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The Fish Tank – Rhodes’, John Cena & HBK’s Return, Ethan, TNA Bound For Glory & More

WWE brought another indecisive ending between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan at its Battleground pay-per-view. There is a level of…


In This Very Ring – The Rise Of The Rhodes Family Is The Best Thing In Wrestling

First off, I’d like to welcome you to the inaugural edition of “In This Very Ring,” a column in which…


The Breakdown – WrestleMania XXX Main Event, Kurt Angle & Vince’s Returns, NXT Drama & More

I’ll never let you down, I’m a shine on sight Keep your mind on your grind, and off mine’s alright?…


The Justin Credible Report – Horrible WWE PPV, Hogan & Sting At WM30, Ziggler As Champ, Raw

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Justin Credible Report exclusively on! Battleground was what everyone expected. A middle…


FATP: Look In The Mirror

After sitting watching Raw earlier today, I just had to sit down and write about something. It’s not anything ground-breaking….


ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 10/07/13

Live from Kurt Angle’s hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, it’s time for WWE Raw! We see highlights from Battleground and Big…


Mike Shannon’s Raw Review – October 7, 2013

-So after an extremely disappointing Battleground pay-per-view, WWE looks to rebound from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and break the…


The Fish Tank – Less Of Hulk Hogan In TNA, Pushing Magnus, Bill Goldberg, Rhodes’

It’s October! The pumpkin patches are out, Halloween movies have begun playing, WWE is overloading us with two pay-per-views in…


Death of Wrestling: Smackdown

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this…


ThunderStruck: WWE Battleground Preview

Pre Show Match: Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler JT: Kickoff match? Really? Really? Garbage aside, these two can give us…


ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 09/30/13

Raw opens with CM Punk. He’s got a new t-shirt debuting tonight. It says “best since day one” on the…


FATP: TNA’s Great Moustachioed Mistake – Let’s Dream It’s Over

Last time out, I wrote about the greatness of Daniel Bryan. Thanks to everyone who got in touch about it….


Mike Shannon’s Raw Review – September 30, 2013

-Geez, you call one CNN anchor a whore on Twitter because she insults your football team and suddenly you have…


Death of Wrestling: AJ’s Pipe Bomb

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this…


The Breakdown – TNA Departures, Steve Austin, Jim Ross vs. WWE, Dolph Ziggler & More

What’s going on fans! They call me Rey Ca$h, and I’ve been brought on to give you a weekly…


WWE’s “Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come” Is Best for Business

It is always an interesting moment when we are given the opportunity to look into the lives of some of our favorite…


Officials View with Wes Adams – “I Respect You Booker Man!” – WWE Booking

“I respect you, BOOKER MAN!” With those words, Brian Pillman yanked back a portion of the curtain covering the mystique…


The Fish Tank – The Shield WWE’s Workhorses, End of Aces & Eights, Dixie Carter & Rhodes’ On TV

It’s easy to see the workhorses of WWE these days are the Shield. They were on almost the entire broadcast…


The Two Sheds Review: UFC 165 Jones vs Gustafsson

It’s time to step into the Octagon once again as we take a look at one of the most anticipated…


ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 09/23/13

Angelo Savoldi has passed away. He was ninety nine years old. I’ve honestly never heard of the guy, but good…