Charlie Sheen Quits Twitter, Andy Leavine Update, Jack Swagger

– Two weeks before Charlie Sheen, star of the new FX sitcom, Anger Management, is scheduled to join WWE as the Celebrity Social Media Ambassador for the historic 1,000th episode of Raw SuperShow, the award-winning actor has quit Twitter.

Sheen tweeted late Friday evening, “Reach for the stars everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out.” He also told, “Thank you all for your amazing support. Trust me when I say please ‘follow’ me to my next endeavor. It’s gonna be epic.”

During the three-hour milestone event July 23 at 8/7 CT on USA Network, the “winning” actor was scheduled to entertain his 7.7 million Twitter followers and members of the WWE Universe all night long with his unique 140-character analysis of the action.

– Andy Leavine is scheduled to debut this weekend for World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico. He is being billed as the nephew of Dan Spivey (a/k/a Waylon Mercy), though he is actually his cousin. WWE released the winner of last season of Tough Enough earlier this year, reportedly due to his lack of progress in their developmental program.

Former WWE developmental talent Wes Brisco is also scheduled to appear for WWC this weekend.

– features an article about Jack Swagger granting his first “wish” for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Swagger said he was surprised when a 14-year-old requested to meet Swagger.

“I know right now there are not a lot of Jack Swagger fans, so I was like, ‘Come on, stop. You’re making me blush.’ And she was like, ‘No, I chose you.’ That was pretty cool, I’ve got to say.” The two met on Monday in Denver.

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