Chris Daniels Speaks On Details Behind His Departure, TNA Storylines, Kazarian, GFW & More

Former TNA star Christopher Daniels recently appeared on the v2 Wrestling Podcast. Daniels talked about the details of his TNA release, Karian and Bad Influence, his wrestling future and more. Check out some of the highlights below and the full audio that follows:

Reasons behind his release form TNA: “It was just TNA decided to go into a different direction with a different talent roster and they basically left the door open for me to return in the future but at this point they didn’t have any engaging storylines that they wanted to put me in so rather than spend money on having me to sit at home, they decided to not renew my contract and i’m on my own again.”

Kazarian’s status with TNA: “I can’t really confirm 100% but I can tell you that the odds are very good that rather soon the both of us will be doing what we want to do in the world of professional wrestling.”

Future of Bad Influence: “We’re both willing to work whether it’s on our own or as a team. I feel like there’s a ton more that we can do as a tag team. There’s a ton of fresh match-ups on the tag team scene in the United States and around the world, on the Independent scene so if Independent promoters want to have Bad Influence walk that isle we’re happy to do it. At the same time we’re just happy to work.”

If money was a reason behind his exit from TNA: “I’m not sure what their reasoning was. It wasn’t money, we never even got to money. It wasn’t that I was asking too much or they were offering too little, it was they wanted to go in a different direction.”

Ever being frustrated with TNA storylines: “No it doesn’t frustrate me. We take what we were given no matter what position we’re in. Our job is to take what we’re given and translate what we think the creative team wants into the television show and so we’re happy to do that. Like I said i think it more along the line that they just wanted to get fresh faces in.”

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