Cena Gets The Upper Hand On Rock Again, Brodus Clay, HBK & More

– Brodus Clay was backstage at last night’s RAW Supershow in Boston but once again, was not used. Clay has been off television for several weeks and returned to action this weekend at the RAW brand’s live events, defeating Michael McGillicutty.

– All episodes from the first season of Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures are now available for “VIP members” on MRAHunting.com.

– To follow up on the news of FCW Diva Irena Janjic (Leah West) moving on after getting released by WWE, Janjic recently returned to Australia where she’s back working for the Impact Pro Wrestling promotion.

– The feeling among most people backstage at RAW in Boston last night was that John Cena once again got the upper hand on The Rock, in terms of who was better on the mic.