Chavo Guerrero Takes A Shot At John Cena And Talks Career Without Eddie Guerrero

Fox News Latino has posted an interview with TNA’s Chavo Guerrero, where he discusses his family and has some not so flattering comments in regards to John Cena. Here are the highlights from the interview:

His career without Eddie: “I had another three tag team championships runs and an ECW Championship. It’s awesome. The very last year [in the WWE] left a lot to be desired, you’re off TV and all of a sudden they start giving you this little program, you kinda make the most of them and make the best of them. They say the average life of a professional wrestler’s about four and a half years. I’ve been doing it 18.”

How long he plans to keep wrestling, and WWE wrestling being “bad”: “In the wrestling business, you know, you really don’t know what you’re doing ’til about seven, eight years in. You look back to the way wrestling used to be — you didn’t even make it to the big time until you were ten years in minimum. Now you’re in the business for six months or a year and they come in the ring and they’re getting shots at big time. And if you see the wrestling , especially at the other place, you can tell. I won’t even watch that program because it’s bad. The wrestling is so bad.

“If he can’t wrestle, then he can’t wrestle, you know? Very, very few and far between do we get a Triple H or a Rey Mysterio, a Randy Orton. That doesn’t happen too much anymore. It’s very few and far between. You can tell who’s making John Cena look good.”

  • Senor Quackers

    Amen brother, amen.

  • Slappyjack

    Chavo is jealous. He has no talent, that’s where people go with no talent – TNA

    • Jason Jiang


  • The Truth

    Chavo is telling the truth. John Cena is a horrible wrestler. Punk made him look like gold during their match. If you dont believe me, go back and watch it again. You will see.

  • Breanna_Monique

    Even though Chavo took a swipe at the WWE, he told the honest to God truth. How can a guy like Ryback, who is truly a Neanderthal in the ring, come in and main event first, without climbing the ladder first? No IE or US title contentions, just straight to the top. Sickening.