Does Chris Benoit Deserve To Be in the WWE Hall of Fame?

World Wrestling Entertainment is a global enterprise. An enterprise always looks to keep the image of the company clean, and thus protect the brand from any harmful events that take place. Recently, for Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign, all offending WWE YouTube videos have been removed, and the product has taken a considerably low dip, yet she lost. But that’s not the topic at hand today. WWE has the power to make a man famous, and build their reputation, but it can also bring down a man’s reputation and make the said man’s identity vanish. That’s the case with Chris Benoit.

One of WWE’s finest wrestlers, Chris Benoit was on the top of the company. Winning championships, participating in excellent feuds, and showing off his best work were some of the things Benoit was proud off. He would compete every night, with nothing to lose, and would put on an excellent show for the crowd, yet it was surprising to see the events that took place later.

Multiple superstars said that Chris Benoit had been taking pills, and his finishing move affected his physical condition immensely. Yet, he used to perform in the ring with a smile on his face, and no worries troubling him at all. No one understood his condition at that particular moment.

When he was drafted to ECW, he was supposed to win the title from the Second City Saint, CM Punk, yet days before the event, he did not show up, stating his wife and son were vomiting repeatedly, due to food poisoning. Johnny Nitro replaced Benoit, and he won the ECW Championship. Stephanie McMahon later did confirm that Benoit would have won the gold if he would have been present at the event. But the major question was, where was Benoit?

On June 25, 2007, the police checked Benoit’s house, since he had missed a lot of shows, and everyone was extremely worried. The officers then discovered the bodies of the wife Nancy, the 7-yr old son Daniel, and Chris Benoit himself, around 2:30 PM. It was determined that Chris Benoit had committed the murders. Since Benoit’s suicide, numerous explanations for his actions have been proposed, including brain damage, steroid abuse, and a failing marriage.

Over a three-day period, Benoit had killed his wife and son before he hanged himself. His wife was bound before the killing. Benoit’s son was drugged and likely unconscious before Benoit strangled him. Benoit then committed suicide with a weight machine.

On June 25th, however, instead of the regular Monday Night RAW, WWE and Vince McMahon changed the show to a Chris Benoit tribute event, where numerous clips of his matches were shown. That was short-lived, since the news about the murder started arriving, Vince announced that except for Benoit’s comments, he will not be mentioned on any of the shows. WWE began distancing itself from Benoit and his legacy. Merchandise sales were stopped, and there was no mention of him ever again. At the present moment, WWE still functions as its own company, and Chris Benoit is seemingly forgotten in the company.

Chris Benoit with Nancy and Daniel.

Therefore, I ask you this question: does Chris Benoit deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame? Let me analyze the situation, and let you, the readers, be the judge.

Chris Benoit Should Be in the Hall of Fame

The second ‘W’ in the WWE has always stood for wrestling, and Chris Benoit was one of the greatest wrestlers ever. He could be a technical grappler, showing off his mat skills and he could also be a high flyer, in the same match! It’s often said that Benoit was one of the best guys backstage, and was always ready to offer advice to any young star trying to make it big in this business. Benoit has never backed down from a challenge, and he certainly isn’t a coward.

Vince had always been a big supporter of the face of the Ruthless Aggression era, and Benoit was one of the superstars who had the ability to go out in the ring and provide a great match. Also, we should not ignore the moments Benoit has provided us with in wrestling. Simply put, while the WWE is trying their best to ignore Benoit, most of the fans remember him, and want him in the Hall of Fame.

The fans need to realize that the WWE Hall of Fame is based on Vince McMahon, not wrestling. Vince has repeatedly tried to distance himself from this situation, and has advised any employee to never talk about this incident again. Yet, in other sports, the Hall of Fame jury decides a candidate on their efforts in the ring, not outside. Do you all feel the same should be done in this situation? Chris was always determined to put on a good show in the ring, and most of the times, he was successful. He was a nice person backstage, and in the ring, he was a fierce animal. He might have committed a murder outside the ring, but inside the ring, his accomplishments are noteworthy, and to say that he was a great wrestler is an understatement.

Chris Benoit Should Not Be in the Hall of Fame

While the article above stated why Benoit should be inducted in the Hall of Fame, this part of the article informs us all why Benoit should not be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The murder affected WWE a lot. WWE was bashed by many media sources, and was also called a “killer” by multiple websites. Committing a murder is a huge punishable offense, and Chris Benoit, just like anyone else, would have been punished. WWE had no other choice than to eradicate the name “Chris Benoit” from their brand. Was it really possible? No. But the WWE have tried their best.

This incident not only shocked the million viewers, it also shocked the WWE, as a whole. After their tribute show, the WWE quickly removed any instance of Benoit from their company. Nowadays, a simple mention of Benoit causes fear in the hearts of WWE. Politicians bashed the WWE because of this event, and sometimes used this as leverage against Linda McMahon. While Benoit was excellent in the ring, sometimes, the outside events just catch up with the legacy, and completely tarnish it. Chris Benoit is no longer known as the man who was the best grappler we have ever seen, but was rather known as the murdered of his family. Does he deserve to have such a reputation? Maybe, and eve though his ring skills can solely make him a Hall-of-Famer, his actions outside the ring cannot be ignored.

