Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV Report – February 19, 2014

Welcome back to CWFH! This week, we start off with The Hobo…

The Hobo cut a fine promo on hoping his upcoming match with Nick Madrid will cause the young turncoat to reach his senses and leave the vile faction, The Vermin.

Nick Madrid vs. The Hobo

This match came together very nicely, with a pleasant offering of different sorts of action sprinkled throughout the bout. The Hobo, while not one of wrestling’s great technicians, is one of its finer characters and it amazes me how thoroughly entertaining he is. It might be a bit overzealous to claim him the Mick Foley of his time, but his ability to commit to his gimmick has a way of selling his bouts that his more conventional peers do not always embrace. Take this match for instance as, in the hands of most, the work done with the consistently improving Nick Madrid would be little more than physicality. That kind of match is enthralling, for its own reasons, but The Hobo brings his quirky psychology into the mixture and suddenly, we find ourselves watching something that is inherently more engaging than the standard stunt show that wrestling is often reduced to. This match-up is proof that if you work smart and not hard, then you will yield greater results, for we wrestling fans remember the emotions of a match more than the moves themselves. Think before you leap, may be a good motto for all young wrestlers.

Whew! My ramblings aside, this very fine match ended in a disqualification, by way of The Vermin’s interloping. PPrAy came to the aid of The Hobo and sent aback the nasty faction.

Winner: The Hobo – DQ

The Revolution cut a promo on winning both of their matches tonight, one of which is coming up right now…

Fidel Bravo w/The Revolution vs. Thomas Namaste vs. Dan Joseph – Triple Threat Match

A lot of strong, fast-paced action filled this enjoyable match-up, which saw a Bravo victory. Most of this match saw only to in the ring at a time, which is typical for these bouts, due to the difficulty of managing three wrestlers at once. The Joe/Daniels/Styles matches were the exception, not the standard, it seems. That all said, the goals accomplished in this ring, with these three people, are nothing to belittle. An excellent pace set the proper tone and helped draw you in to the crucial moments when one talent or another would make their temporary exit to set up the one-on-one encounters between the remaining two.

Winner: Fidel Bravo

Matt Striker confronted The Family Stone and challenged Cedric The Hitman to a match, immediately!

Matt Striker vs. Cedric The Hitman w/ The Family Stone

Those little buggers from The Family Stone wouldn’t let the former WWE Superstar get in an inch of offense. They beat the snot out of him, specifically Othello, leading to a Striker victory by DQ

Winner: Matt Striker – DQ

From here it seemed that, because of Striker’s win, Stu Stone would now have to wrestle the once extreme educator… so he ran away. Then, Rudy Telerana sent the Family Stone’s cowardly manager back to the ring to face his fate. Stu, slippery as he is, escaped once again to the safety of the backstage area, where he left Cedric to be beaten like a red-headed step-child by Striker and Rudy, who took great pleasure in the deed.

The Vermin (Tito Escondido, Johnny Goodtime and Johnny Yuma) vs. The Suttons

This was a nice little bout that added more momentum to the new faction. This was a pretty wild brawl, which was something that I wasn’t expecting, but enjoyed it nonetheless. The Vermin won this grueling fracas that saw a post-match slaughter against The Suttons. These Vermin make The Nexus faction look like the Shirley Temple Fan Club.

Winner: The Vermin

MAIN EVENT: PPrAy vs. The Revolution (Che Cabrera and Sasha Darevko) – CWFH Heritage Tag Team Championship Match

A confession has to be made: I didn’t get to watch this match. I had a situation with my cats, wherein they decided that they could knock over every large object in the house. Therefore, I had to clean the mess up and by the time I was able to rush back to see the match, it was over. I apologize for that inconvenience, but it happens sometimes. That being said, I do have the results for the match, which is…

Winner: AND STILL Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Champions – PPrAy

Final Thoughts: My inability to watch the finale aside, I felt that this was a solid broadcast, with a proper focus on the angles that matter, such as The Vermin takeover.