Chris Hero Does Work For WWE 2K15 (Photo), WWE Confiscates Sign At At Monday’s Raw

– Former WWE NXT star Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) posted a photo of himself wearing a motion capture suit for 2K Sports a few days ago. Hero pretty much denied that he was doing work for 2K on his official Twitter account, however can confirm from a source that Hero was indeed doing work for the WWE 2K15 video game. Former WWE talents have been used by video game companies in the past to do motion capture work. Here’s the photo:

– Several fans tweeting on the #WWECleveland hashtag before last night’s RAW noted that security quickly removed a large “WWE CREATIVES SUCKS” fan sign before the show began. The sign made it onto the big screen at least once.

  • Alt F Fear

    Don’t criticise the ALMIGHTY CREATIVES™

    • Damien McDonnell

      The all ighty ollar

  • mac

    Wwe creative is a joke kassius ohno was a great character can’t see why they got rid of him Chris hero is pure talent

  • Kieran

    Well its true, also saw a STING VS TAKER WM30 sign, I liked it.
    And shame on WWE for releasing Hero, saw him on Sunday against the Phenomenal One AJ Styles and it was amazing, hes in good shape and WWE needs to stop being a bunch of prissy bitches.

  • Dah

    There was also a Batista Please Leave held up by the same guy with the Sting vs Taker sign

  • Bryan Thomas

    Those signs got confiscated? What a dictatorship.