Chris Jericho Update, WWE Returns, Laurinaitis’ Announcement

– After he was knocked out of tonight’s WWE Title Elimination Chamber match, WWE’s website is promising an update on Chris Jericho to come. They wrote:

“The WWE Universe is buzzing about what Jericho has to say regarding his departure at the hands of The Straight Edge Superstar. Although he was unable to comment earlier, is attempting to locate him in Milwaukee’s Bradley Center tonight to get his thoughts on the Raw Elimination Chamber Match and CM Punk.”

– In case you missed it, John Laurinaitis’ announcement at Elimination Chamber was the returns of Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry and Christian, as noted by WWE’s website in a new article. The three Superstars returned to show their support of Laurinaitis as permanent General Manager of RAW and SmackDown.

WWE is teasing that we may find out if Laurinaitis will get the job of permanent General Manager during tomorrow night’s RAW Supershow.