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The Two Sheds Review: UFC Korean Zombie vs Poirier

It’s time to step into the Octagon once again as we take a look at the show headlined by the Korean Zombie and the Diamond. The show in question is the UFC’s latest foray onto Fuel TV, shown in the early hours of this past Wednesday morning on ESPN here in Britain. The broadcast began in the middleweight division as Jason MacDonald faced Tom Lawlor. The blink and you’ll miss it affair of the evening saw both fighters testing the waters a little before MacDonald went for a takedown. LawlorRead More

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ThunderStruck: ROH Border Wars Reaction

Eddie Edwards and Rhino wrestle a short opening match and Edwards wins with the school boy rollup for the three count. Rhino went to attack Truth Martini after the match but Martini pulled out a wad of cash and gives it to Rhino. Rhino walks off and Truth is unharmed. TJ Perkins and the All Night Express defeated the Young Bucks and Mike Mondo in a six man war. This match was insane! TJ Perkins and Mike Mondo are so talented; it’s unbelieveable to see what they did in theRead More
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The Cahoon Run Down: Random WWE Thoughts

Hey everybody, Geddy Cahoon here with another edition of The Cahoon Run Down. I’ll make a long story short: There’s not much going on in WWE these days. At least, nothing I could possibly make an entire article out of. That and I think that the length of time I’ve been doing this for is finally catching up with me and it’s getting more and more difficult to write something original and entertaining each week. I’d rather not write at all than phone it in week in week out, andRead More
Over the Limit is this Sunday on ppv, and here are Mike Lightning’s predictions for the show along with my own. I don’t have a lot to say about this show, and that’s mostly because I’m letting the show speak for itself and hoping the outcome isn’t as obvious as it appears to be. Based on the card, it could flop, or it could flourish. Let’s get to it. Speculation: Lightning and I both believe that Miz and Brodus Clay will wrestle an impromptu match, and we both believe Brodus’Read More
What’s up boys and girls? It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote anything for the site, so I wanna apologise for that. Things kicked off and I wasn’t able to dedicate my time to writing. Everything’s starting to clear up a bit now, so I’ll be back fresher and brighter than ever for everyone here at!! This week, I’m going to focus on one of the few men in WWE who actually understands how the wrestling business works. That man’s name is Chris Jericho. Jericho has alreadyRead More
We are sorry to hear of the passing of Gorgeous George Jr. Gorgeous George Jr. was a main event performer in the Amarillo Territory in 1968 and 1969 as a single and as the partner of Buddy Colt. On April 14th of 1969 in El Paso, Texas I faced Gorgeous George Jr. in a 30 minute match for the NWA World Championship. Gorgeous George Jr. put on a fabulous performance that night before a capacity crowd in the El Paso Coliseum. I will always remember the night Victor the BearRead More

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ThunderStruck: TNA Sacrifice Reaction

Sacrifice opened with a solid tag team match that resulted in new champions being crowned in Daniels and Kazarian. I expect Joe and Magnus to get a rematch right off the jump, but you have to wonder if TNA plans on keeping the pair together for long. These guys showcased what tag team wrestling is all about. Gail Kim used the ropes to pin Brooke Tessmacher and retain her Knockouts Championship. This was a good women’s match from TNA and I’m glad Gail kept her title. She defends it wellRead More

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ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 05/14/12

Raw opens with a backstage segment between Triple H and John Laurinaitis. JL tries to tell Hunter he didn’t know Lesnar would attack him the way he did. Triple H says he will address the world with what he wants to say; he wishes JL luck in his match on Sunday. ^Anybody else wonder why JL wasn’t fired by Trips after his business with Undertaker was dealt with? How about the fact that JL has acted ridiculous and abused power? Are the board of directors in charge of JL insteadRead More

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Dave Scott – TNA: Booking Matters

Hello there folks! Today I’m here to talk about TNA and their booking. It is nothing new to slag of TNA’s poor booking but I’m going to just point out some major flaws they have in it and do some comparison to the WWE’s way of doing things. First off though I would like to say that I did think that Sacrifice was actually a pretty good show by the usual standard we see thrown at us by TNA, though it was not perfect and the build for some ofRead More

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WWE Panorama: 5 Stories of Prowrestling Fans

