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Posted On June 25, 2012By Dave ScottIn Columns

David Scott Column – Approaching 1000th WWE RAW

Hey guys it’s Dave Scott here for some Monday night debauchery! The last few weeks have been quite slow in the WWE Universe, there is nothing too major to report about recently. We are just on the backlash of a pretty average No Way Out PPV and last weeks Raw wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world. Apart from Heath Slater obviously. On the other hand TNA seem to be upping their game recently and people seem to be turning their heads over to the alternative option of ImpactRead More
It’s that time of the week where I bring the latest edition of “From Across the Pond” to you here at Before I get started, I wanna thank @Chocobo_Kid for designing the new banner for my column! No rambling start from me this week, I’m gonna get right down to it. Earlier today, John Cena tweeted: “In Fort Wayne for #Raw tonight I have an announcement that will make history! Make sure to watch #Raw”. Now, far be it for me to be pessimistic (and I’m sure regular readersRead More

Posted On June 25, 2012By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: UFC Maynard vs Guida

It’s time to step into the Octagon once again for the first of my UFC double header reviews. With my UFC 147 review a few days away because of technical problems (a heavy rain storm knock out the signal to my Sky box) we’re going to begin by taking a look at the latest show on American network FX, shown in the early hours of this past Saturday morning on ESPN here in Britain. The broadcast began in the featherweight division as Ross Pearson faced Cub Swanson. This was aRead More
Approaching Raw 1,000: Adzop’s Top Raw Moments Good day, everybody. As WWE’s milestone 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw approaches, I figured I’d get involved in the festivities and compile a list of some of my favourite moments from Raw. There are thousands of hours of WWE TV stashed away in the archives of my brain, and it wasn’t too difficult to come up with these examples. I only chose moments that I remember fondly, and hopefully, some of them may awaken old memories for some of you, as well.Read More
Mike Lightning and I are back with our Ring of Honor Best in the World 2012 predictions! The card this year is once again stacked with potentially great matches, so let’s get down to business! Hybrid Fighting Rules Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly ML: So, this feud has come full circle to an O’Reilly special match where he can use his jiu-jitsu training against a professional wrestler. Having already beat who many consider a 2012 breakout star in Adam Cole, this match should be the end of these two fightingRead More

Posted On June 23, 2012By Adam HopsonIn Columns

Adzop: On the Positive Side…

WWE has been a big part of my life for 20 years. I have always watched it and I probably always will. There are things that I love about WWE, and there are things that truly frustrate me about it. This has become increasingly apparent in recent times. I’ve been writing columns on the web for a few years now, and I have come to realise that many of my most recent columns have been largely filled with complaints, rather than excitement and happiness. I understand that nobody really wantsRead More
WWE No Way Out Final Thoughts: No Way Out delivered well. The card was exactly what I was expecting it to be and I felt the show was a big success overall. Swapping out Del Rio and adding Dolph Ziggler to the World Title match was a terrific idea. I honestly feel Ziggler should be a strong candidate to win MITB next month, but it stands to reason that WWE may just let him fall into obscurity once again. Of the three times he’s now competed for a World Title,Read More

Posted On June 21, 2012By Graham MatthewsIn Columns

WWE: Will Zack Ryder Be Remembered as a One-Hit Wonder?

Three years ago, Zack Ryder was given his time to shine as a singles star when he was sent packing to the ECW brand via the 2009 WWE Supplemental Draft. Upon his arrival in the Land of Extreme, Ryder debuted a brand-new look, sporting spiked hair and calling himself the Long Island Iced Z. Over the course of the next two years, Ryder would get himself noticed via social networking, building a following that he called his “Zack Pack.” Last February, he debuted his own weekly YouTube show entitled Z! True LongRead More

Posted On June 20, 2012By Geddy CahoonIn Columns

The Cahoon Run Down: Taking Time Off

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here. If you’re friends with me on Facebook or have read my MiTB prediction two-part article, then you know that I’ve recently been battling an illness. Now I don’t usually like to complain or take liberties when I get sick or stuff like that – Typically I take my lumps and keep going. But this time something’s different. I haven’t felt better since I got sick, and I first started feeling bad about a week ago. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. I assume it’sRead More
wwe no way out

Posted On June 20, 2012By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: WWE No Way Out

It’s time to step into WWE territory once again as we welcome back an old friend of sorts with the return of No Way Out, shown live in the early hours of this past Monday morning on Sky Box Office here in Britain. The show began with the Smackdown main event as Dolph Ziggler, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero, challenged Sheamus for the World title. I really enjoyed this one. The beginning had a familiar ring to it when Vickie kissed her man before the match began, with Sheamus just missingRead More

Posted On June 20, 2012By Adam HopsonIn Columns

Adzop: Waiting for a Revolution? Take Action.