It took a lot of time for the WWE to regain their popularity after this incident, since many people quit watching the product after this incident. Vince, or any person for that matter, would not forgive Benoit for this deed, and the harm caused to their relatives, mentally and physically. It has also been said that Benoit was a loving father who had a great family, and they usually loved each other, therefore, it was proved that Benoit was not in his real state of mind when he committed the crime, but yet, it affected the wrestling world as a whole, and to some people, Benoit still cannot be forgiven for this heinous act.

Now, I pose this question to you, and after reading these two parts, in your opinion, do you think Chris Benoit deserves his Hall of Fame spot, or does he deserve to be forgotten from WWE history? Sound off in the comments section!

I think WWE, Vince McMahon will never acknowledge him because of their quote, unquote family PG status right now. They just won’t do it. To them it’s a black eye. Vince, he denies everything and he’ll just sweep it under the rug and only let the good be seen. He’ll get rid of the bad, pretend it didn’t exist. He does that with everything and everybody and always has. It’s unfortunate.

-Scotty Riggs on the Chris Benoit incident

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  • rohit arora

    dey say’best in d world a lot’ bt only benoit actually can actually claim….
    he was d best performer aggressive babyface d iron man match nd many tapped out brock,kane,kurt,rock,michaels,hhh,cena…
    he was mentally ill…it was actually a mistake committed by wwe… dey shall take d blame for d drugs provided….
    dey shall take care of wrestlers..
    HE TOTALLY deserves it HALL OF FAme…
    he fought his ass off for so many years

  • rohit arora

    dey say ‘best in d world a lot’
    bt only benoit actually can actually claim….
    he was d best performer aggressive babyface

    remember d iron man match many tapped out brock,kane,kurt,rock,michaels,hhh,cena…
    he got mentally ill :( …it was actually a mistake committed by wwe… dey shall take d blame for d drugs provided….
    dey shall take care of wrestlers..
    HE TOTALLY deserves it HALL OF FAme…
    he fought his ass off for so many years
    hats off to the rabid wolverine!!!! i miss him…he was best!!! it shouldnt have ended dis way :'(

  • johnwaynegacy

    Can we please stop acting like Chris Benoit CAUGHT a disease or something? Concussions happen in this sport. People use drugs. I’ve had many concussions myself. I’ve even done (oh no) D R U G S. They don’t make me or others want to kill my family. You don’t see everyone else hiding from their problems and taking the easy way out. It goes much deeper than his brain deteriorated because of repeated concussions or drug use.

    • Darnez

      Sorry but this is being proven to be more and more untrue day by day. NFL, Hockey, NASCAR and many other of the pro sports are finding this stuff out which is why they are trying to prevent these things. Just because you alone don’t feel like killing somebody does not mean that there are symptoms of this through out other cases. WWE was one of the first to experience these tragedies but because it was so often referred to ask “fake” the other sports ignored it. Put WWE down for it, now that it is appearing in a LOT of the biggest sports in the world this is coming into the light. (Not to mention the amount of legal suits against the NFL over not providing a safe enough work environmental However I will agree he may have not “caught” a disease, but he did have some mental issue that caused this, many cases are documented of people doing a lot of messed up things, you may not believe it but the research shows it to be true.

  • dman360

    no he’s a killer he made a bad decision in his life so he should be punished forever. you should stop writing these articles, wrestling is good now we got daniel brain doing flying headbutts and no locks out there in the ring every week so JUST STOP DEFENDING THAT PSYCO KILLER. no hall of fame for this one ever.

    • MisterGarrison

      Obviously you don’t know how to read. Nor do you have a working brain, Chris wasn’t in the right state of mind, because of his brain conditioning. He wouldn’t have ever done this. He’s not a “psyco killer”. I met him one time, he was an extremely nice guy. He wouldn’t hurt anyone unless they tried to hurt his family.

  • Larrissa

    I don’t care what anyone says, Benoit was one of, if not the best wrestler WWE has had. He didn’t have to be a part of some dumb storyline to get fame, he showed up, wrestled, and he was the best at it. He was always entertaining. So I think no matter what unfortunate incident happened, Benoit deserves at least this much. Personal matters aside; he was a great wrestler and HOF worthy imo.

    • rohit arora

      agree nd u know what his legacy dont need dat stupid HOF….
      till his fans r alive he willl be remembered as best in d world…he made name at wwe,wcw,in japan…nd everywhere… :)

  • anthony


  • mike

    its just it is in baseball with the steroid era we are in now, yes no one has died nor killed in anyone like benoit did, nevertheless, sosa, mark, roger none of them are in the hall of fame because of there off the field stuff, there being held accountable for there actions as they should, and benoit is no different there are a number of wrestlers deserving of that spot, like the rock…the undertaker..why would the wwe want those true hall of famers in the same discussion as a murder?

