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Posted On March 28, 2013By George CushnieIn Columns

FATP: WWE’s Midcard – Make Us Care Again

Just when you thought it was safe to trawl through the columns section, FATP makes its return to! It’s been a while since I’ve posted an edition of FATP. Some people have been asking why. I suppose I’d better explain things before I get on with today’s topic. Roughly 6 weeks ago, I decided to go on an indefinite hiatus from writing about wrestling. It was the week of WWE Elimination Chamber. I’d done my review of the PPV for Wrestling Rambles and written the pieces I’d already scheduledRead More

Posted On March 26, 2013By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 03/25/13

CM Punk opens Raw with Paul Heyman to talk about the streak and how he is going to end it. He talks about the Undertaker being at a psychological disadvantage. The lights go out and Undertaker attacks Punk but he gets away. ^Punk’s promo work was up to par here and the whole segment was very entertaining. Taker looked pretty good as well, and that makes me optimistic for the potential brilliance of their match in two weeks. With an opening that strong, it makes you feel like Undertaker andRead More

Posted On March 25, 2013By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: WWE Night of Champions 2012

It’s time for one of those déjà vu type of reviews as we take a look at a DVD release of a show I’ve already reviewed. This time around we’re heading into WWE territory as yours truly begins reviewing official WWE releases, as supplied by their new UK distributor Fremantle Media, and for the first review we’ll be going back to last September and Night of Champions. The show began with the Miz defending the Intercontinental title against Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara. Fast-paced action was the orderRead More
Skull Cans

Posted On March 24, 2013By David DavisIn Columns

Death of Wrestling: Park, Park & Park

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better. The one thing that unites all wrestling fans is amazing matches and, by and large, it doesn’t really matter who has them. We’re on the road to Wrestlemania and so the Undertaker is naturally onRead More

Posted On March 23, 2013By Adam HopsonIn Columns

Adzop – ’13 So Far

Hi everyone.. Apologies for my lengthy absence. With WrestleMania 29 on the horizon, and some of the things that have been going on in WWE, I thought it was time to chime in with some of my thoughts. The Royal Rumble feels like a long time ago. John Cena winning the Rumble match pretty much told us that The Rock would win the WWE Championship in the main event against CM Punk. I expected to see Cena come out and give The Rock a slow clap after the match –Read More
MAIN EVENT REVIEW 03/20/13 By Jee-S Wade Barrett beats R-Truth via Bullhammer Elbow. Wade Barrett takes the microphone after the match to promote himself, then goes to the announcers table to start a fight with The Miz. Barrett ends up running up the ramp with The Miz standing tall in the ring. Thoughts: Well this wasn’t a bad match, but nothing that made jump off my couch. It felt like R-Truth never stood a chance in this match despite the hype Michael Cole put into his commentating. Overall, the boutRead More
We’re on the Road to WrestleMania, and WWE is in a fickle state at the moment. With top superstars seemingly returning, and matches being made for the greatest event of all time, one cannot help but wonder what would’ve happened if things took place differently. Would the scenario be different? Or would it still remain the same? Join me as I speculate on CM Punk’s WWE Title reign, and what would happen if things turned out differently. At Survivor Series 2011, then then WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, faced theRead More

Posted On March 22, 2013By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: C.M. Punk: The Second City Saint

He is currently one of the biggest stars in the world of professional wrestling, the longest-reigning WWE Champion this century, and his old employers have decided to pay tribute to him again. Yep, the good folks at Ring of Honor have delved into their archives once again for another two disc set devoted to wrestling’s most famous non-drinker. The set in question is C.M. Punk: The Second City Saint. And as is customary with these affairs let’s start at the beginning. Disc One July 12th, 2002 Punk goes up againstRead More

Posted On March 19, 2013By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: UFC 158 St-Pierre vs Diaz

Finally it happened. After ages of back and forth jibes Nick Diaz finally challenged Georges St-Pierre for the Welterweight title in the main event of UFC 158, shown live in the early hours of this past Sunday morning on ESPN here in Britain. The five hour marathon began with the preliminary fights and the lightweight encounter between John Makdessi and Daron Cruickshank. This proved to be a very entertaining three rounder. We had quite a lengthy feeling out period at the beginning which didn’t exactly sit too well with theRead More

Posted On March 19, 2013By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 03/18/13

John Cena starts the show by coming to the ring. He is interrupted by the Prime Time Players. After some random promo work by Titus and comparing Young and Cena’s looks, Cena challenges Darren Young to a match right now. Cena makes quick work of young and defeats him using the AA. ^So the Rock can’t show up, and we get Cena in a squash against a team that’s mostly been buried? At least they got on TV, I guess. Nothing special here, but WWE will be making a hugeRead More

