Charlotte Flair On Feuding With Becky Lynch, WWE Super Show-Down

Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair was a recent guest on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. Here are the highlights (H/T to Wrestlezone)

WWE Super Show-Down:

“What makes it so exciting is having both RAW and Smackdown and knowing that it’s gonna be between 60 and 70,000 people, so it’s almost like another WrestleMania.”

Current Feud With Becky Lynch:

“Anytime you can find yourself in a meaningful story line, you run with it. It’s the first time, I think, in awhile for me that – I’ve been in so many great story lines; but, the fans are really sinking their teeth into this one and you just run with it and you see how far you can take it and it’s exciting It’s fresh. It’s new and even though Becky and I have had the opportunity to wrestle each other, this time the dynamic is different, which makes it even more exciting.”

“No, you hit your friends harder. No, I mean that in a [inaudible] sense. Becky and I came up through NXT together, so in terms of how we view how things should be in the ring and psychology and I know what she does well, she knows what I do well because we’ve talked about it in the car, so, no, I think it just makes for a better overall presentation.”