Chris Jericho Responds To Triple H’s Comments From WWE Raw, Says Bye Bye To WWE

As seen on Monday night’s RAW, Triple H cut a promo at Daniel Bryan and grouped him with Edge, Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho as talented stars who made it but were never “the guy” for WWE. Triple H said if any of them had been the face of WWE years ago, they would all be working for Ted Turner’s WCW.

Jericho replied on Twitter:

Jericho also posted this tweet which appears to have been deleted now:

“Time to move on guys. Bye bye @wwe! Now time for more important things…any doubt that #DayInTheLife is the best @thebeatles song ever??”

  • ThuganomicShow

    this means that Jericho Returns will be soon XD

  • cj

    Isn’t Jericho on the “work 90 days, off 90 days” contract ? Cause the 90 days since his last appearance are almost up, wouldn’t be surprised if this leads to his return .

    • Dah

      that’s RVD. Jericho works whenever his schedule permits. He has a tour with Fozzy in Australia coming up in December, so I doubt he’ll return now.

      • Eric Young

        Not to mention a new album in the 1st quarter 2014, which will lead to more touring for support. Maybe this time next year, unless it’s just a one off appearance.

  • WWE RaZaR

    He still has a contract though right? I’ll be upset if he doesn’t come back! :(