Chris Benoit’s Son Making His Pro Wrestling Debut In Tag Match With Former WWE Star reported that David Benoit, the son of Chris Benoit, had been training with guys like David Hart Smith and had expressed interest in getting into pro wrestling.

Smith Hart announced on Twitter Monday night that Benoit will make his in-ring debut on July 18th at a Hart Legacy Wrestling event in Calgary. Benoit will team with Chavo Guerrero in a tag match.

  • killatheninja

    He should probably change his ring if he wants to get in to WWE. If he is as talented as his dad I would love to see him in WWE.

    • LissaG

      I would love to see him in the WWE too, but I fear changing his name won’t be enough because he looks just like his Dad. With the horror that occurred, I think his physical appearance alone is enough to keep him from being hired by WWE.
      So sad, he shouldn’t have to be limited for something he had zero to deal with. I wish him the best though, and hopefully a long career doing what he so clearly loves to do.

      • codys moustache

        Wrestlings not the only profession out there.

        • LissaG

          I never said it was, I was simply stating if he desires to make wrestling his profession I fear just his physical appearance would keep WWE from hiring him. His name could easily be changed, but he looks so much like his father that I foresee McMahon having an issue with it. I sincerely hope Benoit’s son is a success in any profession he wishes to pursue.

          • codys moustache

            He’s screwed wrestling wise because of his dad. Wwe won’t want Benoit being remembered in anyway shape or form. Which incidentally is a shame because that would make one hell of a gimmick. Son of a murderer! Money!!
            Anyways he has to choose something else to do with his life, big time wrestling star is out of the question.

  • People Power

    Wow. I’ll have to look him up.