Chris Jericho Involved In Club Dispute With Popular N.C. DJ

Popular North Carolina DJ Waleed Coyote was involved in a dispute with WWE superstar, Chris Jericho following a verbal altercation at “The Treasure Club,” in the early hours of May 7, reports

Jericho was accompanied by R. Truth, as well as a WWE referee at the club in N.C.

“The thing that bothered me about this dude is that we weren’t formerly introduced and he acted out of line and you can’t do that in North Carolina,” Waleed Coyote said. “He would have done that to anyone in this state and you can’t do that.”

Coyote is now challenging the threesome to a six-man fight to settle the dispute. “It was him [Jericho] the ref and R. Truth who wanted to pop off at me and my cousin and I don’t fight, but this time it’s different,” Waleed said. Reps for Chris Jericho could not be reached to comment.