Chris Jericho Featured on 30 Second Fury, Lance Storm Praises NXT Commentary, Steve Austin

– Chris Jericho’s Codebreaker is featured in WWE’s latest 30 Second Fury video:

– Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge premieres tonight at 8pm EST on CMT.

– Lance Storm praised WWE NXT commentary on Twitter:

“One of the best things about #NXT…the announcers actually talk about the people in the match. Everything feels so much more important.”

  • TheIWCGuy

    NXT is what the WWE should really be.

    They present the pinnacle of what current wrestling should be.

    They do it in the most entertaining, fluid and realistic manner in and out of the ring and that is why the NXT programme will always surpass the flagship programmes.

    Not only due to the surge in wrestling talent (predominantly Indy wrestlers) but the realism is there more than it is on the main shows which are absurdly scripted to the point where the outcome of storylines are far too predictable even in the eyes of the audience.

    The main reason why the NXT fan-base is growing rapidly is because of the freedom they have/show in the ring compared to on RAW or Smackdown due to their heavily scripted nature, the matches on RAW/SD must correlate to the storylines rather than focusing on the art of wrestling that is ‘SPORTS Entertainment’, which is exactly what NXT capitalize on.

    • Macho Maestro

      Dude, slowly the WWE will turn NXT into a RAW or SmackDown, they water down anything that is fire, i would classify NXT as an Indy-like promotion just like the ROH since there are a lot of talented people rising there