Chris Jericho Talks On WWE Departure, Fans Complaining, More

Chris Jericho recently talked with the Daily Star about his imminent departure from WWE. Here is what he had to say:

“I’m in the best shape ever, I’m not hurt, I can easily come back for as long as I want whenever I want, but people should understand that I’m not going to wrestle until I’m 85-years-old,” Jericho told Patrick Lennon of the Star. “I ended up signing for four months longer than I planned to do. And, yes, when it’s done I’ll devote myself 100 percent to Fozzy for our run.”

Jericho also spoke about wrestling fans. “(C.M.) Punk and I had some good thoughts on what we could do together and people were saying screw you, you’re only back for the payday at Mania,” Jericho said. He added later, “Sometimes I wonder what people want. Do they want us to wrestle forever? I’m a sell-out because I quit? Rock and Taker came back because they love wrestling, and the fans, yet still people bitch.”