Chris Jericho On What Vince Texted Him After Flag Incident, Batista Getting Fined For Blading, More

– Chris Jericho appeared on Opie & Anthony earlier today. Here are a few highlights:

* He’s not opposed to returning to WWE but has other projects occupying his time right now.

* He seemed frustrated that some fans get mad at him for venturing outside of pro wrestling on his Talk Is Jericho podcast. He noted that some fans complain and would rather see him with a low-level indue guest as opposed to someone like William Shatner.

* He talked about kicking the Brazilian flag at a WWE live event in Brazil and said after the match, he went backstage and there were soldiers with guns. A Colonel had also gotten upset and flipped over a table due to the whole thing. Vince McMahon sent Jericho a text saying, “You will not be coming back to Brazil. what the fuck is wrong with you, why would you do something like that? I’m so angry at you.” Jericho, confused because he was just playing a heel, called Vince and Vince suspended him, told him to get on the next plane to fly home, called Jericho’s actions “bush-league bullshit” and then hung up on him. Jericho found out how long he was suspended by reading WWE’s website.

* He talked about how he and Batista had a match years ago where Batista bladed. Batista was brought into a room with Vince McMahon and Dean Malenko at the next TV tapings and confronted with tape from a secret ceiling camera that clearly showed Batista blading. Batista paid his $100,000 fine and Jericho’s $5,000 fine.

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  • Josh Hall

    WTF is blading?

    • Jam

      You should know this by now… It’s an act of cutting yourself/mutilating in order to bleed during matches

      • Josh Hall

        i thought all the wrestlers did that, are they not allowed to?

        well i thought they all did that back in the day.

        • Jam

          In WWE, not anymore. It’s a PG program now so they’re all gonna have to bleed unintentionally instead of forcefully

          • Josh Hall

            GFW better have blood

  • Chibi Canton

    It’s when they cut themselves with a razor to bleed, usually from the forehead. I think the WWE doesn’t allow it anymore or dunno why a 100k fine… It’s a pretty normal wrestling thing.

    • James Tebrucio Luna

      blood/blading is pretty much banned since the start of the hell in a cell ppv and the reasoning is self explanatory…

    • Ajk Lewis

      bcos many wrestlers have caught up with many diseases due to this very reason.