Chris Jericho Coming Back To WWE?, Latest WWE Magazine Promotes Him As Current Star

The cat appears to be out of the bag concerning the return of former champion as the latest issue of WWE Magazine (cover-dated June 2014) is promoting Chris Jericho as a current WWE Superstar.

Hyping next month’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view event, which takes place June 29 in Boston, Massachusetts at the TD Garden, the new issue spotlights four WWE Superstars with history in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match that have yet to bring down the briefcase. Those Superstars are Cody Rhodes (four appearances), Kofi Kingston (four appearances), Christian (six appearances) and Jericho (four appearances). In the publication’s write-up of Jericho’s history in the annual bout, he is depicted as returning to the ring.

“Already with a Hall of Fame-worthy career, Jericho could still use a win at this event to make us forget about some lackluster recent returns to the ring,” states WWE Magazine. “A contract cash-in would be just the thing he needs to net him a seventh World title also.”

There have been rumblings in recent weeks of a Jericho return to the sports-entertainment organization. On May 7, the Wrestling Observer reported that WWE officials had contacted the 43-year-old about returning to the ring, but he could not commit due to his non-stop schedule. That same week, Jericho spoke to the British newspaper, The Mirror, about his ongoing relationship with WWE where he said that even though a return by him isn’t imminent, it may be on the cards: “I have a good relationship with the WWE and there’s no animosity, but it’s not like we’re calling each other every day finding out what we had for dinner that night.”

When asked directly about a return to the squared circle, Jericho said, “No time soon, I left last July and I’ve been working pretty much non-stop since then between Fozzy tours and doing the new Fozzy record and writing another book and doing my podcasts and a web series. There are a lot of projects in the Chris Jericho pantheon as always. That’s not to say that I won’t go back but I have no plans as of right now, just because I have so much other stuff going on that I’m enjoying. We’ll see, there’s no controversy or animosity it’s more of a timing thing; the timing has to be right for me and right for the WWE as well. When it is I’m sure we’ll both consider me coming back.”

  • Necro

    When does this mean he comes back though????? I HOPE THIS IS TRUE FOR ONCE

    • James Tebrucio Luna

      but remember when that canadian news paper spoiled his return? (last year I think…) yeah that could be the same situation tbh

  • jmull

    I have always been a Y2J fan, but I’m starting to not get excited about his returns. His last few runs have been the victim of mediocre booking and feuds. He can only give a younger guy a rub when there is something to rub off. They need to let him come in and have some meaningful matches, win some, and then put a guy over.

    • Wrestling_fan

      Exactly! It doesn’t count for much if you already know the other guy is gonna win, something like with RVD as well (we know he is very unlikely to win gold). The only legit match Y2J won after his comeback was over Ziggler! IMO, they should have let him win one match over Punk as well, instead of it being 3-0.

  • Clay Keithstone Merritt

    There’s a possibility but it would have to happen AT the PPV because his band Fozzy is at Download UK, June 14th.

  • Mario Cardone

    then jericho vs bryan, sounds like itll be better than jericho vs punk

  • Jesse Reid

    Lol if this is true it will be the 2nd time WWE magazine spoiled Jericho’s return. It happened when he first came back several years ago(Just because I can’t remember the exact year lol) too. Except he was on the cover and the magazine arrived in my mailbox like 5 days before the Raw that he returned during. Crazy, crazy. And makes me feel old as well.

  • Prince

    FWIW, Jericho always said he wouldn’t come back unless they had something really good for him. So I’m excited about it.

  • Darren

    No matter what shape Bryan’s neck is in he should take extra time off, so they strip him of the title and have a tournament in which Y2J returns as a surprise entrant and wins it all. Then have him hold the title until Bryan comes back and then he puts over Bryan. Of course something like this would be totally dependent on how much Jericho plans on working. The man has a lot going on so I don’t know if he’d want to commit to the schedule he’d have to as champ. I just would like to see Y2J with the top title one more time instead of just jobbing to the hot mid carder they want to try and elevate.

  • ChloeMatthews

    A run as WWE WHC would fit him. Then, he retires & is put in the HOF.