Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV Report – January 29, 2014

Tonight’s broadcast starts off with a quick sequence of each member of the Ryan Taylor faction exiting a limousine, while wearing the same plaid shirts. Perhaps it’s a fashion statement of some kind… or they could just be trying to keep stylishly warm.

Ethan HD vs. Willie Mack

We started off our card with an excellent little bout that continued to showcase the star power of Willie, as well as highlight the hidden gem that is Ethan HD. Both men were incredibly fluid from bell-to-bell, with solid psychology planted in the foundation of this well-built match. These two took their time to make this one count and to increase the aura around Mack’s dominant streak, which remains one of CWFH’s main attractions.

Winner: Willie Mack

Willie Mack cut a quick post-match promo that featured his charmingly jovial demeanor, which can go a long way in separating him from his peers, as so many of the characters put forward by said peers are far too serious for their own good. As I’ve said before, Mack is someone to watch for, at all times.

Ryan Taylor, and his gang of expatriates, held the ring hostage so as to secure Taylor’s Heritage Championship Match against Scorpio Sky (who has dropped the belt to Ricky Mandel, in real time). Interim GM Danielle agreed to this, as well as granting the group a new set of contracts, in return for the gang having to wrestle Mikey O’Shea, The Hobo and Hollywood Heritage Champions PPRay in an eight-man tag team match, for the main event. They didn’t seem too pleased about that turn of events, as far as the main-event was concerned, anyway.

James Morgan w/ Stu Stone vs. Cruz (name subject to error)

This one was a true squash match, with Morgan gaining a victory after two seconds.

Winner: James Morgan

Afterwards, ADAM PEARCE made his return by saving Cruz from being hit with a hammer by Morgan.

Ricky Mandel w/ Shelly Martinez vs. Dan Joseph

A short, but sweet match was had here, with excellent athleticism on display. Mandel still has some work to do, in terms of his character standing out, but he has his ring work well-figured out, for sure. Dan, while not a major name for CWFH, remains a personal favorite of mine, as he has a natural sort of technique to his work, which is noticeable here.

Winner: Ricky Mandel

A solid promo was executed on Ricky’s PP3 Cup victory and when he may use it (the PP3 Cup works like Money in the Bank).

MAIN EVENT: The Hobo, Mikey O’Shea & PPRay vs. Johnny Yuma, Tito Escondido, Johnny Goodtime & Nick Madrid – Eight-Man Elimination Tag Team Match

A bevy of action overflowed this raucous main event. The Hobo’s pre-match promise to turn Madrid back to normal or destroy him forever, set this bout up with all the intensity needed to give it the urgency that the story called for. These eight men went all over the place and delivered the kind of performance that these multi-man bouts tend to need. After numerous eliminations, we found ourselves viewing a bout with a finish of…

Winner: No Contest

The renegade faction stood triumphant over their opponents as they beat them senseless, in a closing segment that increased the profile of this very new and very promising faction.

Final Thoughts: This new faction is the breath of fresh air that the company needs to differentiate itself from its brethren. I hope they can find some exciting ways to maintain the momentum they have right now, because if there ever was a time to make a mark in wrestling, this would be it, for the mainstream is failing the wrestling faithful.

Thanks for reading and I’ll return with more from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.