WWE Heavyweight Champ Alberto Del Rio spoke with Bootleg Kev before this past Monday’s WWE Monday Night RAW. They speak on his current run as WWE Heavyweight Champ, the double blackeyes he was wearing last week on raw, his recent run as a baby-face, whether he prefers the baby-face or heel role, his upcoming storyline with RVD, how he feels about Darren Young coming out of the closet, who his dream tag-team partner would be, who some of his close friends in the locker room are, and of course theRead More
As reported, Eric Bischoff denied reports that Hulk Hogan has signed a deal with 2K Sports for using his character in the upcoming WWE2K14 video game. However, WWE2K14 Creative Director Cory Ledesma indicated in an interview that some deal was made, noting that Hulk Hogan’s appearance in the game was a “hurdle.” “We wanted to obviously make sure we had the biggest matches, the most iconic matches [for the 30 Years of WrestleMania mode],” Ledesma said. “The first hurdle we had was Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan’s not currently withRead More
Jacques Rougeau recently discussed with Devon Nicholson about almost coming to blows with Shawn Michaels in the past. “We were all sitting in the cafeteria for a TV day,” Rougeau recalled. “He [Michaels] just started picking on me. Maybe I wasn’t in a good mood or something like that, and then it finally got to the point where he said, ‘I’m not the [British] Bulldogs.’ And he threatened me in front of everybody, and I had just come out of [real life] a feud with the Bulldogs. So I backedRead More
Dixie Carter recently spoke with WHM (Australian magazine) and Suplex Media. Here are some of the topics discussed: – Possible Australian Gutcheck/Bootcamp TV series – Why TNA went from 12 PPV’s to 4 PPV – Her reason and current thoughts of IMPACT WRESTLING on the road every other week – How British Bootcamp came to fruition – Where is Rockstar Spud – The relationship between TNA and OVW – Favourite homegrown stars – Why the UK is such a big deal to the companies calendar year – Talks about aRead More
Here is a brand new, second trailer for next month’s highly anticipated release “Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come”. The DVD and Blu-ray comes out on September 24th. have already slashed prices, currently offering huge discounts on the set and eligible for free shipping. You can order the title via by clicking here.Read More
As reported, Hulk Hogan made an appearance at a Fan Expo in Canada last week. Embedded below is footage from the event.Read More
From Fan Expo 2013 in Toronto, Canada. Hulk Hogan talks about a potential return to the WWE; he and Bischoff talk about the two things TNA needs in order to excel.Read More
Miz tangos with Fandango, and the Divas division breaks down.Read More
Paul Heyman spoke to Machinima Sports prior to the SummerSlam pay-per-view about the love lost between himself and CM Punk. “I don’t hate CM Punk, I love CM Punk. All rebellious personalities need to prove their own worth to themselves.” Heyman said. “CM Punk just needs time to find out on his own that he’s not the best in the world without Paul Heyman… [After Punk's match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam] I will forgive CM Punk, I will accept CM Punk back. I will rebuild CM Punk and IRead More

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WWE Superstar Announces His Departure From The Company (Video)

Ted Dibiase Jr announced that he did not re-sign a contract renewal for WWE. Dibiase said that the decision was personal, and that he wanted to pursue being a father and other opportunities. You can watch his announcement below:Read More
Bill Goldberg cleared WrestleMania rumors at Marlins Park, during the Legends of Wrestling Night at Miami Marlins Park. He also talks about wrestling in Japan and having remorse for a kick that many coined as a career ending hit for Bret Hart. He tackles the question of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Goldberg also speaks about MMA and wrestling.Read More

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Video: Goldberg Delivers Spear At Baseball Game

Goldberg threw out the first pitch to Marlins pitcher Tom Koehler and then speared him. You can watch the video below:Read More
The Shield
Big Show & Mark Henry have a message of their own for The Shield, & Dolph Ziggler says he is done with Big E Langston.Read More
Natalya explores the wildlife of Australia and meets some fury new friends.Read More
Sam Roberts spoke with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Here are some highlights from the interview. Seeming happy now and if he was an angry guy during his peak: “There’s been so many times that people think I’m mad all the time because Stone Cold was always anti-authority or against the system during the peak of my run in WWF… But as a human being or just in life, I’m the happiest guy in the world. “When you’re selling out 20,000 seat arenas every single night of the week, it doesn’tRead More

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Video: Which WWE Superstar Loves “Sharknado?” – WWE Inbox

Justin Gabriel, The Prime Time Players, Brad Maddox, and other WWE Superstars share their favorite Summer movies of 2013 and their favorite airlines, only on this week’s WWE Inbox.Read More
Daniel Bryan recently spoke with Sam Roberts about becoming famous, growing out his beard, main eventing, what makes a WWE Superstar, and adapting to the WWE in-ring style. You can watch the complete interview embedded below:Read More
WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently spoke with Arda Ocal on if he will he have one more match, getting his degree in “Santa Claus” and if he will now become a Mall Santa, having friends in the adult entertainment industry. Dolph Ziggler also makes an appearance in the interview and the two go back and forth about a variety of topics, including working together in comedy.Read More
Dolph Ziggler spoke with Arda Ocal at a WWE 2K14 media event Saturday night at LA Live in Los Angeles. In the interview Ziggler talks a lot about his love for comedy and stand up and if that will ever take precedent over being a WWE Superstar. Ziggler also addresses why he was in a mixed tag team match at Summerslam as opposed to being in a more high profile singles match, which a lot of WWE fans would have preferred. He also explains why a guy like Daniel BryanRead More