One of the most fascinating aspects of being a pro wrestling fan is that every wrestling fan has a story to tell. It may be the story of growing up with the WWE, and its stars like the Undertaker, the Rock and Hulk Hogan, etc. It could be the story of those moments, when emotions ran high and the adrenaline rushed wild. It could be a tale of that moment in time, when disbelief assumed a new term i.e. “marking out”. These stories are often subtle and personal. At times,Read More

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WWE Smackdown: A Change is Needed

I really don’t want to be that guy. You know, that guy who watches WWE every single week, yet always feels the need to tell everybody how awful it is, how stupid the booking is and how laughably bad the characters are, “Oh, it’s not like back in 90’s, when wrestling was good. Now we have this garbage.” Guys like that just plain suck. But watching Smackdown last night just left me cold. There were so many matches that I had absolutely no interest in. The main event, especially. AndRead More
It’s time to enter Ring of Honor territory once again as we go back to December 2011 to look at the recently released Battle in the Carolinas two disc set. The first part of this two part review sees us travelling to Spartanburg in South Carolina for the first ever singles meeting in ROH of Eddie Edwards and El Generico, as well as the 20 man Honor Rumble. The show in question is Southern Defiance. The show began with Mike Bennett, sans Brutal Bob, taking on Adam Cole. This wasRead More
TNA produced a very solid ppv in Lockdown last month. Out of the last three episodes of Impact Wrestling, two of them were very solid. This pay per view has had a solid build to the card. The key word here is solid. TNA is taking a more entertaining turn with their storylines and match booking and I’ve been impressed with it as a whole recently. This should be a good show and I’ll definitely be watching live on Sunday. TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP Robbie E vs. Devon vs. Robbie T: IRead More

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ThunderStruck: Smackdown! Analysis 05/11/12

Sheamus and Randy Orton team up against Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho to open Smackdown. The match gets stopped shortly into it when the ref loses control and the four men brawl. Orton is booked into a match with ADR tonight and Sheamus is booked into a match with Jericho. ^So Smackdown opens for a second week in a row with a match that doesn’t have a finish? I smell a lack of creative thinking here. That’s okay though; sometimes it’s better to have singles matches as opposed toRead More
Border Wars is shaping up to potentially become the greatest pay per view in the history of Ring of Honor, and that’s saying a lot for a company that almost always delivers big on it’s pay per views. This show will feature the very best wrestlers of today along with three talents from the past that helped shape professional wrestling into what it is today. How can you not be excited for this show? Likely Match: Six Man Tag: The Young Bucks and Mike Mondo vs The All Night ExpressRead More

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ThunderStruck: NXT Redemption Analysis 05/09/12

Regal and Striker open NXT and announce that they’ve hired special security to watch the back and stop attacks from happening. Hawkins and Reks come out in suits and announce that they are the new security that’s been hired. Regal says he can’t do anything about this until he talks to John Laurinaitis, but he tells Reks and Hawkins that if anything goes wrong that being fired will be the least of their problems. ^Brilliant way of bringing Reks and Hawkins back into the mix! They look sharp in suits,Read More

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ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 05/07/12

John Laurinaitis opens the show and talks about his match with John Cena at Over the Limit. He says the board of directors will not reprimand him because they understand that he needs to be tough sometimes in his position. JL puts himself over for being the Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin of Japan when he was wrestling there. CM Punk interrupts him. Punk makes fun of Laurinaitis and says he went to Japan because he was a joke. JL books Punk in a match with Lord Tensai tonight. ^JLRead More

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ThunderStruck: FCW Recap And Thoughts 05/06/12

Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton team up in our opening match to take on former Florida Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger and Brad Maddox. Maddox uses some sort of jumping swinging pull down facebuster(apparently called the Deal Breaker) on Jason Jordan to get the three count win for him and Kruger. ^Looks like we found out what Leo Kruger is going to do now that his title run is over. Jordan and Dalton both looked good in this match; I’m starting to like their potential as a tag team together. MaddoxRead More

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Dave Scott: Wherefore Art Thou Tag Teams?

Hello there guys and gals of the wrestling world, Dave Scott calling in for some usual Monday night blabbering. This week on Raw we got a close to pretty much every single story in the wrestling world which felt kind of strange to me as usually not all of the rivalries end so abruptly at one time however I’m not here to talk about that. What I’m here to talk about is the state of the tag team division as it is. I’m not going to rant on for toRead More