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- In another sign that WWE may be letting Prince Devitt keep his body paint, Triple H re-tweeted the photo of Devitt and Kevin Steen that we posted last night, with Devitt in his paint and Steen wearing a matching shirt. – Below is the full list of extras for the 2014 WWE SummerSlam DVD, courtesy of * DVD Extra: A Special Look at the Chris Jericho-Bray Wyatt Rivalry * DVD Extra: Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro (SummerSlam Kickoff Match) * DVD Extra: What’s Next for Roman Reigns? (HomeRead More

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Speculation On Another Veteran Knockout Distancing Herself From TNA

With the future of TNA uncertain, it appears Velvet Sky has begun distancing herself from the promotion. Earlier this week, Velvet removed a mention of her affiliation with TNA from her Twitter bio. Since returning to TNA in late 2012 following a sabbatical, she branded herself as “Pro wrassler chick 4 @ImpactWrestling.” She now only describes herself as a “Pro wrassler chick.” It was the only change to her bio as the Impact Wrestling mention wasn’t removed in place of a new description. Her bio now reads like this, withRead More
- Below is video of WWE 2K15 entrances for Goldust and Randy Orton: – Friday night’s WWE SmackDown ranked #1 overall for the night in Nielsen’s new Twitter TV ratings. SmackDown had a unique audience of 384,000, which represents the number of Twitter accounts that commented on the show. This is down from two weeks ago. SmackDown had total impressions of 1.313 million, which represents the number of times the show was tweeted about. This was also down from two weeks ago. – Rob Van Dam noted on Twitter thatRead More
Shawn Michaels also tweeted about appearing on Monday’s RAW with Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan to talk about John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar. HBK wrote: Y'all just keep pullin' me back! 'Ol HBShizzle will be on #Raw Monday night. We're talking @JohnCena/@BrockLensar rematch!! Yee-Haw!!! — Shawn Michaels (@ShawnMichaels) August 23, 2014 WWE is likely loading up Monday’s RAW from Anaheim as it will be going up against the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards on NBC. This is the first time RAW has had to compete with the show.Read More
Below are ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos from Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria, Tara), Brian Hebner, Mr. Anderson and The Hardys, who take it to the extreme.Read More
WWE’s website has confirmed that Eva Marie had her wedding ceremony with Jonathan Coyle this weekend. The two have been married for some time. WWE notes in attendance for the “the red wedding” were Summer Rae, Cameron, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Layla. As noted, Total Divas cameras were also there. Their ceremony was held at Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California.Read More
- Brian Fritz of The Orlando Sentinel recently spoke with Hulk Hogan. Below are the highlights: Hitting rock bottom a few years back: “I bottomed out.I can’t blame anybody because I was accountable and made choices. Sometimes even when you figure it out and the spinning wheel stops, some of that residual karma keeps coming at you. Even when the pendulum swings back you get hit with some stuff. And I bottomed out.” “Everything just happened at once. And I don’t want to blame anybody but I was in aRead More
- WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn sold 30,000 shares of his company stock on August 21st for $433,200. Dunn still owns 242,406 shares. – Mick Foley wrote the following on Facebook about his back problems: “I knew when I got involved with professional wrestling, participating in the style I chose to use, that back pains were just going to come with the territory. From a 1994 disc herniation that had back specialists throwing around the term “partial paralysis”, to my struggles with sciatic nerve pain over the last 17 years,Read More
- Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan tweeted the following about kicking off Monday’s RAW with Shawn Michaels: I'm kicking off #Raw on Monday night at 8pm! Brock is a beast, but @JohnCena is MY MAN. We're talking REMATCH. — Ric Flair® (@RicFlairNatrBoy) August 23, 2014 You can't bring legends together w/o me brother.Got some stuff to say about MY champ @JohnCena, see you Hulkamaniacs at #Raw on Monday HH — Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) August 23, 2014 – For those wondering, the cinder blocks used in the angle with Dean AmbroseRead More

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WWE Announces Special Hall Of Fame Forum with Top Stars For Raw

WWE has announced that a special WWE Hall of Fame Forum will kick off Monday’s RAW at 8pm EST. The forum will feature Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair talking about the WWE World Heavyweight Title match with Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena at Night of Champions.Read More
While TNA announced they will be on Wednesday nights with Spike TV through the end of the year, this does not mean that they are safe just yet. We noted before that the move to Wednesday nights was permanent but apparently that was just word put out from TNA. There’s a feeling within the TV industry that the ongoing negotiations between TNA and Spike are not serious and that TNA won’t end up on Spike after this year. Spike choosing to air a mini-marathon of Cops on Thursday night withRead More
- Dolph Ziggler suffered a nasty cut to his knee at last night’s WWE live event in Stockton, CA. Reader Darren W. noted that Dolph was bleeding a lot and after his win over The Miz, he was checked on by a referee before walking to the back on his own. Darren noted that he saw Ziggler after the show outside of the arena and he was in good spirits. – There’s a big campaign happening on Twitter with fans tweeting the accounts of Triple H and NXT to getRead More
- There were around 3-5 people released from different departments at TNA’s offices in Nashville on Friday. The releases came in TNA’s PR, live event and graphics departments. The most notable departure is Jason James, who had replaced Don West as the guy who hyped merchandise deals online and at live events. – TNA finished shooting the UK half of British Bootcamp 2 last weekend and asked fans to keep spoilers off social media. The rest of the season will be filmed in the United States next month. – TNARead More
- The final issue of the WWE Magazine will feature Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on the cover. – WWE’s Executive Vice President Consumer Products Casey Collins sold 3,315 shares of company stock on August 20th for $48,399.00. He now owns 13,833 shares. – Roman Reigns, Rob Van Dam & United States Champion Sheamus are featured in this week’s WWE RAW Slam of the Week: – Seth Rollins is featured in this week’s SmackDown Slam of the Week:Read More
- Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke Hogan is putting together her “country rockin’ band” next week in the Nashville area. Details on auditions for musicians are at this link. Brooke has apparently been spending a lot of time in Nashville recently to prepare for a country music career. – WWE stock was up 1.39% on Friday, closing at $14.64 per share. The high was $14.71 and the low was $14.27. – The latest WWE Top 10 video looks at historical Intercontinental Title victories:Read More
There has been a lot of fans wondering if WWE would allow Prince Devitt to keep his signature body paint in NXT and the main roster. Fellow NXT rookie Kevin Steen posted the following photo of he and Devitt together Friday night, leading fans to now wonder if the two are going to be a team. There were no NXT live events on Friday so it’s possible they were training in full get-up, doing a photoshoot or something like that at the WWE Performance Center but this photo could beRead More
Watch several video highlights from WWE SmackDown.Read More
Jack Swagger comments on Bo Dallas’ “encouraging” words.Read More

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WWE SmackDown Results – August 22, 2014

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Orton cuts a promo on Roman Reigns and says he’s going to use his match with RVD tonight as example to Reigns. Match #1 Jack Swagger vs Seth Rollins Swagger charges into Rollins in the corner. Rollins fights off and climbs the ropes. Swagger catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex. Swagger flips Rollins over him. Swagger hits the Swagger bomb but hurts himself in the process. Rollins hits the curb stomp on the outsideRead More