Cesaro Praised Backstage At Raw, WWE Network Trial Runs, DISH & Elimination Chamber Update

– Cesaro received a standing ovation backstage at RAW Monday night after his match with John Cena.

– More DISH Network customers are reporting that they have called customer service about the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and were told that they cannot order it. One customer was offered the next UFC pay-per-view and others have been told they can order TNA Lockdown.

– WWE did another pre-show and post-show trial run at Monday night’s RAW in Denver. This time they had the shows running over the private Network feed so people in the company could check it out.

(Source: F4Wonline.com)

  • George Solorio

    WHAT DID I JUST SAY YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! lol Cesaro is coming up, everyone can feel it! Who’s with me?

    • ajrascals


  • Bryan Thomas

    This is like the 1% of time that wwe actually does something right. I hope people know that if we get guys like him in the main event, we’ll have better main event matches. We need wrestlers in the main event (sandow, zigglers ambrose). Not guys who mix atheleticism with some brawling and call it wrestling(reigns, cena). That’s not wrestling

    • RVD4Life

      I agree. His match with Cena was amazing. After watching wrestling for over 25 years continuously, you kinda get immune to good wrestling. Last night was the first time in a long while that I actually got excited during a match. It didn’t matter that Cena won. Cesaro stole the show last night, and it was awesome!

  • James Humwood

    and he rightfully should get an ovation he made that match with cena what it was. Hope wwe realize Cesaro is the future he’s got the size,talent,athletesism,the super awesome strength and decent mic skills

    • Bryan Thomas

      Plus he the only guy that that has nailed the AA/frontflip reversal in forever

      • jdogg1022

        plus he’s way taller than most guys who attempt that counter. But he always pulls it off perfectly. I’m really glad that he’s finally getting to shine with the top guys in the company. I think it’s time that we have some newer guys push into that main event picture. Other than the guys who have been there for years. Enough of Cena, Orton, Del Rio dominating the top (not so much del rio, but he’s always been in that top mix for the belt)

  • AMP

    lets hope that wwe lets cesaro grow and not hold him back last night was the 1st time in a while I was excited during a match on raw it don’t happen much anymore hell of a match hoping to see more match like that

  • Raihan Khan

    some people need to grow up and stop bringing cena. cena has nothing do do with it, ceasaro had great match with him ok good for hi but why people taking trash abt cena, what did he do wrong? ok i know i will gte dislike here but so what i told the truth, some people here r just ughh. this article is abt ceasaro ,dish tv, so nothing to do with cena, all about how ceasaro did good, cena didnt bury anyone last night, and if u have complains abt wwe that much why u watch it and waste ur time? i still wonder