Chris Jericho Return News: “Silent” Storyline, Little Girl

There were a lot of people within WWE wondering why the company had Chris Jericho fly into a major airport over the weekend. Jericho was photographed at the airport and that photo circulated online on Monday, taking some of the surprise away from Jericho’s WWE return.

WWE has taken extra measures in the past when it came to returning talents’ travel. No word on why they did not take the same steps with Jericho. We’ve heard that Chris Jericho’s name did not appear on the script for RAW – however, Jericho was backstage during the show and there was not a big effort made to keep his presence top secret.

The WWE’s website has posted a few articles looking at Jericho’s return and shedding some light on where his storyline is headed. One article discussed Jericho’s use of viral videos over the years – and questions who the little girl in the “It Begins” video was meant to portray:

“There are plenty of questions left unanswered between the videos and Jericho’s shocking appearance on Raw SuperShow. For example, the fourth video refers to a mysterious “she.” According to the clip, “she” holds the answers to the return of Chris Jericho, and that when he calls her, he will begin to reclaim what is rightfully his.

What does all this mean for the WWE? No one but Chris Jericho knows, and until he decides to let the rest of the world in on his ultimate goals, all the WWE Universe can do is conjecture. Certainly, Jericho has left us plenty of material to do precisely that.”

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    She refers to the the Return of Stephanie McMahon. She is gettting in shape as if she is going to compete in some form or another.