Cena Says The Rock Will Bury Him On Raw, Vote For Kelly Kelly

— John Cena expects The Rock to bury him this Monday on Raw.

He wrote on Twitter, “Flying to LA for fri night at staples. Then back to Daytona for green flag @ 500. Then off to Portland just in time for Dwayne to bury me… Sounds like a fun few days. Giddy up.”

— Jack Swagger was referenced during SportsNation‘s “101 Most Disrespectful Moments” episode on ESPN2. A clip was shown of a basketball player doing push-ups following a dunk and host Michelle Beadle said he reminded her of Jack Swagger.

Regarding this, Swagger tweeted, “I was mentioned today on ESPN’s Sport Nation today.. No big deal #YearofSwag.”

WWE.com is pushing fans to vote for Kelly Kelly as “Favorite Buttkicker” for the 2012 Nick Kids’ Choice Awards. She joins a list of nominees including movie stars Tom Cruise, Taylor Lautner and Jessica Alba.

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