Change To WWE Royal Rumble Card, Seth Rollins’ Reaction To Boring Chants

Dave Meltzer of discussed WWE’s creative changes to the Royal Rumble card including Ronda Rousey facing Sasha Banks instead of Charlotte:

“So they revamped the Royal Rumble card and that’s where you know originally it was going to be Ronda Rousey and Charlotte as they did all those interviews to build for it. That was changed.”

“Ronda Rousey does want to work with Sasha Banks, she likes her. She thinks she’s good so that is a shoot.”

Meltzer also noted that Seth Rollins has been making a conscious effort to avoid getting “boring” chants during matches:

“He doesn’t want to get boring chants, he works really hard so he wants to be great. He was great tonight, he was the star of the show.”