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Video: Redemption Of Sabu At Extreme Rising

Extreme Rising released the following video, hyping Sabu’s redemption and upcoming dates with the promotion:

Video: What Superstars Did Before Coming To WWE – “WWE Inbox”

The Prime Time Players, Dolph Ziggler, Alicia Fox and more Superstars answer your Twitter questions, including what jobs they did…

Video: WWE’s No Holds Barred DVD Trailer

Video: New WWE ’13 Trailer Featuring Mike Tyson & Chris Jericho

- Courtesy of Paul Heyman, here’s a new WWE ’13 trailer featuring footage of Mike Tyson vs. Chris Jericho:

Video: Backstage WWE RAW Fallout – Buh-bye Big Johnny

CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and more WWE Superstars share their thoughts about recent Raw events, including Mr. Laurinaitis’…

Video Of Shelly Martinez Working Out & In “Save Wrestling”

Promoting the Get In Shape For Summer Contest, Shelly Martinez appears in this video working out on an elliptical. Martinez…

Video: CM Punk’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Appearance On NBC

WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night. The appearance was taped earlier…

Video: Zack Ryder Reacts To No RAW TV Time From His Hometown

Zack Ryder uploaded the following video reacting to not appearing on Raw from his hometown in Long Island, N.Y. Ryder…

Video: Lanny Poffo Talks Randy Savage In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Video: Creative Has Nothing For You – NWA – Episode 53

- Here is the latest edition (Episode 53) of Colt Cabana’s Creative Has Nothing For You:

Video: Daniel Bryan Talks On CM Punk Feud, No Way Out & More

New York City radio DJ Peter Rosenberg of the Hot 97 hip hop radio station has landed yet another exclusive…

Video: Mike Tyson “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Promo With Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman released a second video for Mike Tyson, titled Mike Tyson: ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’. The first video,…

Video: “WWE Download” With Dolph Ziggler – Episode 21

In the latest edition of “WWE Download,” Dolph takes a look at a few guys who can’t quite hit their…

Video: WWE No Way Out 2012 Pre-Show

Videos: WWE Money In The Bank PPV & SummerSlam PPV Promos

Video: New Jack Hypes The Next Extreme Rising Events

New Jack cutting a promo for the upcoming Extreme Rising shows:

Video: Alberto Del Rio’s MMA Fight Before Signing With WWE After making his professional wrestling debut in 2000, Dos Caras, Jr. decided to try his hand at mixed martial…

Video: You Creep Me Out! – WWE “Are You Serious?” – Episode 20

Josh and Road Dogg suffer through another torture test, sifting through the WWE video vault and hauling out the ickiest…

Videos: Several Updates From JBL In Russia Doing “Seven Summits”

- JBL posted the following video updates from Russia where he is doing his “Seven Summits” project:

Video: WWE Diva AJ Lee Appears On TNA Pay-Per-View

AJ Lee in the crowd at TNA Hard Justice 2008 cheering on her then boyfriend, Jay Lethal.