Chris Jericho Returns To WWE On RAW

After being spotted with Abraham Lincoln and The Beatles – Chris Jericho was revealed to be the man behind the cryptic “It Begins” promo vidoes and made his long awaited debut to WWE television on Monday’s RAW.

Jericho came out to his signature “Break The Walls Down” theme music and wore a flamboyant & illuminated studded black leather jacket.

Jericho came to the ring and soaked up the huge reaction from an audience that appeared to be satisfied on WWE’s delivery of this latest surprise. Fans chanted “welcome back” to the former Undisputed champion. The celebration lasted several minutes, with Chris Jericho riling up the crowd and slapping hands with fans – without taking a microphone and explaining why he is back. The crowd began to turn on Jericho as it became apparent he was not going to do anything more than listen to them cheer him on.