K14 sponsors WWE on Sky. I feel smarter knowing that ;) The typical WWE then, now and forever graphic kicks off the show and then we see what happened last week with the authority on vacation(in case you didn’t catch NXT, Main Event, Superstars or Smackdown where they replayed all of this during the course of the week, no to mention the show itself last week). All in all, we learn that the authority will return tonight on this “Raw Country” from the country music capital of the world,Read More

Posted On November 19, 2013By Joseph ShraderIn Columns, News

WWE Raw 11/18/2013: 5 Things We Learned

This week’s RAW broadcast was the “go-home” show for one of the biggest PPV’s of WWE’s calendar year, Survivor Series. In recent weeks, WWE has done a less than stellar job getting the card for this PPV together, and an even worse job at promoting what matches they already had on the card. So let’s take a look at 5 things we learned from the final RAW that aired as we head towards the 2013 Survivor Series PPV: Rey Mysterio Returns In Time For Survivor Series At the end ofRead More

Posted On November 19, 2013By Mike ShannonIn Columns

Mike Shannon’s WWE Raw Review – November 18, 2013

-We are LIVE from Nashville, TN (where there are more people than teeth). -Hunter and Steph are back from vacation to express their disapproval at Raw last week…you aren’t the only one, Trips. Randy Orton, in particular, plenty pissed off and gets in Hunter’s face and earns himself a scolding. Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero slink out are booked against AJ Lee and Randy Orton, respectively. No DQ Match Brad Maddox vs. Randy Orton Maddox tries to run away and nails Orton with the microphone in a desperation move. HeRead More

Posted On November 17, 2013By David DavisIn Columns

Death of Wrestling: With A Whimper…

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better. So… I don’t know how long ago now, a year or so, TNA started the Aces and Eights invasion storyline. I wrote quite a few blogs about how excited I was for it – IRead More
    This week on Raw we got more matches for Survivor Series, but no elimination tags that made the long-running event special. I’m hoping they make some soon with a little over a week until the pay-per-view. It’s funny I think WWE did a better job building Survivor Series in the months leading up to the event than they have the last few weeks.     I was really intrigued by the interaction between the Wyatt Family and the Shield. At first I thought Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth RollinsRead More
Hello everybody and welcome back to the Justin Credible Report exclusively on I have a lot of stuff I want to share with you guys, so let’s get started. This past Saturday I was in the Main Event for Tommy Dreamers promotion House of Hardcore. The show featured so many names that I could be here all day naming them all. A few notables where Bully Ray, Brother Devon, Scott Steiner, Matt Hardy, Spike Dudley, Ryhno, Sonjay Dutt, Velvet Sky, Ted Dibiase SR & JR etc. I mean aRead More

Posted On November 13, 2013By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 11/11/13

We kick off with a Veteran’s Day video narrated by John Cena. Classy. Randy Orton comes out says he is in charge tonight. Brad Maddox and Kane interrupt to argue with him about it. Vickie Guerrero comes out and overrides both Kane and Maddox’s ideas and books Orton in a handicap match against Goldust and Cody Rhodes right now. ^Good humor between the people wanting to be in charge. I like the storyline and quite honestly it’s refreshing not to see Triple H and Stephanie start the show with theRead More

Posted On November 11, 2013By Joseph ShraderIn Columns

WWE Raw 11/11/2013: 5 Things We Learned

We are less than two weeks away from the next major WWE Pay Per View, Survivor Series, and we are no closer to having any real interest in the event. So far the WWE is not doing a very good job of creating an intriguing card for the show, save for one development, and they continue to spin their wheels in preparation. However, here are 5 things we learned following this week’s RAW broadcast as we are less than two weeks out from Survivor Series: A Traditional Survivor Series MatchRead More
I’ll never let you down, I’m a shine on sight Keep your mind on your grind, and off mine’s alright? Right Hard I’m a ball on them squares I float Quarter million dollar cars everywhere I go I know in the lead it may seem they might be But no matter what they doin’, they don’t do it like me Like a G I hold it down for the town I’m at And I flash like that Recognize I’m back! What’s good PWMania? I’m Rey Ca$h, and this is TheRead More

Posted On November 10, 2013By David DavisIn Columns

Death of Wrestling: Respect My Authority!

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better. I’m not sure that I’m okay with them busting Daniel Bryan back down to mid-card status. Okay, okay, the WWE claim to be using this as a way to elevate the Wyatt family, but somethingRead More
The Big Show is back in the WWE championship picture, getting a title shot against Randy Orton at the Survivor Series. The event was where the 7-footer first won the gold in 1999, so he has that going for him. I’m kind of bummed they just moved Daniel Bryan out of the title picture. I know pro wrestling goes into cycles, but it seemed sort of out of blue. Bryan got some retribution on Shawn Michaels. However, his focus just moved to the Wyatt Family. That said CM Punk andRead More
So, my last article for this site drew quite a bit of controversy and conversation about the topic of Daniel Bryan and my insistence that Bryan was finished as a main event player in WWE. As has been widely reported, Daniel Bryan is indeed finished with the WWE title picture for the foreseeable future, and his main event run is over. Meaning that the same people who blasted me in the comments section for “not knowing what I was talking about” were wrong and I was right. I will acceptRead More

Posted On November 7, 2013By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: WWE Main Event And NXT Review 11/06/13

WWE NXT Review 11/06/13 Sylvester Lefort is talking to the blonde russian woman backstage about his problem with Alexander Russev. We can’t understand what she says. Tom Phillips, Alex Riley and Renee Young are on commentary. Sylvester Lefort goes one on one against Alexander Russev. Russev gets a Russian introduction from the mystery blonde. Russev squashes Lefort in a ridiculously short match after he doesn’t accept Lefort’s attempted bribe. ^Thanks for establishing that the brute can beat down his former manager. Now all the doubt has been removed from myRead More