  • Jim Geddis

    Yes Chris Benoit deserves to be in the WWE Hall Fame, but only as the wrestler.

  • edgehead

    what did mike tyson do again? that’s right….he raped a woman. granted, it isn’t murder, but he still gets a hall of fame induction and into a wrestling game.

  • Daad

    Yes, he should be included eventually.

  • mikedranger

    Chris Benoit the wrestler deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. If MLB can have known racists and other kinds of crimes in their hall of fame then why not the WWE. Matter of fact I think MLB has a hall of famer that may of killed someone. If the NFL can have a did he or didn’t her murderer and their in OJ, LT a known drug addict and prostitute lover evidently and gamblers in their hall of fame then why can’t the WWE have Chris Benoit. No Hall of Fame has all saints in their Hall as the the person in there was great at what he did for a profession but as a person they may of been very flawed. Benoit was flawed then again we don’t know what he was thinking that day and we never will. But Hall of Fames have proved were not inducting the person but the player. This is partially why in MLB I think Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson and the steroid era should be inducted since they did play well on the field but made flaw personal decisions no they shouldn’t be first ballot but they also shouldn’t never make it. Anyways yeah Christ Benoit as a wrestler deserves to be in.

  • Xtterb

    The answer is quite simple. Does Chris Benoit deserve the hall of fame nod, Yes. 100% so. He was much more talented than many of the wrestlers that are in it. He wasn’t all that great on the mic but, somehow that rabid wolverine always drew our attention when he was on T.V. it didnt matter if he was wrestling for the cruiser weight title in WCW or the World heavyweight title for the WWE he always put on matches that captivated us and thats where he did his story-telling like some of the greats. Now while he deserves to be in it doesn’t mean he will be. I do not think in my lifetime or anyone else”s he will be inducted because of what he did during his personal time and in a way it is a shame because I am sure I will show my kids videos of his matches and talk about the wrestler they are watching with them. The world is a dark place but, to black list a person for mistakes they made during personal time, no matter how evil it is, is the price you have to pay sometimes. I never think about Chris Benoit the murderer, I think of german suplexes and diving head butts off ladder. I hope he is in hell slapping on the crippler crossface to the devil or wrestling Hitler because that is what he loved to do… Wrestle.

  • Underground

    Chris Benoit deserves to be recognized and inducted into the Hall of Fame because he has done absolutely nothing to justify all the hatred and burials his name has been put through in the past five years.

    It all happened because some incompetent jackass from the police department that investigated the scene thought it was a good idea to put all the blame on his shoulders when they discovered three dead bodies because pro-wrestlers are nothing but glorified bodybuilders that abuse steroids and beat their wives. And then all the idiots out there fell for that crap and turned on Benoit despite idolizing him for years while the wrestling haters had their fire fueled with more false “evidence” as to why athletes (wrestlers specially) are steroid abusing monkeys and steroids are the root of all evil in this world.

    CHRIS BENOIT WAS FRAMED – it’s time to correct the wrongs and get the respect this man deserves back!

    May Chris, his wife Nancy and their son Daniel rest in peace!

  • Harry

    It is a tough one, ability wise, yes Benoit should be in the hall of fame, he was one of the best wrestlers of his time, his mat wrestling was brilliant his technical wrestling was brilliant, he was an all round fantastic wrestler. But no matter what he did what he did and that is the only reason he will never be in the hall of fame, which is sort of a shame, as bright of a star he was his reputation was ruined because of brain damage, which in my opinion should have been spotted weeks before by officials. It is a really sad scenario, I honestly think Benoit should be noted on wwe’s alumni list if anything or atleast have his title history, its not fair in my opinion that someone with such history in the wrestling business has had his whole career wiped out because of one horrible act that I do not at all think was right. I honestly think WWE could put him in here and there and no promote anything of his from late 2006 onwards. But to take the pictures of him and Eddie down from the Wrestlemania 20 album is atrocious in my opinion. It is a sticky situation, but like I stated before, on grounds he should be inducted and on grounds he shouldn’t.

    • Harry

      One thing I forgot to put in was that Chris Benoit the wrestler should be inducted. Not the last Chris Benoit we saw. I only think of Chris Benoit the wrestler, and try my best not to think of the acts that he committed, but I don’t dispel them in a disrespectful way, I just try to think of the good times of Benoit, Nancy and Daniel. R.I.P

  • Glenn Razortap Hyder

    your remembered for what you leave behind. in his case he took his wife&son with him to his grave.i vote NO! to the HALL OF FAME. You dont reward someone for MURDER.

    • ThatBuzzaBeata

      So you reward someone like Mike Tyson for rape? Rape in some cases is worse because that person lives with that memory for the rest of their life. I know victims and trust me the results aren’t pretty. Its ridiculous that someone like Tyson who barely did anything in the WWF as it was at that time gets in or even more ridiculous that someone like DREW CAREY gets into the HOF. Benoit deserves it for what he did inside the ring. Thats what the Hall Of Fame should be about not what happened in his personal life. Separate personal lives from business lives thats how it should be done.