World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston and The Miz reveal their dream jobs within WWE if they weren’t Superstars. Plus, Mae Young and Betty White form a tag team? Your favorite WWE Superstars pick their team name. All this and more on WWE Inbox!Read More
- Here is WWE’s promo for The Call featuring Halle Berry, Kane and David Otunga:Read More
Kofi Kingston was recently in the U.K. to promote the upcoming Wrestlemania Revenge tour. Here are some highlights from the interview. Who he’s favoring between The Rock and John Cena at WrestleMania: “For me, I always grew up as a Rock fan, I had his poster on my wall in college. He’s just so captivating in the ring, and for me as a fan it’s great to see him back. It’s crazy to see him as WWE champion – I feel like I’m a kid again, watching, and I’m doingRead More
Who do The Bella Twins think is a “joke” in WWE? Find out in the Raw edition of “Backstage Fallout.” Plus, see Ryback’s message to Mark Henry. Photos Of Nikki Bella’s Breast Implants Naughty Revealing Photos Of The Bella Twins Baking Cakes & Drawing At Home Photos Of The Bella Twins Sexy Dominatrix Photo ShootRead More
- As previously reported, Big Show will guest star on this Wednesday’s episode of Psych at 10:00 PM. on the USA Network. Below is a preview of the episode. – John Cena and WWE discuss WWE’s domination in the social media world at the 2013 South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference in Austin, Texas. – At the 2013 South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference in Austin, Texas, WWE demonstrates how it effectively utilizes social media to extend WWE’s brand and connect with fans like no other. – WWE En Espanol –Read More
- In a new interview with the UK’s WrestleTalk TV, Hulk Hogan responds to recent comments from Bret Hart about how he and Eric Bischoff are worthless to the wrestling business. Hogan also talks about TNA progressing, his status and more.Read More

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Video: A Bloody Sting Delivers A Message About TNA Lockdown

Viewer Discretion Advised: A bloody Sting delivers a message about the Lethal Lockdown match on Sunday at LockdownRead More
In the SmackDown edition of “Backstage Fallout,” Ryback reacts to the second staredown he’s had with Mark Henry. Plus, what does Divas Champion Kaitlyn have to say about Layla’s apology?Read More
- In what could be William “Paul Bearer” Moody’s last match he managed, Blitz Pro Wrestling released the following video of Bearer managing at their February 23rd event: – Also, here is video of Bearer at the 23rd annual Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion in Mobile, Alabama this past weekend. This would be Bearer’s last public appearance and just a few days before his death:Read More
Here are some classic videos of one of the most memorable managers of all time, William “Paul Bearer” Moody, who passed away Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at the age of 58. Texas Red (The Undertaker) w/ Percy Pringle vs. Bruiser Brody in WCCW in 1984: Percy Pringle arrives in Florida with Rick Rude and the PYT’s in 1985: USWA – Chris Von Erich and Chris Adams vs Steve Austin and Percy Pringle in 1989: Paul Bearer makes his debut on “The Brother Love Show” in 1990: Paul Bearer hosts “TheRead More
Just weeks before being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Bruno Sammartino gets inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame.Read More
Will The New Age Outlaws take on Team Rhodes Scholars next week on Raw? Watch the “Old School” Raw edition of “Backstage Fallout” to find out. Plus, see Brodus Clay and Tensai shake, rattle and roll with The Honky Tonk Man.Read More
The Undertaker

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Video Of The Undertaker’s WWE Return At Old School Raw

The Undertaker makes a surprise return at “Old School Raw.” (PHOTOS)Read More
WWE superstar The Miz recently spoke to to promote his new WWE Studios release “The Marine 3: Homefront” and the upcoming WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view. Here’s audio of the interviewed followed by some transcribed highlights: Getting Cast In The Marine & How It Compared To Performing Live In Front Of WWE Crowds: Well you know, coming into The Marine 3: Homefront, I wanted to really show everyone- I didn’t want people to look at the movie and go “Oh that’s The Miz” or “Oh that’s Mike from ‘The Real World’”Read More
Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with CBS-19 entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet. Here are some highlights from the interview. On cashing in the money in the bank briefcase at WrestleMania: “Cashing in at WrestleMania has never been done before and no matter what I’ve done in this business, whether I win or lose, I’ve always done things my way and come out in the most entertaining way possible. So I would really like to cash this in at WrestleMania. I’m not even guaranteeing that that’s happening, but it would be soRead More
- Former WWE and TNA talent Shelly Martinez appeared in the new hip hop video from Asoka, She’s A Fairy Tale. Embedded below is footage of the music video.Read More
Bret Hart
Bret Hart expressed his thoughts on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and what they are doing in TNA during an interview with Wrestle Talk TV Extra. “I’ve got no faith in either one of them. If anything, they’re [TNA] going to lose a lot of ground. They’re spending a fortune on a guy who’s worthless. And Bischoff’s as worthless as Hogan, the two of them have zero to offer the business. The only thing Hulk Hogan ever knew was how to make Hulk Hogan. He couldn’t tell you how toRead More
WrestleMania I
- A list of 10 was not enough! From the biggest names in Hollywood sitting ringside to those who dared to enter the ring; these 20 famous men and women helped make WrestleMania a must-see event! – WWE Superstar and star of “Dead Man Down” Wade Barrett walk the red carpet in Los Angeles for the world premiere of the action thriller “Dead Man Down.”Read More