Every single week, I watch Raw, hoping (not expecting, but hoping) to see something fun, enjoyable, entertaining, emotional, spontaneous, or surprising. The reason I don’t expect it anymore is because the show has become so stale that these kinds of things rarely happen anymore. After somewhat reluctantly purchasing the most recent Pay-Per-View, ‘No Way Out’, I watched in the hope of seeing some major storyline development in more than one area of WWE. Whilst the only match I looked forward to was the WWE Title Match, I was expecting anRead More

Posted On June 19, 2012By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 06/18/12

Mick Foley opens Raw. He says former people in charge of Raw will get a shot at running both Raw and Smackdown. Foley announces Kane and Daniel Bryan to take on CM Punk and Sheamus. He introduces John Laurinaitis to give his farewell address. JL says he booked the main event for tonight before he was fired. He says he booked Cena against himself, Big Show, and David Otunga in a handicap match. He tells Foley to have a nice day and walks out. ^I love Mick Foley! Good openingRead More

Posted On June 18, 2012By George CushnieIn Columns

FATP:- Taking the venom out of The Viper

Welcome to this week’s edition of “From Across the Pond” with yours truly. Hopefully your week’s been good! We’re coming off a decent, but not great, No Way Out PPV, which was pretty predictable for the most part. If you’ve not seen the show, I’d recommend checking out the three male singles title matches. They were the best on the show and worth the purchase price alone. The rest was filler that wouldn’t look out of place at a TV taping. This week, I wanted to talk about the possibilityRead More

Posted On June 18, 2012By Dave ScottIn Columns

No Way Out Of PG!

Hello there boys and girls! Dave Scott back again for the usual Monday night pish talking. Now we are just off a very lackluster No Way Out. Last week I was making comparisons of the last PPV compared to TNA’s Slammiversary and how it was just as good, however this weeks wasn’t quite as good as TNA’s most recent PPV efforts. Last nights PPV had some good parts to it. The triple threat for the WWE title was good, Sheamus and Ziggler was pretty decent, the four way tag matchRead More

Posted On June 18, 2012By Joe ThunderIn Columns

ThunderStruck: WWE No Way Out 2012 Reaction

Brodus Clay beat Otunga by countout. I didn’t watch the match. I wasn’t expecting a lot from it. I like Brodus’ character overall, but I want to see the guy really wrestle. Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler. I said this match would be awesome, and it was. It was the perfect way to open the show. The chemistry between these two was great, and the match had a solid flow throughout. Sheamus retains to keep his run going and I like the booking behind it. Santino beat Ricardo in the tuxedoRead More

Posted On June 17, 2012By Julian RadbourneIn Columns

The Two Sheds Review: Bryan Danielson: The American Dragon

It’s another astute piece of marketing. Delve into your archives for the best matches from one of your founding fathers, a man who just happens to be one of the biggest stars in the biggest wrestling company in the world. It’s something Ring of Honor have done before, and now they’ve done it again with the man currently known as Daniel Bryan for their two disc compilation Bryan Danielson: The American Dragon. And what better place is there to start than with: Disc 1 12th April, 2003 The first matchRead More

Posted On June 17, 2012By Liam HindmarshIn Columns

Tea Time with Liam: TNA/No Way Out Thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another riveting edition of Tea Time with Liam. A column that originally was weekly but due to my chronic laziness has turned into a bi weekly column recently. With that been said, wrestling isn’t great at the moment so at least I have an excuse. Man even my into is getting shorter. Okay I want to touch on TNA for a moment today, then list my No Way Out predictions and hopefully if I haven’t bored you to death and you reach the end. IRead More
mitb case
Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here. Sorry for the delay in this article’s posting; I came down with something on Thursday and couldn’t write it. I’m still sick, but I hate missing deadlines so it goes up today. Check out Part 1 if you haven’t, and let’s get in to this! Justin Roberts – Again, WWE loves listing announcers on the superstars page. Justin Roberts is hardly a superstar. In fact, he’s hardly even an announcer. I don’t like him, but hey. Maybe he’ll win. Vince has done stupider shit. ChanceRead More

Posted On June 17, 2012By Joe ThunderIn Columns

The Smark’s Remarks: WWE No Way Out Predictions

Our No Way Out Predictions are here! This month I’m joined by Mike Lightning, KP, and Jace D. Ace. I’m really excited to have this team put together to do our monthly predictions! The card has seven matches total, so let’s get to it! YouTube Pre-Show Match: Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga ML: So, David Otunga gets the tall task of trying to end Brodus Clay’s “undefeated” streak since his return. It seems that these pre-show matches continually decline in match quality and this one is no different. Brodus hasRead More