Chris Jericho Talks His WWE Return & The Rumors Of His Departure

In a exclusive, the first ever Undisputed champion of the world, Chris Jericho, discussed the rumors circulating about his return to and departure from WWE. Here are some highlights:

On the rumors that he will be departing shortly from WWE: “I’m actually not even here right now. I’m just a hologram that I have sent to all the shows. That’s something that has been kind of funny for this whole return. People have been predicting my early demise from the company for every show.

“First it was the day after WrestleMania, I’m gone. Then it was the day after Extreme Rules, I’m gone. Then it’s the day after that, or Over The Limit. Instead of just sitting back and enjoying the ride, people want to predict when I’m leaving. I just keep showing up every time. I’m like a bad disease.”

On what his plans are going forward: “Just to continue what I’m doing and being the best in the world. Win, lose or draw, it’s always about having the best performance and the best match of the night. It’s about making sure that people get their money’s worth when they come to see one of our shows and when Jericho’s on the show.

“What we do in the WWE is so multi-tasking and deep-rooted in all the different things that we do to provide the shows — all the touring shows.

“That’s another thing that people have said about me is that I’m leaving or that I’m just coming back for money. I’m here for every show, My first house show was in Tyler, Texas, and I’m going to Brazil and Ecuador tomorrow. I’m not just here for the TVs, for just Raw or Smackdown! I’m not just here for pay-per-views. When I sign up, I go hard, I go home. So, I’m here for every show.

“That’s the way I like it. So, whatever category haters want to put me in — haters going to hate. I don’t really care. Because I’m here doing what I do best, which is performing.”