Cesaro Says He Doesn’t Feel Bad Over Daniel Bryan Losing WWE World Heavyweight Title

Cesaro recently spoke with Chuck Carroll of the CBS affiliate in Washington, DC to promote tonight’s RAW from the Verizon Center. Cesaro commented on Daniel Bryan’s bad luck:

“One person’s bad luck is another person’s opportunity. And I have that opportunity at Money in the Bank when I’m going to go for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.”

Cesaro was also asked if he feels bad for Bryan. He replied:

“No. I work hard as well and nobody feels sorry for me and I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me. Bad things happen. Did it happen at a bad time? Yes, it did. But if you look back at other people, they have bad injuries. I know that Daniel Bryan will recover from it and I more than gladly will give him a shot at my title.”

  • FlawlessRKO

    Delusions of grandeur

  • Kerrie

    lol… he’s up his own….

  • jmull

    This is just good heel promo work.

    • thesmarktank

      Yeah, absolutely. He’s definitely working a promo there. It’d be nice to see Cesaro get it, but I fear others will think its too early. Same for Reigns. I could see Wyatt taking it, as he has single match main event experience already. Or Sheamus. Sheamus has had the belt in a while, though I’m not a Sheamus fan… Also, he’d have to give up the US Title.

  • codys moustache

    Cesaro is a natural heel.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Obviously some of what Cesaro said is all in to do with his character as a Heel but being a close friend to Bryan he just had to add, “I know Daniel Bryan will recover”