Chris Jericho Opens Up On If Asked Vince McMahon For Permission To Work Wrestle Kingdom 12

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Chris Jericho joined Dave Lagreca and Larry Dallas on Busted Open today and had this to say about his upcoming IWGP US Championship match with Kenny Omega and NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 12:

Jericho responds to Tetsuya Naito saying the event is not a double main event, calling Naito a “stupid idiot” for not wanting to present this as a double main event to put more money in their pockets. Jericho says the event is selling so much better than last year’s event because of his involvement.

Dave asks Jericho about the freedom to do things like this in his career and Jericho talks about why Vince McMahon respects him so much and gives him so much leeway, as well as the right way to carry yourself in this business. He also says that he told Vince six weeks before the announcement of the match with Kenny Omega was announced and that when he told Vince about the opportunity he was “super excited about it.”