Posted On March 17, 2013By Michael GroomsIn Columns

The Mike Check – New Ideas For Old Superstars

It has becoming more and more common in WWE for superstars that are not in the main event scene to lose their way and get stuck in what is commonly known as “Mid-Card Hell.” This is when through the failure of the WWE writing staff, good talent is wasted to the point where most of them are shown the door from the company. With Wrestlemania coming and a new “season” of WWE upon us, I thought I would give some ideas of how I would save some current talent inRead More

Posted On March 16, 2013By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: TNA Lockdown

It’s time to head over to the Impact Zone…..oh, wait…..I can’t use that line anymore. It’s time to enter TNA territory once again as we take a look back at Lockdown, shown this past Wednesday night on Challenge here in Britain. The show began with the first title match of the evening, with Zema Ion and Christian York challenging Kenny King for the X Division title. This I liked. It proved to be a highly entertaining show opener packed with fast paced action and high risk moves, as well asRead More
WWE Main Event 03/13/13 by Jee-S Alberto Del Rio comes to the ring, grabs a mic and talks about Jack Swagger, says his comments are funny sometimes. Ricardo and Alberto then air the promo where they mock Colter and Swagger on the titantron. Big Show beats Alberto Del Rio by countout after Jack Swagger cheap shots him outside the ring while the referee is looking elsewhere. Thoughts: Honestly? Nothing special. These two have had great matches on SmackDown!, at the Rumble and at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-views and this rematchRead More

Posted On March 15, 2013By Jared GebhardtIn Columns

The Wrestling Genius: The Intervention TNA Needs

Thanks for coming everyone I know this isn’t easy, but it has to be done. Interventions are hard; sometimes they are harder for the one’s intervening than the person who needs our help. We need to stay focused, stay strong, and above all else, we need to say what is on our minds and in our hearts. Okay, are we ready…we are, good let us begin. Hi TNA, I know this seems scary, and we told you we were investors but we aren’t. We are very concerned fans who areRead More

Posted On March 12, 2013By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 03/11/13

Raw opens with a Paul Bearer tribute video. Undertaker comes out to pay tribute to an urn in the ring. CM Punk interrupts and extends his condolences to the Undertaker on his loss…at WrestleMania. He says Bearer will always know Taker as being perfect with a 20-0 record, but the new record will be 20-1. Punk says he will beat the streak and then leaves. ^I liked the opening. Punk kept the Bearer involvement to a minimum, but it gave him just the right amount of heat from the audience.Read More

Posted On March 11, 2013By Kenneth SmithIn Columns

Weekly FanTalk: We Talk To ToutGirl

So often are articles written where people are getting the opinions of insiders on the business and asking them questions about what direction the business is going in and what not. In this new weekly column we will talk to fans who made appearances on WWE or TNA TV, met wrestlers, attended live shows, or had any kind of experience related to the wrestling business. My goal is to let the world see what other fans potentially think of WWE, TNA, or even ROH. It will let people share theirRead More

Posted On March 11, 2013By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: BAMMA 12

It’s time to step into the world of British mixed martial arts once again as we take a look at the twelfth offering from BAMMA, shown live this past Saturday night on 5* here in Britain. The broadcast began with action from the welterweight division as Luke Newman faced Ryan Scope. This was a great way to open the show. The feeling out period was just a few seconds long before they instigated a clinch against the cage. From there Scope scored with the first takedown of the fight, andRead More
Let me start by saying this article will mainly work on convincing people who have never watched 2CW. 2CW or Squared Circle Wrestling is a promotion which had its debut show back on April 8th, 2006 and runs mainly in the New York area and up until recently there has been no way, short of ordering DVDs or attending live, to watch this product but on April 20th, 2012 this will change as they will host their first ever iPPV, “Living On The Edge 8″. Best of all, it’s FREE!!Read More

Posted On March 10, 2013By Liam HindmarshIn Columns

Tea Time with Liam: It’s a Gimmick

Hello there readers, Liam here once again, continuing to be the laziest wrestling writer out there. Just a quick little mention here. Pwmania is now the only wrestling news site in which I write for. This is a great website and I hope to be able to write here for the foreseeable future. Enough blabbing on though, lets get on with this. Today we’re discussing Jack Swagger. So this is the deal with Swagger. He used to be “the all American American.” He took some time off and after hisRead More